CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — A state prison inmate has been sentenced to a third consecutive life term for the first-degree murder of his cellmate.

Darren Witmer, 41, was sentenced Tuesday in Allegany County Circuit Court in Cumberland.

He was convicted in May of strangling Jeffrey Kay, 48, in November 2009 at the maximum-security Western Correctional Institution.

Witmer was already serving two life sentences plus 10 years for two murders and a jailbreak in Frederick County in early 1994.

Kay was serving 20 years on theft, burglary and related convictions in Montgomery County.

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Comments (5)
  1. Matt says:

    seriously with this? what in the world is a 3rd life term going to mean to this guy? He’s doesn’t care and has no reason to stop killing people. The only thing the county or state can do is tack on more time. Reinstate the death penalty and kill this poor excuse for a human being.

  2. Joe Micelli says:

    How many MORE human beings are going to be killed by this MURDER?? EXECUTE HIM BEFORE SOMEONE IS AGAIN MURDERED. Where are the Bleeding Hearts against CAPITOL PUNISHMENT hiding??? Reinstate the DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!

  3. courtney says:

    This is the perfect reason for reinstating the death penalty. Although, even if he was sentenced to death he would be on death row for 20 some-odd-years, which I’ve never understood.

  4. rc says:

    Hell leave him live. Maybe he will continue doing what the courts won’t do, just keep feeding him every lifer in there. Give him special treatment for every other lifer he offs. Then justice will be served one way or another. SInce our court system is a joke. Come on anyone who murders, rapes, or touches a child should never be allowed to live.

  5. Mr. Right says:

    Does that mean that he has to die three times, before he is eligible for parole?

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