Stevie Williams says his win with Adam Scott is the best of his caddie career.  Matt Rudy, Senior Writer of Golf Digest, joined The Norris & Davis Show to discuss this weekend’s PGA news.

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  1. johnsonj3 says:

    Steve Williams is a very two faced man. I am wishing Tiger allthe luck in getting his self back in the hunt for a title. It’s people like steve that want to keep someone down. He was not saying this about Tiger as long as he was winning and getting paid. What a jerk.

    1. RC says:

      you are wishing Tiger luck getting “his self” back in the hunt? Nice use of the English language – and Tiger has done enough to keep himself down quite nicely by himself; he’s made his bed now he has to sleep in it, plain & simple. Karma is a nasty thing and he is getting what he deserves. Tiger kept Steve hanging for 2 years then got all uppity when Steve went out & carried the bag for Adam – tough luck Tiger, you reap what you sow…..

      1. Dave says:

        Well put!!!!

      2. v.r. says:

        Uppity? Yesah, massah. Are you serious?! Steve is a freakin’ caddie! He hired on to be that position. Maybe if he actually played himself, then he could talk. But it’s not like he didn’t get PAID all those years and Adam wouldn’t have hired him had he not been Woods’ caddie. Get real and watch your racial slurs.

      3. Samantha says:

        And who are you to judge someone life that you know nothing about. If you spend less time listening to the BS the media spew all over the internet and TV you would know that all of us have fallen. You need spend time cleaning out your closet and stay out of Tiger Woods because Tiger is going to be alright.

      4. Doug Glass says:

        Slept through 3rd grade English did you now? Or did Fuball pratice kep you a-way frum the class room on da day they larned abut tha wurd “Hisself”?

      5. Holden McGroin says:

        Hey Samantha, like turkey drumsticks too? They’re dark .

      6. TLD says:

        Awesome response RC ! You couldn’t have put it better… Im so tired of hearing people feel sorry for Tiger… like you said he did this to himself and you can’t treat people so awful and still expect to receive sympathy and respect, it doesn’t work that way. But there are a lot of bleeding hearts out there.. But again love your comment 🙂

      7. Bec says:

        @v.r. – I’ve read & reread RC’s comment… where exactly did RC make a racial slur? Are you one of the Obama brigade attacking and accusing anyone who dare have a negative comment about someone with dark skin? If someone has done wrong, it doesn’t matter what color their skin… they have done wrong.

    2. deb says:

      a rare wonderful commerical tonight- said it all- I’ll have to paraphrase- “when you only care about/take care of yourself- that’s all your left with- YOURSELF- and then where are you- ALONE?”

      Its NOT Tigers fault- he was raised to be a tiger- a lone hunter- where is value and esteem was measured by his ability to get little balls into little holes. I imagine he is VERY CONFUSED by his turn in fame and fortune. He has a lot of work to do- he needs a psychoanalyst- and to find and reconnect with his first serious girlfriend- if he does those two things he might be able to salvage himself for his children’s sake.

    3. john j says:

      I have been reading all the comments…up to now, Problem is, none of these good people have any idea what goes on in the Press Tents around the tour, I am retired with more than 40 yrs. in sports media. You can believe there are a number of reporters who are enjoying Tiger’s “fall from grace.” Tiger was NEVER fun to deal with. NEVER a favorite of the media. ALWAYS a pain. And, we had to struggle to get any comments or reaction. Tiger seemed to feel the sports media were not necessary to his :”fame.” I for one, am thinking I may agree with those citing KARMA.

      1. Bec says:

        @john – I know firsthand what you mean. My co-worker stayed in the hotel Tiger stayed at while playing in a tournament. Tiger didn’t win the top spot so he demolished his hotel room in a fit of rage. The city officials begged the hotel not to file charges or sue Tiger as they were afraid Tiger would not come play in their tournament again. The room had to be totally reconstructed at a cost of $24,000. The city didn’t reimburse the hotel, just wanted the hotel to absorb the cost. All hotel guests had to put up with the construction noise, dust and construction traffic… and didn’t get any discount for the inconvenience. Luckily, I had checked into the hotel a block away.

  2. j miller says:

    if it wasn’t for tiger s. williams bank account would be a lot less those in glass house’s shouldn’t throw stones. i hope williams wife divorces him. and takes him to the cleaners. the days of those big paychecks are gone my friend. adam scott will never even get close to tigers winnings. a blind gopher finds a nut every now and then. look at the tv ratings without tiger way down!!!

