BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) reacted to the debt agreement reached by Congress, breaking the stalemate that brought the nation to the brink of financial default.

Andrea Fujii reports Sen. Cardin was in the room when the deal was announced.

Cardin said he has high expectations for the long-term deal.

“The agreement represents concessions by Democrats and Republicans,” Cardin said. “Clearly I’m disappointed that certain things were left out. I would like a more comprehensive approach to dealing with the deficit.”

Reporter: Seventy-eight percent of Americans according to one poll would like to see revenue as part of the deal. Do you agree with them?

Cardin: I do believe we should close loopholes in our tax code. I’m not interested in raising rates, but I think we can increase revenue by eliminating loopholes and shelters in our tax code.

Reporter: How did the Tea Party influence the debate?

Cardin: The Tea Party brought our nation to the brink of a crisis, and quite frankly they need to understand how to compromise.

“I am pleased that leaders of both parties are having productive discussions,” he said. “A compromise is in the best interest of the American people,” said Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.).

Be sure to stay with WJZ and We’ll stay on top of the debt debate and let you know as soon as Congress votes on the plan.

Comments (30)
  1. chris says:

    You cannot blame the tea party for democratic politics. Unfortunately Obama took the grenade from G.W. with the pin already out of the grenade but he didn’t need to throw it into the ammo dump.

    1. OBNoWay says:

      called and wrote letters to my representative (I use that term very loosely). I said I was in favor of “cut, cap and balance”. I got a reply telling me they received my email and wanted to thank me for my support of raising taxes. They obviously didn’t read my email, no more than they read the bills they vote on. What a joke

  2. Bob Sherron says:

    I didn’t like G.W. but I am sick of hearing how every thing is his fault. Obama has been in charge almost 3 years when does he become responsable ? The so called penny plan made the most sense of anything floated out there and both sides killed it. All Gov. agencies get the same as this year (same means no cuts) and then 1 % reduction every year for like 6 to 8 years and the the budget is ballanced. Ant strugling household in the country would take that in a heart beat but the Gov. can’t ? We would have a better Gov. if you got rid of all members of the house and senate and replaced them by randomly picking names out of the phone book.

    1. bmoregyrl says:

      I agree. I think both party’s are to blame this is not just a one person thing. It’s everyone. I have to budget myself and if I can’t get something well I don’t get it. Sorry the Gov needs to learn to control spending and stop being greedy. I say let real people take over the country and see what happens. I bet we can control the budget better.

  3. Chuck says:

    I can understand that Ben is unhappy with a compromise that doesn’t include an increase in Taxes, Ben and Barbara have never missed voting FOR an increase in our taxes. The Tea Party just brought to the nations attention how out of touch our representatiives are with the money we send to the government ( State & Federal)

    1. Steven Cville says:

      You are correct, Ben and Barbara wanted nothing more then to raise taxes and spend more. Buy those PG County and Baltimore City votes throw them in with the Socialist Republic of Montgomery County.

  4. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. Ken says:

      I agree Herman. They enact legislation which applies to the working class and not to them. When are they and the fed going to bite the bullet and make some personal sacrifices like all of the working class has done both willingly and unwillingly.

  5. Fed Up says:

    Congress could care less what we think. Their sole objective is to be re-elected. I’ve long felt there should be a small Value Added Tax imposed to benefit Social Security and Medicare. Congress has raped these programs for entitlements for people who do not want to work (entitlements from cradle to grave) and for illegals.
    PC is killing this country. They cater to people that do not pay taxes (47% does not pay a penny).
    Close tax loopholes (GE pays no taxes), curtail welfare, rent supplements, Section 8 housing and end Earned Income Tax Credits.
    Maryland is the third most indebted state in the country. We must clean house and start over. It will cost us 465 million to implement Obamacare.
    Illegals are eroding our economy. They are a strain on health care and social services.

  6. LaDasha says:

    “Cradle to grave” what does that mean? Do you think poor people like being poor. There should be more help for the inner city poor. I can’t afford daycare for my children, so how am I suppose to look for job. Most of you people only care about yourself, because you don’t have the money problems we have.

    1. Why? says:

      Why have children when you have no way to support them other then government programs?

