Not a whole heck of a lot out there. It’s a who’s who of nobody’s. The most recognizable name is Jake Delhomme, but if you have heard me talking about him, you would know that I think he stinks. You have a ton of other journeyman back ups. How about Chris Simms, Jim Sorgi, or Brodie Croyle? How about some of the veterans that have been hanging around for awhile? For example Patrick Ramsey, Todd Bouman, maybe even Jeff Garcia. The Jeff Garcia thing is kind of interesting, but does he have anything left?

Would you be O.K. going into the season with Tyrod Taylor? It’s a tough decision with this position, you hope it doesn’t even matter and that Flacco stays healthy but you never know. I don’t think you can lure Marc Bulger out of retirement or even Chad Pennington, but I think those guys are set with life after football. Also I don’t think the Ravens have the money to bring those guys back if they wanted to.

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  1. Micah Kleid says:

    I’m much more concerned by the lack of depth at wide receiver.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m more concerned with having a rookie WR start each down while we bring in a 2nd rookie to be the 3rd WR on passing downs. No depth and a lot of Rookies. Everyone is saying T. Smith is going to be great so don’t wory. I agree that he can be great. But you can’t rely on a Rookie Wideout. He’s going to score and put up some numbers, but that won’t be enough. People think all he has to do is run down the field and catch. It’s a lot more than that. Experienced WR’s know how to read the defense. They also know how to help their QB out when the play breaks down by figuring out where the gap in the defense is. To be a good WR, it takes experience. There is a reason why even the best WR’s don’t put up eye popping numbers their rookie year compared to the better WR’s who have been in for a year or two.

  3. Jeff says:

    The backup QB situation doesn’t matter. If Flacco goes down, the season is over with any of the backups out there that we could bring in. Focus needs to be on things that will actually matter assuming Flacco stays healthy. Backup center is very important right now with the health of Birk as a question mark. Depth at WR. Both are going to be crucial if the Ravens want to make it to the SuperBowl.

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