    1. Audrey Ruth says:

      Sour grapes, anyone???

    2. Hank says:

      It’s just golf…

  3. Gopher1013 says:

    I agree with johnsonj3. Steve Williams has certainly turned out to be a back-stabber and a low-life. Any respectable caddy, who is an employee of the golfer, would be glad they had a great run and made millions, and now move on. How many caddies make the money that Williams did? One has to wonder why he was fired by Tiger: Steve’s current actions say a lot.
    Adam Scott had better watch his back, he’s be next to be on Stevie’s hit list 😉

  4. PZ says:

    Steve Williams remained loyal to Tiger for two years while Tiger was down. Steve’s reward? Getting royally dumped and humiliated without warning. Is it wonder that Steve didn’t take this shabby treatment lying down?

    1. v.r. says:

      Steve went moonlighting and got the boot. Happens everyday! AND he gets paid for it, so I don’t have sympathy. It’s easy to kick a man when he’s down. And you and Steve better hope Tiger doesn’t come back strong. He only has to do it once…and you know it.

    2. Samantha says:

      Steve nevr remained loyal he he was sitting in the corner working out a deal for a book. Steve is no better than Tiger because I’m sure if you take a look in his closet you will find skeletons. Steve had made several comments before Tiger released him. If your loyal your loyal Steve has some Karma coming his way. One win doesn’t mean much let’s see can he caddie his new man to Tiger status.

  5. Donald Hall says:

    I will admit Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer to ever play the game.but
    I always felt he had a haughty and arrogant air about him.
    That’s understandable though considering his childhood’when he was doted
    on and fawned over/ because of his unbelievable talent with a golf club.
    How do you just randomly dismiss some one after 13 years of loyal service?
    I just think it was a bush thing to do,Tiger could have handled it [n a much better

  6. MedallionV283 says:

    Is it fair to lump Tiger Woods with O.J. Simpson? I think not!

    1. David Lee Thompson says:

      You’re right, it simply isn’t fair … to OJ Simpson. Tiger Woods is, without any further doubt, another in the long line of low-life athletes who prey off their fame to get rich, then throw it all away for a little temporary pleasure.

      1. v.r. says:

        It sounds like you’re a jilted lover, than having anything to say with substance. You have no idea how many other ‘athletes’ have done the same, so I’d be quiet about it.

      2. Samantha Witherspoon- Morris says:

        What about Big Ben the rapist. Mr. Thompson dom’t hate because your broke and your only pleasure is trashing other who are not.

  7. Charles says:

    Tiger’s poor performances of late, exacerbated by poor physical condition, created his need to make some drastic changes. The one large and erroneous one involved firing Steve. Tiger’s grasping at whatever his “problem” is and trying to remedy it. Sadly, Steve felt the brunt of Tiger’s wrong assertion that he was somehow bringing Tiger down. I can understand Tiger grasping for anything that might improve his game – it just seems fairly obvious that the problem wasn’t Steve, and Tiger acted like a prick by dismissing him. Suck it up, Tiger boy…..the problem is you.

  8. Ray says:

    Tiger had every right to dismiss Steve. I think he was a hell of a caddy. I am disappointed on how he has played his issues with Tiger in the media. Handle the dismissal like a real professional. Hell, he made millions. I am not sure why Tiger feels compelled every so often to change a swing, a grip. He needs to go back to basics and just play the game he loves with passion. I truly think Tiger will be back, however the pack has gotten better and they are younger. If he maintains his mental toughness, he will pass Jack, at that point I hope he retires with a bad ass Brazilan babe!

  9. abqtim says:

    It’s never been a secret that Tiger wants to surpass Jack’s record and that Tiger is all about business when it comes to golf. So Tiger being an employer of Steve should have the right to fire Steve especially if the contract he signed with Tiger says so. It’s PRO golf not amature baby golf. Steve is crying and acting like a baby. Does steve remember how much he made before Tiger came along? Looks like Steve was just loyal to Tiger’s money and when that dried up he gave Tiger the finger. If Steve told Tiger he couldn’t feed his family I’m sure Tiger would have lent him some cash until Tiger could start playing and winning again. So I believe Steve is the jerk.

  10. C.Simon says:

    Amazing how so many of you “know” Tiger Woods so well. The 24/7 news cycle and the Internet has created some major illusions in people’s minds! You know only what the media told you. Which means, next to nothing other than headlines that are devised to sell news. The reporters and photographers don’t know thecelebrities! That’s why they make telescopic and zoom lenses.

