By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake addressed crime and public safety in her first radio campaign ad released Tuesday.

Political reporter Pat Warren looks at how her crime fighting plan compares to some of her challengers.

In her radio ad on public safety, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake approaches crime from a first person view, noting that her brother was stabbed in 2002.  Crime is down, she says, but statistics don’t matter to victims.

“Like many of you, a family member of mine was a victim of violent crime.  It is something you live with every day of your life.  My public safety plan will help make every neighborhood safer.  We are locking up criminals with a history of violence.  We are fighting for stronger state laws on illegal guns and this year we will hire more new police officers,” Rawlings-Blake said.

The mayor’s challengers attack crime and violence on various fronts.  In community forums and public events, each presents a crime-fighting strategy that includes targeting the most violent offenders but also taking a more comprehensive approach to cause, cure and prevention.

“I’m going to be squarely focused on changing the complexity of the city as it relates to crime problems,” said State Senator Catherine Pugh.

On the day she filed for mayor, Pugh called the epidemic of lead poisoning a contributing cause.

“Don’t wait for Catherine Pugh to come take over the city, ’cause I will, but begin now dealing with this health issue, this lead paint issue that creates violent children,” she said.

Otis Rolley’s plan includes better policing.

“We provide them with better training and better resources and even better compensation, so they can do a better job,” Rolley said.

Jobs for everybody is the Frank Conaway approach.

“If they don’t have jobs, they turn to crime and so we want to have a deterrent to that and that is a job,” Conaway said.

Jody Landers says there needs to be a better working relationship between officers, leadership and City Hall.

“There’s a lot of discontent. People want the city to move in a new direction,” Landers said.

And it’s up to voters to choose who they want at the controls.

The next mayoral forum is Thursday afternoon.

The release of the mayor’s ad coincides with Tuesday night’s National Night Out.  She’s scheduled to be out in neighborhoods.

Comments (7)
  1. Tonia Jo says:

    this lady is crazy lead paint and mean kids, wow wee one flew over the nest brother

  2. TOWSON says:

    This isn’t a plan. This is why smoking weed is against the law”no one can think or come up with there on concepts”. These canadates don’t get it understand, there is a war in Baltimore city, and folks do not want to live in the city because of drugs, and murders, assualts, etc. wake up canadates GET TOUGH ON DRUGS

  3. Steven Cville says:

    City of Baltimore needs to bring in the National Guard declare marshall law and shut down the ghetto parts of the city. Then go door to door arrest all with warrants confiscate all found drugs and guns allowing only the legal owners possession. Pass a carry law for law-abiding let the criminals sleep on the floors in prison because of over crowding and say who cares your trash anyway. Offer no affordable housing to those with criminal records that way they move on to other states. Throw out the trash!
    What you see in the city is a War the Police can’t win but them Military could.

  4. Ravens1 says:

    If only this city had no lead paint…………….. what????

  5. MD DAD says:

    Have you noticed that every mayor running for re-election in Balto. always states that crime is down? There is much crime going on, I wonder what type of crime(s) that are down she is supposingly talking about?
    It just makes me wonder if any of these politicians (including the ones in the state government) have any clue what is really going on out here. It makes me wonder if they ever watch the evening news or even read a newspaper. City and state politicians are so obtuse it’s sad. Definitely a case of “the emporer’s new clothes”. They are the only that are not aware their naked.

  6. JackDaniels says:



  7. lkj098 says:

    “Crime is down, she says”

    You have got to be kidding me. As a city resident, I can assure you that crime is most certainly not down. Over the past two months, it has increased ten-fold. Police are not doing their job – so many crimes go un-reported or mis-reported.

    The Baltimore Sun even commented on this:

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