Count me in the group that thinks the Ravens still need to get a veteran wide receiver.  You cant go into a season with the receiving corps they have in place now.

First let’s play the what if game…. What if Boldin gets hurt?  Are you going to rely on rookie and second year players to get you to the Superbowl?  What team has won a Superbowl with a majority of their pass catchers as 1st or 2nd year players?  Can you make the playoffs with young receivers?  Of course you can, but you typically don’t win.

Also if you look at the numbers, outside of Anquan Boldin, all the receivers and tight ends on this team had a total of 12 receptions in the NFL.  I don’t think you can rely on this many young guys to take you to the Superbowl.  I hear so many people saying its OK, lets go with the youth movement.  That’s fine if you’re rebuilding, but I believe this team is ready to win right now.

  1. j-co says:

    what’s the latest on trades for Lee Evans or Steve Smith (south) – I know that Smith hurt his finger, but are the Ravens in any trade talks?

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