    You can disapprove Tiger’s extramarital behavior. But you’ll never know what went on inside of his marriage, or everything that went on outside of it. Fact is,Tiger Woods was roasted and toasted by the media far beyond what was reasonable for one reason: they made money on it. Scores of celebrities -have done as much or worse– many even bragging of it to make their “stars” rise higher. Consumers ate it up, and the sense of schaudenfraude (taking pleasure out of someone’s misfortune) could be cut with a knife.

    Every professional athlete’s JOB is to perform his best. Ane when he/she falls into a rut, it’s their JOB to try to solve possible problems. Caddying is not just about muscles and carrying a bag. At the level of Woods, his caddy must be very experienced, very knowledgeable about the game, the greens, weather conditions, the clubs and his player strengths and weaknesses. He is his player’s strategic advisor and that is way they make so much money. If the partnership stops working — on either side — it’s time for a change. Steve made his name and his fortune by caddying for Tiger, and was incredibly fortunate to have done so.. Chances are high that he would never heve even met Adam Scott,let alone caddied for him had he never been Tiger Woods’ caddy. He’s a jerk and certainly no professional with his Tiger trashtalk.

    1. DocBeeker says:

      @ C. Simon – before he caddied for Tiger, Williams caddied for Peter Thompson, Greg Norman, and Raymond Floyd, three great golfers. Tiger hired him because he was the best caddie in the world. Steve certainly earned a great deal of money working for Tiger, but he made his name himself. I agree that he didn’t handle the whole situation well, but he is also the same ‘jerk’ who donated a million dollars of his own money to help fund a children’s cancer ward. He has come off as abrasive in the past, but regardless, I think Tiger could have handled the situation much better himself.

    2. Olney Falcon says:

      Better late than never, here is the lesson you should have received while growing up: Regarding your use of the word “Schadenfreude”, one should never use a word they can’t spell. Blessings…

    3. cole porter says:

      haha. The same thing you say others did to Tiger, you did to his caddy; saying he is a jerk and not a professional. I was a fan of Tiger having a great deal of respect for him, until all of this occurred. If he turns his life around, he will regain my respect. Understanding that all people fall and fail at some point or another is a must, but until they get up they don’t deserve accolades or undue respect.

  11. Your mother says:

    Tiger and Steve are both D-heads…they don’t deserve their station in life.

  12. Ely Feliciano says:

    Steve Willisams should be thankful to Tiger
    W oods for letting him worked To Adam.If you”re the emplloyer df
    Steve and there was a good offer for him? Will you say no ?. Tigert know that
    he was not 100 per cent ready to play. He should had said that Tiger was not
    a good boss when he was working with hin,It us always bitter to be fired. I just both remained health.

  13. Ben says:

    Tiger is a mess needs to get it together what he did was wrong I’m pulling for ya Tiger but he needs to get help for his problems get it together Tiger, you can do it

  14. widollar says:

    Tiger Woods is yesterday’s newspaper. Good for wrapping dead fish!

  15. keith says:

    Sometimes In Life, when things go bad for you and you know you have reached the bottom. From there the only way to go is up. dont count him out folks, its only golf. If jobe can come back so can tiger woods.

  16. Massive Marbles says:


    Take a bad situation and turn it around. Do something positive. Become the National Spokesperson for Sexual Addictions. Talk about it in real serious terms.

    You will bounce back when you get it all off your chest and talk with others about it.

    – A Friend 🙂

  17. Jimbo says:

    Tiger needs to start playing a 5 inch golf course.

  18. Pedro says:

    That guy started to be a bad player after being exposed as a player (bad pun, I couldnt resist).
    I would like to someone tell me why? Didnt he had problems on his knees before the scandal?
    From number 1 to decreasing low number, thats something I would like to understand.

  19. E. Petersen says:

    Williams ASKED TIGER if he could caddy for Scott while his leg healed. Tiger got all butthurt about it & fired Williams.

    Tiger’s precipitous fall from grace continues. Too bad, because I used to really respect the guy & loved to watch him play.

  20. Annie says:

    what goes around comes around..karma wins every time..Woods is a classic narcissistic personality disorder case..

