BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Animal abuse strikes Baltimore again and the results are heartbreaking. A kitten set on fire in East Baltimore is now clinging to life.

Weijia Jiang spoke to the city’s task force about this alarming trend.

Set on fire, left to die.

Police say someone did that to a 5-month-old kitten in the 2400-block of Baltimore’s Llewellyn Avenue.

“They should be prosecuted, just like it’s a human being. They all God’s creatures,” said Vincent Carter, neighbor.

Even veterinarians were horrified.

“I coughed a few times because the smoke was so bad,” said Laura Cos, of BARCS Animal Shelter. “There was singing on the ears, on the entire body.”

“She’s extremely sweet, affectionate,” said Cindy Wright.

Wright is fostering the cat who she named Hope since she’s hopeful the animal will survive.

With 90 percent of her body burned, Hope rolled on the ground and put the fire out herself, witnesses say.

For now Hope is surprisingly mobile, even playful at times. But Wright says she has yet to go through the worst stage of recovery. Eventually all the skin that was burnt will fall off piece by piece.

“In the summertime we see a spike in cases. When kids are out of school we see more of these crimes,” said Caroline Griffin, Baltimore Animal Abuse Task Force.

In fact, the city formed a task force to fight back.

Hope is the third cat set on fire in Baltimore this year alone.

Two 17 year olds were charged for doing it to Mittens back in January.

“We all know these animal cruelty cases are often an indicator of future violent activity,” said Det. Kevin Brown, Baltimore City Police.

Mittens survived, also taken in by Wright. Now she’s happier and healthier.

As for Hope’s attackers, police say they’re still out there.

The Animal Abuse Task Force says more than 30 percent of people who abuse animals are kids and teenagers.

Comments (45)
  1. Ed Byers says:

    its bs these kids need some stiff penalty’s . they need better laws against animal cruelty……….

    1. Tricia L. says:

      Maybe if people actually have to serve real time in jail instead of just community service people will stop taking animal abuse so lightly and stop doing it! They’ll at least think twice about doing it hopefully. And if they’re kids it shouldn’t matter, make them go to Juvenile Services because if they’re doing this stuff now just think what they’ll be doing when they get older.

    2. Cindy says:

      this is a good reason that I am Leaving Baltimore. I was born and raise here.
      Baltimore is getting just to ugly .

      1. jim says:

        Baltimore has been like this since the 90’s. You would have left by now.

  2. jay says:

    The youth and other offenders who set these defenseless animals on fire are animals themselves, They need to be set on fire themselves and burn in hell. They are headed for a life of crime. Considering they can do this to a dog or cat, imagine what they will do to a human being. It’s a very sad testimony to what is happening to Baltimore City.

  3. Jeanne Clarke says:

    Once more an innocent kitten is badly injured due to unsupervised and neglected kids…not because their parents probably work, either. I get so tired of it. Instead of continually supporting these useless and nasty people in our society, why not take the money and have a place where all neglected and abandoned cats and dogs can go, where they are safe from monsters like these?

    1. hugh says:

      Because many people think it’s cute for the mom to have a litter. They don’t think about the cost, what they’re going to do with the kittens, or even how they’re going to pay for food and vet bills for the mother (cat or dog). I hear it all the time, “Are you going to let her have a litter?”

      So, there are constantly more and more kittens out in the alleys all over the city. The kids (mostly boys) think they’re toys – something to entertain them until they are ready to move on to sometihin else. Then they just drop them off where they stand and move on. They are uneducated and discompassionate because they are neglected and abused children.

      1. natalee says:

        couldn’t agree more jeanne and hugh! instead of these big tax breaks for these people to have a “litter” of kids, how about that $ going awards vet bills and rescues

    2. fran says:

      I agree, if we stopped free housing, food, school supplies, clothing, etc then these kids and their parents would have to work for money to provide and probably appreciate it more. I don’t care if they have to pick up cans for money. That would be a change to leaving trash all over the city. I they had to earn what they are given, they would be tired to go about causing pain to defenseless animals. Also, jail time should be mandatory.

  4. Ana says:

    Enought is enought, get the sick nuts of the streets, they are horrible beasts, they star killing this poor animals and later they do the same or worst to people. Once they are caught they shoult be put in jail for many years, it doen”t matter how old they are. Why is the SISTEM afraid of doing justice? INSTEAD OF PROTECT CRIMINALS, take care of the good working, decent people, “PUT THIS WILD CRASY ANIMALS IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG”. No more animal cruelty.

