By Vic Carter

LONDON (WJZ) — The violence in London is spreading.  Vic Carter reports fires are burning and buildings destroyed as police try to get growing riots under control.

A massive police presence couldn’t prevent a fourth straight day of riots in London.  Sixteen thousand police officers are flooding the streets, hoping to control angry mobs, who have been on a rampage since Saturday.

“It doesn’t make any sense.  It’s a disgrace,” said one person.

The violence erupted after police shot and killed a 29-year-old father of four last week.

“It’s crazy. Look at the state of it, completely destroyed,” said another.

One of the most stunning images of the chaos is a woman jumping out of a burning building into the arms of firefighters.

Britain’s prime minister cut his vacation short and ordered Parliament back to deal with the crisis.

“We will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets,” said Prime Minister David Cameron.

British police promise to use surveillance footage to track down and prosecute the rioters. 

Amateur video shows a man apparently looting the backpack of an injured teenager.

“We have images and we will be coming to arrest you over the coming days,” said Acting Police Commissioner Tim Godwin.

So far, almost 700 people have been arrested in what’s now the worst rioting in England since the 1980s.

Comments (4)
  1. Mary V says:

    Can someone tell me about the life of the 29 year old the police shot and killed and why?

  2. Madman says:

    These punks destroyed the property of innocent citizens. The British police let the riots go to far. Roving gangs burnt, destroyed property and assaulted innocent people. They should have been fired upon with live ammo (sorry liberals and bleeding hearts) to stop this. How will the store owners ever recoup from this. I’m sure they didn’t carry “riot insurance”. There will be a million excuses for the punks. If the police cannot protect you must protect yourself.

  3. Dorothy Lanasa says:

    I wish they would leave London alone. What is London doing? Can some news men give them voice so that we can know what is their beef?
    The terrorist here are more protected from the media: being drugged and questioned in your sleep, being injected 10 or 15 times with needs in your arms and legs, head, breasts, and other places. Having your shampoo, body wash, foods, drinks, shoes, earrings, car, bedclothes, sheets, rugs, hit on with chemicals to make you disoriented,especially when driving, or angry. Taking everyone you know off to the road show in Taneytown, Md. for abuse and God only knows what else, to have their cult groupies stalk you day and night and mentally torture. Now, WJZ TV I know you have this capability. Would you watch my house on 2680 St. Benedict to see exactly who is coming in to do this? Or can not the news people interceed here at home grown terrorism. Why do they want to run me off so much? My and my relatives art? Would you like to buy 40 pieces of art or less Mr. Car or know someone who would in order to leave Baltimore’s local terrorists? Thanks for anything that you can do to remedy this situation.

  4. Dorothy Lanasa says:

    OOPS, “needs” should read “needles”

    Likened to the eggplant scene in AVATAR

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