BROOKLYN PARK, Md. (WJZ)— Police in Anne Arundel County are combing through evidence, trying to determine what led a man to kill his wife and her two children before turning the gun on himself. 

Jessica Kartalija has the latest.

Friends say 33-year-old Kelly Brian Thompson would give you the shirt off his back.

“It’s unbelievable.  I don’t understand.  I don’t see him doing this; he’s not that type of person,” said Tiffani Price.

Now they’re baffled by news that Thompson killed his wife, Nina and her twins, 15-year-old Taishawn and Treshawn Pugh before shooting himself at their Brooklyn Park townhome.

“It’s traumatic for everyone, the family members of the deceased,” said Anne Arundel County Police Lt. JD Batten.

Police tell WJZ Thompson’s mother received a cryptic text message from her son.  When she and police arrived at his home, they heard the final gunshot.  They stormed the house and kicked in the front door. 

A neighbor said he and Kelly were very close friends.  He didn’t want to go on camera but he says he is in the process of planning a memorial for the family.

“You never heard arguments between the family. Police were never there.  The kids were always very quiet and stayed inside the house to themselves,” said neighbor Kevin Fullerton.

Neighbors say Thompson recently sold two cars and talked of selling his favorite motorcycle, suggesting the family may have had financial trouble.  But police say a motive in this murder/suicide is still unclear.

“She was a wonderful person.  I mean, she was very kind.  She would help anybody out,” Price said.

Neighbors say Thompson recently started a new job with a trucking company.

Comments (21)
  1. Tom says:

    “My neighbor and my wife were sittnig…” Seriously, sittnig? Who writes this stuff? WJZ is horrible with spelling and grammar. Pathetic. Go back to elementary school!

    1. Funk and Wagnall says:

      Ahh, Tom – the reporters/journalists often take down notes as the person being interviewed is speaking to them – to change the language isn’t appropriate. Yes, we all make grammatical mistakes occasionally, but as you say, seriously…..sittnig? We know it’s a typo – yes we all know they should type better and speak well, but sometimes, it just isn’t worth going Webster (as compared to going postal).

  2. Meg Kinnear Hamilton says:

    And I believe the correct form of the word would be “waved.” WJZ – call me if you need an extra editor on staff!

  3. Steve Hartsock says:

    Instead of commenting on the story, you are nitpicking on a few spelling and grammatical errors. Get a life you people.

    1. Tom says:

      They’re supposed to be professional, competent journalists. Instead, they type like 5th graders.

      1. Rae says:

        who cares about the spelling…pay attention to the condolences to this family and friends of the family. GOD bless you..

  4. A says:

    I love how the “police believe they know who’s responsible” – – ya think?

  5. sara says:

    Just like amityville horror.

  6. Kia says:

    I so agree with Rae who cares about the spelling 3 ppl. Were murdered! And two of those ppl were children! The messed up part is they weren’t even his children. My condolences goes out to the Pugh family and especially to their father Shawn ….

  7. joseph gaines says:

    Hey much love from sandy n jojo there could b donations if u post out in carrooll n all over brooklynnpark.we pray for all those who were innocent n those children were about to go school shoopin n its enough to put u in tears cuz u never dont know wen it could b somebody eles family. the family should seek help from pastor steve at brookln united methodist church he is great n pastor thomas shes great a church on west bay avenue.everyone should reach out to the family n those poor children who lost thier life in that stuggle.let jesus be with those who now r in heaven n bring peace amongs them.

  8. Katmann transport says:

    I knew kelly very well,I cannot believe he could have done this. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family.

  9. Michelle says:

    Who really cares about the spelling…..4 ppl died and thats the sad part…My heart goes out to Nina and Her kids family…they didnt ask to be killed…My heart also goes out to Kellys family as well…Just hope both family can get though this hard times….GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  10. I love Poop says:

    he was a downlow brother and he got caught in the act so he killed the witnesses so sad and pathetic

  11. Mary Jo Baker says:

    I do believe that we can blame these deaths on the government. This family would probably still be alive if they weren’t having financial problems, due to this economy. Here is the “change” America wanted. It changed this family’s life, didn’t it?

  12. A REAL nurse says:

    My condolences to the family….this is awful. However, CBS, you have your facts wrong….the woman WAS NOT a nurse…..she was a nursing assistant…..BIG difference in schooling. Get your facts straight before you print them.

    1. T says:

      She was a CMA and the manager of one of our clinics. I know I worked with her.
      And they were not having financial problems. Kelly was buying a new bike yesterday morning.

  13. Katmann transport says:

    What makes the difference what was spelled incorrectly, if she was an assistant or an RN? The facts of the story that apparently so many of you are forgetting is that a family has passed, which means human life was lost. And nobody will fully understand what happened in the final hour or so before this tragedy took place. Please for the respect of family and friends be respectful in your comments.

    1. Tom says:

      I’m not disrespecting the dead, I’m pointing out the horrid writing skills of WJZ staff. Take a chill pill yourself there chief. I’m boycotting this horrible news agency. Days late on news, and they can’t spell or write properly. I’ll stick to WBAL or Fox Baltimore over this nonsense.

  14. brandon oliver says:

    im a marine currently in afghanistan. i lived in this house throughout my middle school and highschool days. this family took over the house when my family moved out. its enough having to deal with death here in afghanistan, let alone death in my hoe community, or childhood home for that matter. everyone shouldnt be getting on editors and writers for grammatical errors, or wanting to boycott a station over it, or getting mad because they labeled someone a nurse instead of an assistant, people make mistakes, in human. as many have said before, the fact of the matter is family lost their loved ones. my codolonces go out to all the family memebers and loved ones, semper fi.

  15. Tiffany Veal says:

    I just would like 2 say I know Kelly very well I was his ex friend and I would like 2 say I do not think he did this I think that something went on in that house and he did not know what 2 do so he took his life and no I do not think he did that 2 his wife and her children.I hear everyone saying he did it but no 1 knows what happen in that house and u can not believe everything the news say because they make mistakes 2 and when they do they never come back and tell u the truth and it do not matter if the kids was not his they where GODS children and it should not have happened and my heart goes out 2 the familys.I all so would like 2 say just because someone buy there self something do not mean they r not having ba times they may have got tiered of paying bills and just wanted 2 get there self something so do not think because someone get something they r not doing bad because that is not truth.I love u Kelly and u will b miss RIP

  16. Tiffany Veal says:

    GOD have the last say and GOD have all of us so if u r having a bad day and need 2 talk 2 someone he is all ways there if u need anything he is all ways there what I am trying 2 say is when times get hard talk 2 GOD and he will work it out do not go that way of taking your life or any 1 else.

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