  21. Mudman says:

    At some point real life and adulthood come rushing at you, in the face, like a Mack truck. The question is, can you deal with the impact. Woods got hit–and hard. I think he’ll figure it out, but it will take some more time. My take is he’s having to shed the hangers-on; Stevie Williams included. That guy stayed around for TWO YEARS. “So when’s the gravy train starting up again? What? You’re not playing again this week? I’m bagging Adam Scott. Okay?” Evidently it wasn’t OK. We all need to face reality–Stevie Williams included. His gravy train, hanger-on status just wouldn’t go on forever, and when it stopped he showed his true colors. Tiger’s better off without what appears to be a leech on his bag and at his back.

  22. AGMINES says:

    When people that know you best turn on you, you are on the downward path of self destruction. Tiger has mental problems in my opinion.

  23. bobbi says:

    Eldrick Woods is the world’s worst tipper. On behalf of hard-working service industry people everywhere, may his life go down in flames.

  24. devinjgray says:

    Sounds about right. Two jerks who worked compatibly for years

  25. Billy says:

    Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Micheal Vick, Terrel Owens, OJ Simpson, Michelal Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Barry Bonds…feel free to continue the list of “evil” bad men…..oh yeah MLKJr was also considered an “evill” trouble maker…thanks a lot America..thanks for all the bigotry!

  26. Good For Him says:

    Tiger is the best

  27. Jackhammer says:

    We’ have all made mistakes, and Tiger Woods is no different . Now I don’t like Tiger , but I’m not going to bash him for being human . We will all meet our maker someday and that right soon ! So go on Tiger you sinner and those of you without sin . I wish the best for you !!!

  28. Rebecca Serda says:

    Now I refuse to bash anyone for ” being human ” , and that includes Jimi Hendricks , Amy Winehouse , Jeffery Dahmer , O J Simpson .Ted Bundy and Tiger Woods . and all the “Clergy” of all faiths That have fallen short of the “Glory of God” …

  29. edilberto milan says:

    Tiger brought to the golfing world honor and prestige that you can not tally using your fingers and toe nails. I am a Golfer and I have done the same mistake who among us men have not done it? So for this one mistake let us forget and forgive and help him to win Majors again by giving him our support as his fans.

  30. Fynen says:

    When Tiger was just starting his career I knew he was a jerk when he threatened to sue an artist that made a few bucks selling painted portraits of golf stars. Imagine, a guy expected to make at least 1000,000,000 bucks over his career, begrudging a little crumb falling to someone else. He’s a self centered jerk.

  31. Bll says:

    Stevie Williams is a very, very bitter man….He is just mad because he fell off the gravy train and will NEVER hook up with another golfer of Tiger’s calibre ever again..Sell the multi million dollar homes Stevie….You can, and have been fired.

  32. debbue says:

    WHO CARES?? Not me!
    Another Golf hero is in the making, trust me. Put this one in the history books! Washed up? yes! Did he make choices that put him in this position? Yes he did!
    As long as his dad was alive, Tiger did not act up. At least to the degree that the general public was aware of.
    Now that he is on his own he has proven that he cannot make intellegent choices. Oh, wait, I forgot… he is just an athlete.
    I am sorry, sometimes I forget and give them a little more credit then they deserve.
    We are back to the same argument about “setting an example”.
    This has NOTHNG to do with my race, he just is a poor example.

  33. C.Simon says:

    Whar in the heck does Tiger’s “color” have to do with anything? Was it OJ’s color that made him do what he has done. Or was it his wife’s color? Or the guys who were w/ him in Vegas debacle? (almost all white). How about Ben R’s color” Rjae Carruth? Was it Kobe Bryant’s color that made him cheat in the Colorado ordeal? Or was the whole rape accusation because of the woman’s color? Oh, maybe Grant Hill is a great guy — because of HIS color? So every athlete’s talent, character, motivations derive from the color of their skin?

    Wonder if all you who base your judgement on skin color do so based on your own skin color?

  34. CSimon says:

    You are the exact example of a sour grapes mediia writer who reported based on your difficulty getting stories, comments, etc. from Tiger Woods.

    The same media who basically lynched this man for his personal indiscretions — indiscretions which, unfortunately, are not a rare occurence in today society, among men and woman of all colors, professions, personalities and so on.

    And all too many persons read your indictments which are as much based on your personal attitudes as opposed to fact. Maybe even more so.

    And the media’s credibility amont the public continues to plummet. Gee, wonder why….?

  35. Golf Hater says:

    If you people spent as much time on trying to help solve the worlds problems as you do on this BS, maybe we would have a better country. Email your congressman about illegals, Obamacare, term limits, etc. and not waste your time on another pampered jock.

  36. THE TRUTH says:

    Stevie Williams is an ahole. End of story

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