    1. hugh says:

      they’d have to clear out about 40-50% of the city.

  5. Enough says:

    the real horror is the criminal homes and schools these kids are exposed to. They are 3rd and 4th generation offspring of uneducated, cruel, mindless, animal parents that bring these children into the world with no thought of how they will be cared for, educated , or learn to be a POSITIVE influence on their communities, instead of what they do become :murdering gang members. I see them everyday and believe me, putting on a school uniform is not going to change their behavior. Children that do these hideous acts will do them to each other soon. If not before. Recall the 14 year old found guilty for beheading and torturing 4 (or more) people in Mexico. It is here now. And the kids who torture animals are the ones that will gravitate to these actions. They really need to be put in a mental institution for a long time, and taught values – of life, of right, honor, kindness, mercy and all the rest. The qualities that I and all of my generation were taught ROUTINELY. And today it is gone.

  6. Laurel says:

    The way I see it is, regardless of these “criminal” homes and schools, I am sure they are at an age where they know right from wrong and they will always do the wrong thing. Society today does not think of animal abuse as a problem and therefore a slap on the wrist is given. Society today should be ashamed of how tolerant the laws are for animal abuse. I hope these worthless wimps are caught but than again, if they are nothing will happen and they will do it again.

  7. bry68 says:

    the parents should be held responsible and locked up!!!!!

    1. hugh says:

      that’ll do a lot of good.

    2. Tricia says:

      They should be but then the parents get locked up and the kids go into the system or with family members and guess who’s paying for those kids? US! If we’re not already! And I agree with what someone else said about the kids being old enough to know better. It doesn’t take a genius to know it’s not right to hurt a living creature! If they can light a match or lighter they are old enough to know what they’re doing and what’s going to happen! And I’m sure they’re using some type of liquid to start the fire because I’m almost positive the fur won’t just catch on fire from a single match. So it’s premeditated! I say put the “animals” in a cage with some weapons and let them kill each other off!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

  8. RNinBalto says:

    WHY DOESN’T THE MAYOR DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? and you wonder why there is all this crime is Baltimore and so I am more turned off by this city….because NOTHING gets done. The video even states that this type of crime will lead to more worse crime-so do something about it! Leave these uneducated idiots in jail because the behavior will never change and this will just be another misery for Maryland society when these idiots continue to do worse things.

    1. hugh says:

      she’s too busy courting big business.

      1. TDS says:

        Agreed, this mayor is a phoney! Never seen her smille as much until seeking re-election.

  9. dave says:

    find whoever did this. tie them to a stake and light them on fire. put the fire out after a little while and let them heal a little then put them back on the stake and light the fire again.

    1. jackie says:

      My thinking exactly Dave.. But unfortunately they get a slap on the wrist and are back out doing it again. Look at the savage kids that did that to the dog a few years ago and the ones that lit Mittens on fire last year. This is pathetic.. I’m sure we can all guess as to what kind of people did this. Pathetic

  10. gg says:

    So sad, but let’s be honest East Baltimore is loaded with ” Trash” and I am sure it was someone from the ghetto!!!!!

    1. hugh says:

      “someone from the ghetto” …nice.

  11. put it down says:

    its even more cruel to not put the cat to sleep..put it out of its misery..

    1. hugh says:

      That was my first thought. Why should this animal continue to suffer?

  12. OMG says:

    Wanted to say something, but…. Speachless!

  13. NotThatSerious says:

    When an Animal can put food on the table, pay bills and get a job, then they’ll be EQUAL!!! But until then, stop making these ridiculous comments.. Not everybody swallows animal saliva…

    1. ItIsSERIOUSstupid says:

      You are very stupid for making this kind of comment on something that is SERIOUS. Animals are God’s creatures and do not deserve this kind of cruelty. Ignoring this allows these individuals to think it is okay to hurt and this will eventually lead them to hurt people. Whomever did this will pay the price at the end and if I ever find out who did it, believe me s/he would suffer even more.

      1. NotThatSerious says:

        Why don’t you go on down to that part of the city and locate the persons responsible!!! Fakeaz Internet Thug!!!

    2. Just stupid says:

      Thank you for your contribution, idiot. It’s because this is how it starts – and then escalates and the Baltimore City judicial system won’t do anything about it. Unless you can contribute something worthwhile, can you please refrain from making comments? Refrain means to keep from doing something. Do just that.

