By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) –A Baltimore police officer charged with being part of an international drug ring has been ordered to remain in federal custody.

Mike Schuh has the breaking details.

Officer Daniel Redd was going to be let free until trial.

On Thursday, a judge determined that Redd would be released Friday into his mother’s custody and placed under electronic home monitoring. But an appeal overturned that decision, forcing Redd to be detained until his trial.

Redd was arrested last month and charged with selling heroin supplied from Africa.

According to court documents, Redd sometimes made calls related to drug deals while on duty as a police officer and in March gave heroin to a co-defendant in the Northwest District Police Station parking lot while in uniform.

Prosecutors say that Redd admitted after his arrest that he had participated in three drug transactions. Redd’s attorney did not address that claim in court on Thursday.

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Comments (12)
  1. police31 says:

    this police officer has been doing this years and the department rules and regulations are just among the blue you dont tell on your friends or COPS. and for him to return to work with back pay of $75.000.00 he was on the roll he was dealing drugs NO dought about that I KNOW HIM ! and he,s been under the FBI eye for awhile they just had to get enought evidence to lockmhim up and he,s should get a bail like any other drug offender hr knows what he,s doing and he needs to give up the other officers thats on his payroll because there are alot more! nad he knows about the killing that happen 7 months ago about the officer being shot 21 times downtown baltimore city paca nad franklin sts. he knows all about they had to kill him but thats the way drugs and dealers deal u tell u die! but thats another story u know if you ever been in law enforcement! investigate that!

  2. Govans, Woodborne, North AVE says:

    its odd anywere in the city , anytime you can buy drugs, THINK ABOUT IT????

  3. William says:

    Police are working in the stone age when it comes to catching DRUG DEALERS ON THE CORNER. OR IT WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM

  4. still white still care says:

    ha! baltimores finest

  5. B.C.P.D A JOKE says:

    If theBbaltimore City Police have everthing under control, why are muders, drugs dealings on the news 3 times a day, It was ot like this in the 70’s, or 80’s . can some BCPD OFFICER EXPLAIN???

    1. Joey Dundalk says:

      I don’t know about the 70’s or 80’s but Baltimore was a great place to live right up until about 1964.

  6. ha! says:

    Why is it outta control? 95% are too busy with their power trips and getting coked up to be legitimately decent officers. I’ve met only two in my life who had any sort of decency, the rest would love nothing more than to charge you with everything in THEIR possession should you disagree with anything or waste their time with petty things like armed robbery, attempted murder, or rape.
    Try and report a rape, they treat YOU like the criminal for bothering them and nothing gets done.

    1. krystal says:

      I can agree with that, Something happened similar to me I had to go to the hospital the police sat outside the room laughing and joking, I opened the curtain and said if it was your wife sitting in here would it be a joke another office actually got them to move away from the door but by that point I was ready to leave I grabbed my belongings and went to leave and 5 of them chased me down said I could not leave until I answered their questions and was being total pricks. I finally did go back in but the way they showed they did not care truly made me sick. The officer that made them move stopped by my house a few days later to check on me which I thought was decent. I mean I am glad I stopped it and It did not turn into a really bad situation and I was okay because god knows them cops would have not cared. I understand they was not laughing at me buy it was still the situation and had it of been one of their family members I doubt they would have been acting that way. Just the way they talked to me and treated me it made it seem like I was the one that did something wrong. I remember at one point saying to them I am the victim here. Baltimore City just needs to Bring in the Army and do one big sweep and get them all of the streets. I mean is it getting that bad that the guys that are suppose to be preventing the crimes are now committing them. I’m glad I will not be around in the 3000

  7. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Gets caught, admits the crime and he wants to go home to Mommy with bracelet on his ankle. AWW, poor thing.

  8. Jethro Hooper says:

    Let’s see… he sold drugs out of his car at a police stastion; I wonder if he could sell drugs out of mommy’s house?

  9. Angel says:


  10. Mike says:

    At least the appeals judge had the balls to keep this APE in jail where he belongs.
    Hopefully Bubba will make him his wife

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