    2. est 1988 says:

      Being poor is a choice,Mcdonald’s are always hiring.You cant afford to look for a job but you can post comments on this website using a computer? Use that computer to look for work.Welfare gives out daycare vouchers..use them! Why dont you try waking up at the crack of dawn,driving an hr and a half to get to work,stay at the office until evening then doing it 4 more times that week.Oh wait,then you recieve your paycheck after slaving all those days at work only to find out that $700 was DEDUCTED IN TAXES SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU CAN STAY AFLOAT! I dont want to hear nothing!

  7. Kelso says:

    Wow…I have to say that I agree with all of these comments to a point…Everyone is right and hear your cry…. we are all struggling today however, we unfortunately made a lot of this happen by either not voting, getting involved etc….mainly because our lives are just so busy and hope that who we did vote in all offices and parties would do the job with our best interest at heart….fyi….I am at fault just the same! I like the one comment that they should only be allowed in office for 2 years bc everyone goes in with good intentions then greed and blackmail become a way of life for them and forget the real reason they went for office in the first place. I also believe that to run, a campaign should not involve all that money that goes into it…that money should could go to better use….don’t you agree!

  8. RavenLude says:

    politicians are always worried about lining there own pockets first and i agree 2 term maximum for every political position. force these no talent, schemers to do real work for a change.
    obama will never take any responsibility for his actions/inactions, he is a liberal. liberals dont believe in taking accountability for there actions because whether they fail or not they believe it was for the greater good.
    whatever ben, dutch, barbara…….just do everyone a favor and retire cause the stupid people of MD will just keep voting ur pathetic behinds in office simply because there is a “D” next to ur names.

    1. Very disappointed says:

      Talk about calling the kettle black! You Republicans are rewriting history! We had a chance to balance the budget, until the Republican president and Republican Congress voted in multiple tax cuts and entered multiple wars with no way to pay. We went from a surplus to a deficit in a year thanks to you Republicans! BUT, it’s the Democrats who ran up this deficit? PUHLEASE!!  Talk about not taking responsibility for your actions. Republicans are masters of self-denial.
      AND now you’re calling Obama, who has agreed to the most right wing of demands, a liberal. I’m a moderate Democrat, and I am disappointed in my president. He’s kowtowing to Tea Party blackmail, instead of being a true leader. This was no compromise. This was surrender, plain and simple. This agreement will make the poor poorer and the rich richer, and our economy a total mess. Of course, when the country goes into a real depression, the Republicans will once again rewrite history and blame the Democrats. When there is no true compromise, there is no real democracy. The Republican party seems to care nothing for the citizens of this country, just the corporate millionaires and businesses. Until the middle class and poor conservative voters realize that the Republican party really isn’t on their side, this country will never get out of the mess we’re in.

      1. Ready to go says:

        Time to move. You go first.

      2. whatnow says:

        Yes, Clinton crowed there was a surplus when he left office. But the figures show plain and clear there was 5 trillion dollars national debt. After 8 years of GWB, there was 10 trillion dollars debt, after 2 and 1/2 years of OweBama, there is 14.5 trillion dollars debt. He has spent almost as much in 2 1/2 years as GWB spent in 5. So don’t go blaming everything on one party, there is enough blame to go around.

      3. Very disappointed says:

        What now: National debt and federal deficit are not the same. Yes, we had 5 trillion debt, but there was no deficit, but a surplus. Look at the debt as a mortgage. You have a set amount of debt to pay back, A surplus is the money you make over the amount you owe. That surplus was paying down the debt, but the Bush tax cuts completely reversed the surplus to a deficit. A deficit increases the debt, or increases the amount of the mortgage, thus increasing the amount of both principle and interest. Unfortunately, the crash in 2008 required a great deal of money put into the economy to try to reverse the mess the Bush years wrought. Since the Republicans refused to allow enough money for the stimulus, it didn’t work as well as it could have. If our economy had rebounded, we’d be in a better position to start paying down the debt. Instead we’re barely treading water. I agree, there is enough blame to go around, but denying that
        Republican tax cuts and unfunded wars didn’t help cause the mess Obama inherited is just ludicrous..

