YORK, Pa. (WJZ)–The end to a manhunt, which took police across state lines after a man attacks a woman on the side of I-83.

Andrea Fujii has more on the arrest.

Punched and dragged on the side of I-83 near the Pennsylvania state line. Police say they’ve caught the man responsible.

Police say they got a bunch of tips after they released a suspect sketch and a vehicle description, leading them to York, Pa.            

Investigators say the suspect was driving on a suspended license when he rear-ended the victim’s car. That’s when things spiraled out of control.

State police say 30-year-old Michael Henshaw is the man who punched and dragged a woman on the side of I-83 last Friday night near the Maryland / Pennsylvania line.

“This arrest was very important to police because there were a lot of motorists who were very troubled when they heard this story,” said Elena Russo, Maryland State Police.

The woman says the attack happened after Henshaw rear ended her, and they pulled onto the side of the road. She says Henshaw became irate when she insisted on calling police.

Henshaw lives in York, Pa., where a neighbor describes him as friendly.

“It doesn’t fit with what I know of him. Again, you never know. But he always seemed very nice and friendly to myself and my wife,” said Wayne Dull, neighbor.

Police are confident they’ve got the right man.

“The vehicle was located in the garage,” Russo said. “It matched the description and also the victim had given a couple letters that were in the license tag and they matched.”

Henshaw faces a slew of charges, including second degree assault and driving on a suspended license.

The process to extradite him back to Maryland is already underway.

Neighbors tell WJZ that Henshaw recently became a father. He faces a number of charges, including second degree assault.

Police say they took Henshaw into custody without incident.

Comments (14)
  1. Dennis says:

    He is probably innocent but the cops need a fall guy.

    1. shaw says:

      How do you know? They said they found the vehicle as well as the letters matching his plate. He will be getting some time!

    2. Welcome to reality says:

      You’re a moron!

    3. Steven Cville says:

      You must be guilty of being Stupid!

    4. KottaMan says:

      Dennis, I am grateful every day that brain death is not contagious. Get help, please….

    5. xyz says:

      Dennis, obviously you don’t know the entire picture. You take what you’ve heard on the news at face value. There is more to this man than even the news station doesn’t know. He is far from being innocent from everything he’s done beyond the hit and run and assault. Forensic evidence will come forward soon that will prove he was the offender. This man is in serious need of professional help.

  2. GB says:

    Picture and sketch really match up.

  3. anonymous says:

    he has a serious anger problem and has been living a double life. his gf of 12 yrs just had baby but yet hes running around with the neighborhood 16 yr old. he needs alot of help

  4. carl says:

    i hear hes out on bail pa gave him bail, what an injustice bet he never gets caught now….

  5. carl says:

    cant imagine, he does this to a stranger,what would have happened if he would have snapped on his girlfreind or child, i hope they puthim away for several years ,he definitely needs anger management, and revolk his license for good, prayers go out to his girlfreind and child and the rest of his family..

    1. sadsad person says:

      check out 21 news in pa,there more to this story,lookup man that beat woman on 83,,,this guy had a double life

  6. carl says:

    for the woman he attacked you did the right thing getting away from him, i hope you dont stil have nightmares from this attack god bless you

  7. sadsad person says:

    can not get over this man getting out on bail,he go to court on 9/2/11 time 830 am for what he did.OMG JUST HOPE HE DONT WALK

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