2 Md. Casinos Generate $15M Revenue In July


BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Lottery says the state’s two casinos generated more than $15.5 million in July, up about $3 million from the previous month.


The Casino at Ocean Downs took in $5.3 million in July, up from approximately $3.8 million in June. The Hollywood Casino Perryville took in approximately $10.2 million, up from $8.8 million in June.


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  • jef627

    So what is OWE Malley doing with this money? Where are the raises for policemen and fireman in this state? Start being accountable Governor!

  • pappyb

    What legitimate businesses were deprived of $15M in revenues because that money was spent instead in these casinos?

    • cffire13

      @ pappy… First of all the casino business is legitamate!! Second… wake up…. If u feel that the money being gambled in Md. wouldnt go to another state for their revenues. Md is surrounded by full fledged casinos and needs to wake up itself and realize they are well behind and need to make the changes to bring table games and poker to the state

  • Bryant

    Hollywood Casino IS STealing Money You Never win anything. God Bless Em!

  • jef627

    When the people who gamble in this state are on welfare, we are not gaining anything. They are using my hard earned money. WHAT IS O’MALLEY DOING WITH THIS CASINO MONEY?

  • T J

    Seal team 6 dead. same exact members that killed Bin laden. dead men tell no tales. Uncle sams great cover up

  • aceeye

    what that little. I thought O mall, said 500 million a year. It will never come close. I have also heard that there are very little payouts. So once the word gets out

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