  14. police31 says:

    killing animals that means it leads to killing people and it my be that or it may not be that but those/this person will kill again he got television time news so here we go gain baltimore city murder maryland

  15. police31 says:

    trust me some of the comments i,ve read is stupid and to say suck thing about animals they livivng brethinh air livivg like there are supposed to in this world now it,s time to get the ball rolling and locking these criminal up, it should be put in prison for 10yr for harming and domestic animal point taken no parole no probation and killing one 20 yrs, in prison! straight like that! and put on the animal resistry of curity and law enforcement website
    aspc police need to form a department for that!, that means jobs.

    1. NotThatSerious says:

      Police31 has got to be the Dumbest Cop I have ever seen write something… Hey 31, just say no!!

    2. ninelives58 says:

      OMG, police31 please get thee to an English class pronto. Your writing is hideous.

  16. police31 says:

    thats a shame to do that to that cat i,m looking at the cats picture thats sadd i cried looking at that cat that cat did nothing at all I HOPE AND PRAY THAT WHOM EVER DID THAT TO THAT CAT WILL PAY STRAIGHT TO HELL YOU WILL NEVER HAVE NO LUCK ALL NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN FOR YOU WILL PERISHED ONE DAY FORM THIS!

  17. POLICE31 says:

    look this city is on the edge of nothing and isn,t going anywhere for what i see all this crime and killing kids to girls and missing people and shooting .my familt will not come here because the city is on edge! drugs and sale of drugs the corrupted police department police selling drugs and selling cars, city worker partying on the job sentor stealling the Mayor Dixion stealling she back on CRACK again nobody said anyhting about that that she and former mayor of DC they both know each other! get that picture, the police commissioners stealing man this state is dump trash can! i come to visit so i can go back to tell people whats really going on in goverment and other things we see! killing thats the main issue here!

  18. truth says:

    It truly hurt my heart to see this story on the news.Im happy that the kitten survived and is now is good care,but the individual(s) that did this are low-life pieces of $%*# and I hope they are brought to justice

  19. Chris Cowman says:

    This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. I’m not really a cat person, never have been, but this really gets to me. I must be honest and say that If I ever witness this happening, I will end up in jail because the only thing i’ll want to do is beat the hell out of those people and I WILL set them on fire and let them burn. Then I’ll take the kitten to falls road animal hospital. Sorry but i’m a bit upset.

  20. fran says:

    This animal had to b belong to someone. The owner is just as responsible. I believe it must have know the person who harmed it. Most animals just don’t come to strangers unless they know them.

    We need an alternative court system in this city. Where offenses like these are judged by citizens quickly and thghe quilty are put away immediately instead of watching those two men accused last year of setting the dog on fire appearing in court and laughing during the charges..

  21. Wendy L Shores says:

    This is going to keep on happening unless the charges are stuck to and the animals who do this are made to pay. No more light sentences for these barbarians. It should be equivalent to setting a child on fire. Most peoples pets are like their family and this outrageous behavior needs to be stopped.

  22. ... says:

    If people have no respect for human lives, what makes people believe they will respect the lives of animals? This is also applicable vice versa. We need an iron-lady/man of a mayor. A TOUGH mayor. a TOUGH governor.

  23. angry mom says:

    Doesn’t anyone see a pattern here. These A******* start out by hurting and eventually killing animals to moving on to killing humans. I say we should punish them in the same manner . And for the parents who say NOT MY KID, are you with your kid every minute of the damn day? The answer is NO. Make jail time mandatory for kids who even think about hurting animals and charge them as adults, maybe then they will learn.

  24. number 1 soul brother says:

    The monsters that did this have absolutely no morals or conscience. They are true sociopaths. I would bet that they have cornrows and tattoos. The one hope we have is that this new generation starts killing off each, there will none left.

  25. Rasta J in da hood says:

    Yo, why no one set rats on fire. I see rats in my sleep, in my outside trash bags, eating my dogs kibble and on and on. It bad here in Bmore. Why dat cat have to die by fire? Kill da rat, kill da rat, kill da rat tat ta tat.

    Yo, shout out to my peeps in West Bmore. Leave them cats be. Rmember the last word in “JESUS” is “us”.


  26. POLICE31 says:

    What up homes? Who dat catch the track left before the movie done.

    Ain’t no sunshine when the cat be dead on gone. Yo what be goin down in tnecity be in da coiunty too many times from that day she said way no.

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