FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Two new speed cameras are monitoring traffic in Frederick.

City police say the devices were activated Friday in the 1400-block of North East Street.

They bring to six the number of speed cameras installed in the city since late May.

All the cameras are within a half-mile of a school zone. Police say the program is designed to slow traffic near schools.

The devices automatically issue $40 tickets to the registered owners of vehicles going at least 12 mph over the speed limit.

At least one camera has been vandalized. Police Chief Kim Dine says those who damage the cameras are only hurting public safety and costing taxpayers money.

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  1. John Russell says:


  2. Rob-n-hood says:

    Remember people, it’s for your own good… We care about you..

  3. Steven Cville says:

    WE should all thank Martin O’Malley for the speed cameras NOT! People got what they wanted when they voted for O’Malley Higher Taxes and Fees and speed cameras which Erhlich vetoed while he was in office so we had a few good years then. O’Malley is nothing but a tax and spend Democrat who puts his hands in the publics pocket at every chance he can. Take from the middle class and give to the ghetto and illegal alien vote. (Baltimore City , PG County, throw in Socialist Montgomery County) you have a elected Governor the heck with the rest of the State.

  4. James C. Walker says:

    IF posted speed limits were set for maximum safety at the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions, cameras would not record enough violations to even pay their basic costs of operation. Speed cameras ONLY work to produce profits when the posted limits are deliberately set well below the safety-optimum 85th percentile speed. Ticket cameras are about MONEY, not safety. The science is on our website. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association,, Ann Arbor, MI (frequent visitor to Maryland to see family)

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