BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Closer to finding a killer. Investigators make progress in a triple murder and arson in Northeast Baltimore. But some say police should have done more to stop the crime.

Adam May has the latest.

Police say they are focusing on someone who knew one of the victims. They’re also trying to figure out if first officers on the scene responded appropriately.

In the 4300-block of Nicholas Avenue, a look inside the scene of the triple murder and arson reveals smoke-covered walls in the room where one of the victims was shot in the head.

Two others were shot on the second floor, including the homeowner’s 36-year-old daughter. 

“She could have been saved ’cause she was still breathing,” said a neighbor. “She died at the hospital.”

Many neighbors feel that way. One called 911 to report gunshots two hours before the fire. 

Police say they checked the house, and then left after failing to see signs of trouble. 

“They should have tried, or gone inside,” said a neighbor.

“We have to be careful not to judge what these officers did with 20-20 hindsight,” said Andy Levy, criminal defense attorney. “If the call had come from inside the house, I think police would have aired on the side of going in the house.”

One of the things investigators are trying to determine is if the killer was still inside the house as police were knocking on the door.

“What’s optimistic is that we do have some good physical evidence from the scene,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City police spokesman.

Police report strong leads despite what may have been a close call, catching the killer before the fire.

Both the female victim and her boyfriend– also killed– had extensive criminal records.  Police say they’re focusing on someone who knew them.

That news is easing the minds of stunned neighbors.

“Real sorry for all of them and family that has to go through so much,” said Elizabeth McClean.  

The 58-year-old homeowner may have been an innocent victim in all this. Police say he did not have a criminal record.

The names of all three victims haven’t been released.

Comments (19)
  1. Deft says:

    I don’t blame the police for this incident. The city is full of low-lifes. It sounds like they followed procedure in this case.

  2. shanico3 says:

    Ok wether they had a criminal background or not they didnt deserve to die. The situation shouldve still been handle as if they didnt have a criminal background. So what its different strokes for different folks. They are all human beings.

  3. shanico3 says:

    Would you be saying this if this were your family member. Absolutely not.

  4. Excuses says:

    So, Shanico (?), explain how you would have handled it. They knock on the door for an extended period of time, and no one answers. Do you honestly believe they had reason to go into the house? Different strokes for different folks? You are watching way too much TV Land. Suppose they broke down the door and nothing was going on? Can you imagine the uproar everyone would have created? Jesse Jackson and the ACLU would have been down here faster than you could imagine. The police did their job – they had no reason to enter the house. It is a shame these people lost their lives, but when will we stop blaming people other than those who created the problems in the first place?

  5. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    The police did their job. If people want to kill they will find a way.

  6. est 1988 says:

    they were killed execution style basically…this was definetely a planned murder.although police came to investigate the first call its soo obvious the suspect(s) didn’t go far from the…I do agree with Paul,if someone wants you dead…they will find a way to get you.Damn shame smh

  7. sunny says:

    Pray for the family, but I feel differently. In my case I have a very big family and people assume that something is going on…my house was raided for no reason no drugs, my doors where forced in and knocked down, for no reason, but that I have a lot of traffic because I have a big family and I am the favorite aunt. So I feel that they could have done more. There criminal record, education, or life style does not mean they are not human beings. If they could have mind saved, only God knows..

    1. Unlikely says:

      Your house was raided for no reason – while that possibility could exist, I find it awfully hard to believe. Should I ask what explanation was given when the “doors where forced in and knocked down for no reason”?

  8. shanico3 says:

    All I’m saying if they would have investigated more like the neighbor said if your dead you cant respond to the knock at the door. I believe they would still be alive because the girl didnt die until she arrived at the hospital

  9. shanico3 says:

    I would rather have an uproar because we thought that there was disruption or gun firing then do nothing at all. At least I just saved your life. Headliner inapite police having no response they enter in any way and found survivors. Way to go police dept.

  10. Zari says:

    We shouldn’t criticize the police officers –they’re not God. If they broke down the door and entered the home anyway and everything was okay, people would have criticized them for that.

  11. Md Dad says:

    Zari…your are so right. Flash back 5 years ago when a rapist was on the loose attacking women in a Balto.City community. When the police started stopping males late at night (for whatever reason), the community got up in arms claiming the police were “profiling”. Then the police now under scrutiny ceased this practice. It wasn’t a week later, another woman was raped and the community was now complaining the police weren’t doing enough to catch him. It appears to me that the BCPD has to always walk a fine line, because invarialbe it could (as proven in the past), backfire in their face.

  12. MD DAD says:

    invariably not invarialbe…you know what I Site won’t allow you to edit.

  13. joe says:

    a criminal record can tell alot about a person at a crime scene dumb ass thats ok just let them keep killing one another

  14. shanico3 says:

    criminal here could mean alao mean oetty crimes failure to pay tickets, loitering its not always things that harms another.

  15. CONNIE says:

    They should have checked. gunshots where heard im sorry if I hear gunshots im calling the police and requesting that they go in smh… police should not just always knock down doors but they do it when they suspect drug activity is going on in a should have been done this time after reported gun shots where heard.i would rather be safe than sorry…that young women was my sons father good friend.its sad imagine when ur clinging on for ur life and could possibly be helped and your help walks away. im not getting on the police I just feel like they could have prevented the fire caught the suspect rescued someone idk.

  16. tony says:

    i knew both the young man as well as the young lady. they were some of the most nicest people you would ever meet. just because they had a criminal background does not speak for the type of people they were… R.I.P

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