So through my workouts at Parisi and my diet, I’m only 4 pounds away from reaching my target weight of 200 pounds. I started out at 238 pounds about 5 months ago. My latest workout started out with the normal warm up. We then moved on to doing bear crawls across the floor with a giant rubber band wrapped around my wrists for resistance. After that we went to work on the rope and did some work with a medicine ball. The first super set we worked on started with me doing a 10 push ups with the medicine ball, rolling it to each hand in between each push up. Then we went right into 2 handed swings on the giant rope for 20 seconds. Just to fill you in…. That rope is no joke. We did 3 sets of each. Following that we moved on to a different set which started with me holding the medicine ball over my head, and with one motion i would slam the ball into the ground as hard as i could. I would then catch it as it bounced back up and then do it all over again. I did 12 of those and then it was back to my nemesis….THE ROPE!!! This time we alternated swinging each arm for 20 seconds. We did 3 sets of that and finished up. My chest,shoulders, and biceps were spent.


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