BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Transportation Authority Police say 10 recruits were rejected on probation for academic misconduct.


Officials said Monday that the misconduct did not involve members of the academy staff or outside instructors and the integrity of grades, tests and course materials was not affected.


Because it is a personnel matter, officials say they can’t share more details of the misconduct.


Eight recruits were training for the authority police force and two were training for the Maryland Transit Administration Police force. Officials say the remaining 27 class members are continuing their training.


Police union President Shane Schapiro says officials made the right call. He says if recruits would cheat in the academy, “who knows what they might have done when they went out on patrol.”


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  1. JoeFromAACounty says:


    1. Tonloc says:

      Joe must get a lot of tickets traveling the I-95 Corridor, or couldn’t get a job with the Transportation police force. I come to this conclusion because this is probably the 3rd time Joe has made a rent-a-cop comment, on news stories about the Transportation Police.

  2. John Campbell says:

    What does that even mean??? Glorified Rent A Cops? Not sure you understand the difference between security and the highly trained police officers meeting the Maryland Police and Correctional Training standards that ALL police regardless of agency or location in the State of Maryland must meet and complete. Marylands training is pretty tough when it comes to its police. These officers that were removed were cheating and should be removed. There are bad apples in any bunch and in any career. The Maryland Transportation Authority and the Maryland Transportation Administration carry guns, can make arrests and summons you to court. They hold full police powers. Whether you like it or not, they do hold official police positions and not just security posts. While they might conduct security at facilities, it is a higher level of security that is needed at the airports, on the highways, or on the light rails, trains or buses. I have a feeling you do not like law enforcement anyway which leads me to believe that you have had your share of issues with them. Hope this helps explain the difference. The next time you have a person steal from you on a bus, or assault you in the airport, or cause you to be in a vehicular accident, on a MdTA patrolled highway, or any crime against you personally where assistance is needed, why don’t you let the good police officers saving you know how you feel about them. Glorified Rent A Cops, and I bet they still do their same professional job and save or help you. You deserve rent a cop treatment and should be let to sit there and fend for yourself, but then thats not why people become police officers is it? Good luck with your life and not needing the police to help you, ever.

  3. MD Citizen says:

    These fools just got caught in the academy. Its amazing what makes it thru the academy, I believe that there is one MDTA Officer that has been on field training for over 100 day and has had numerous Field Training Officers FAIL him on his training, but since his mommy and daddy are big shots in the MD Transportation Authority, well we know how he got his free pass. A LIABILITY ISSUE WAITING TO HAPPEN! AMAZING.

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