BEAVER CREEK, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police say a motorcyclist was killed when his vehicle collided with a pickup truck on Mapleville Road near Beaver Creek.

Rodger Singleton, 33, was pronounced dead at Meritus Medical Center near Hagerstown.

Troopers say about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, Singleton was riding north on Mapleville Road when he collided with a truck driven by Michael Warner, 23, of Monrovia. Police say Warner, who was not hurt, was trying to turn left onto Interstate 70.

Warner was charged with negligent driving and failure to yield the right of way.

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Comments (3)
  1. Doug says:

    Guess we’ll take the truck and stop complaining about the added fuel expanse

  2. g4 says:

    So if they’ve already decided that the truck’s driver didn’t yield the right of way, and was charged with negligent driving, why wasn’t he charged with vehicular manslaughter too? it seems obvious that he was at fault given the charges, did the police forget he killed a man or are the more serious charges to come?

  3. Carrie says:

    g4 what are you talking about…. mistakes happen, he didn’t see the motorcycle coming. If he moved into the left lane like you’re taught to on bad merge ramps, it could’ve easily been avoided. No one is at fault here- it’s a terrible accident for Rodger and his family as well as for Michael, who undoubtably feels awful. So don’t go throwing around manslaughter charges for an accident, he wasn’t drunk or reckless driving. It was a yield issue that could have been avoided on both parts.

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