  9. jay says:

    I would like to tell Cardin, Ruppersberger, and all their colleagues to grow up and stop kissing each other’s butts in DC. This country has becomie a “country of the politician, by the politicians, and for the politicians” Despite what the politicians say on both sides, this measure was merely a “face saving” tactic on their parts and doesn’t represent the American People AT ALL!!

  10. deltasweetiepi says:

    Let’s just keep it simple, the democrats like having poor people remain poor, it keeps them with a job. Republicans feel that at some point these poor people need to become productive members of society and paying their own way. Either way the middle class foot the bill for the free loaders and we are sick of it.

  11. Very disappointed says:

    To: Ready to go

    Never! Reform of any kind has to be done from within. I’m not willing to surrender my country to a bunch of self-serving, self-denying, undemocratic hypocrites, If you prefer to surrender, go to it!

    1. Ready to go says:

      The only reform which will occur will be in the form of revolution. The system of taking from the working legal tax payer has gotten so big that no reform can reverse it. It will have to be taken back by force. You think it is bad now. You haven’t see anything yet. Would you give your life for such reform because that is probably what it is going to take. I am ready to go to war to take this country back. Are you?

      1. Very disappointed says:

        Be glad the taxes we pay are not any where near those paid by our parents and grandparents. During the war years and the 50’s taxes ranged from 14 – 22% of all income over $1K, and 70 – 91% of all money made over $200K. In a society where 47% of the ciitzens pay no income tax at all, I don’t agree with your version of the system being “so big”. Nor do I think it helps our economy to give tax breaks to the upper 10% of money makers or corporations. They certainly aren’t “trickling it down.” What I really find objectional is the refusal to give up any entitlements, while insisting on NOT paying the taxes that support them.

  12. whatnow says:

    To Very Disappointment. Which hypocrites are you talking about, the do nothing Congress or the Socialist President. The great experiement that OweBama, Reid and Pelosi are trying here has already been tried in Europe and failed miserably. There is no utopia.

    1. Very disappointed says:

      Unless you can tell me you don’t plan on taking social security, medicare or medicaid, don’t talk to me about socialism or Obama as a Socialist. I will assume you are invoking the Socialist tag due to the healthcare reform. Obama’s reforms to healthcare are just that. The healthcare system in the private sector does more to bankrupt the people of this country than Obama’s reforms. If our healthcare system is so great, why do we have a higher mortality rate of infants and mothers than most industrialized countries. It seems to me, as the richest country in the world, we should be making sure all of our citizens have access to best medical care, or at the very least, equal access. So, will you take SS, Medicare and Medicaid, while denying they are socialist in nature? If so, then you are one of those hypocrites.

  13. Ready to go says:

    @ very disappointed – What do you think would happen if everyone refused to pay taxes?. Is the federal government large enough to take on all of us? Do they have big enough jails to hold us all? If they do not have it, they can’t spend it. How far would you go for reform? If you are waiting for reform in Washington do not hold your breath because you will die from lack of oxygen.

  14. RavenLude says:

    ready to go-LOL. big enough jails….the weak dems running this country and serving as judges cant even put violent offenders away for good, how can they possibly round up tax payers and throw them in jail, they wont get a paycheck from the poor and criminal element they serve.
    very disappointed-how can u call urself a moderate democrat and not be angry with obama, reid, and pelosi? u make every legitimate moderate dem very disappointed by calling urself one. lastly enjoy whacking off to ben, dutch, and barbara….they are truly great for MD

    1. Very disappointed says:

      What do you think I meant when I called myself very disappointed?. Obviously, you failed to read my post about my disappointment in Obama. What right have you to assume you are a legitimate moderate democrat, if you are, and I am not? Frankly, your final comment is completely inappropriate. To me you sound anything but moderate. Maybe you should rethink your idea of what moderate means, because your posts don’t seem to say anything but right wing to me.

  15. OVBummer says:

    called and wrote letters to my representative (I use that term very loosely). I said I was in favor of “cut, cap and balance”. I got a reply telling me they received my email and wanted to thank me for my support of raising taxes. They obviously didn’t read my email, no more than they read the bills they vote on. What a joke

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