By Mary Bubala

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Baltimore County Police are investigating the fatal stabbing death of a beloved family pet. 

Mary Bubala has more.

A family in Essex says someone killed their dog in the middle of the day, and now they’re trying to find out who and why.

The owners of 3-year-old Princess are heartbroken. Their dog was stabbed Wednesday afternoon in their own backyard behind their fence.

“The only place we see blood is right here and up on the steps to this part of the porch where she was basically up on the porch, came down and shook her head,” said David O’Steen, the dog’s owner. “When they came screaming about it, we ran outside and that’s when we found it.”

The screams came from Robin O’Steen and her daughter. They had just returned home to find Princess with a deep stab wound to her neck. Robin O’Steen rushed her to the vet, and at first it looked like Princess would survive.

“I had planned to go at 2 o’clock yesterday and get her from the vet,” said Robin O’Steen. “And they called yesterday (Thursday) morning when I was at school to tell me that she had passed overnight.”

Princess– who made the cover of “Dog Fancy” magazine as the “Perfect Pooch”– was playful, according to her owners, but also barked at strangers.

The O’Steens say their street gets lots of foot traffic because of a pedestrian bridge that leads right up Williams Avenue to their house. They say once someone walked by and spit on their dog because she was barking.

“Because we are a through street to the bus line, we get a lot of criminal activity,” Robin O’Steen said.

But the O’Steens can’t imagine why anyone would stab their dog. They’ve received condolences from their vet and many others saddened by the loss of Princess.

“She was my baby. She was my baby,” said Robin O’Steen.

The vet told the O’Steens that the wound appears to be from a knife. That information is now part of the police report.

Authorities say animal cruelty charges will be filed if and when a suspect is named.

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  1. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

    If anyone has information about what happened to Princess, please email I am hoping that justice will be served for my dog.

    1. Jennifer Griffith says:

      My condolences to you & your family for your loss of Princess. This was an inexcusable act against an innocent living creature! May the dirtbag who did this be found soon & receive the maximum punishment possible.

      1. jane says:

        I agree with you! The most loyal and loving animals are dogs and mine are like family, I think the low life that stabbed the dog and for that matter anyone who mistreats animals, old people and children deserve the same treatment they give the victim. Let that happen a few times and you might see less of this type of think.

      2. truthBeTold says:

        Obviously, the perp is close by.
        Its someone within ear shot of your house.
        Simply confront everyone, till you get the guilty behaviour.

        Next time, get a vicious dog, you need protection from your neighbors.

      3. independent says:

        Please, people. If your neighbor’s dog barks get a $10 bark off device.

      4. James in Vegas says:

        A dog that barks constantly is about as useful as a car alarm that goes off three times a night–and just about as welcome. Folks who foist such annoyance on their neighbors need to be reminded, “silence is golden.”

    2. cee says:

      My deepest condolences to you and your family. I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice. I also would love tougher penalties for those who are cruel to animals. My dogs are like furry kids, I understand your anguish.

      1. Rude Hicks says:

        So the family knew that their dog barked all the time and yet they did nothing about it? What about the nuisance created by this dog who disturbed the peace and quiet all up and down the street? Did they ever stop to think about keeping the dog indoors, sending it to obedience school or buying it a muzzle to reduce the noise out of respect for the peace and quiet of your neighbors?

        This is typical low class redneck Baltimore. No consideration for anybody but yourself. God I am so glad I moved out of this city.

      2. Tim Lucas says:

        I bet they are glad you are gone too. It’s obvious you’re not a pet person or much of a person. I completely understand where you get your handle rude hick.

      3. ZZ says:

        It is a dog. Dogs bark. Talk to the owners, don’t kill the dog.

      4. Turban says:

        It’s a dog. Kill the owners. Talk to the dog.

      5. Bill hansen says:

        Poor dog. It had to suffer b/c of irresponsible owners. Almost everybody who has a freaking dog thinks it has a right to back its fool head off. It’s one thing to be playing with the dog and it’s barking, it’s another thing just to leave it somewhere and let the dog bark incessantly.

      6. lois says:

        sullivan–it wasn’t barking at night. READ the article. The dog was killed in the afternoon.!!

    3. John says:

      I am so sorry for your loss… If you know who spit on your dog, you may want to start with that guy — could be an escalation from his past abuse.

    4. Serenity says:

      I am so very sorry for your loss. Anyone who says that an animals life is less important than a human…has never been loved by an animal and had them be a true part of the family. God bless you and always remember, while justice may not be served here on earth… God knows who did it and his justice is the most relevant. Hugs.

      1. Norman says:

        Dear Idiot.

        Animals ARE less important than humans. Get a clue. You’ll whine about a BARKING DOG being stabbed but say nothing over an aborted infant. Likely, you voted for Obama who voted YES to allow infants who SURVIVE an abortion to die in a back room.

        BTW, dog is a tasty meal.

      2. jane says:

        You boob! I didn’t vote for obama but I believe that you should have compassion for all of Gods creatures big or small which includes Dogs you are probably one of the low lifes that abuse animals. If you are concerned about abortions do something about it, there is enough causes for everyone to be concerned with including dogs if I ever see anyone abusing any animal or person I will and have done something about, this discussion is regarding the story regarding the dog being stabbed so stick to the subject you nit wit.

      3. KEN says:

        Norman, your the idiot. From a gun-toten, pro-life, pro-marriage, Christian, anti-Obama (and other facists) Reagan conservative. Yes people are more important than animals, but if some slug attacks a properly restrained animal, he’s reduced himself to animal status. That was some child’s pet. Gut the maggot.

      4. Feste Ainoriba says:

        A dog’s life is not as valuable as a human’s life. There, I said it. And you are wrong, I love my two labradors. I just don’t suffer from the absurd belief that animals are people too.

        Anybody who says that a dumb animal’s life is as important as a human’s life is either mentally or emotionally crippled.

      5. James says:

        @Ken you were right about one thing, Obama is a fascist.

      6. David says:

        My dog means a lot to me. Norman, you would mean nothing. If someone stabbed or killed my dog, I would return the favor…except I don’t mean their pet…

      7. Kids are Alright says:

        @jane so you are for or against abortion? seems the death of a pet riles you up a lot more than the death of an unborn child.

      8. Eric says:

        Serenity is a mental case. Rabid pet owners that disassociate from people because of behavioral disorders of their own are just postponing professional help. To even make a comment like this is extremely absurd and should require her to be locked up. Animals are less important than a human and always will be you idiot. Animals have unconditional love – humans don’t. So start by eliminating those terrible qualities you have so you can be more accepted.

      9. JQP says:

        I guess value is in they eye of the beholder. I’m thinking that little girl might disagree with many of you.

        I am so sorry for the loss of Princess. I truly and sincerely hope they find and punish the person who thought his/her life was more important than your dog’s life…not to mention the blatant disregard for the impact this may have on your family and your daughter’s emotional well-being.

      10. Night Shift says:

        Did you ever work a night shift and come home at 8 am to a neighbors barking dog?
        After a week of that you would be surprised what thoughts are generated in your head!

      11. artemis133 says:

        @ Norman. You, sir, are an @ss, one of the reasons I like animals more than people are because of people like you.

    5. Scott H says:

      Until you’ve lived next door to a barking dog that people refuse to train, you would never understand. While I do not condone this kind of extreme action, I can certainly understand the emotion connected with it. In my opinion, this dog died because his owners had an extreme lack of respect for their neighbors. I’d be willing to wager that many neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief right about now.

      1. Sean E says:

        Solid gold brother. AMEN~!

      2. William says:

        Anyone know Scott H? If there’s been any animal cruelty, harassment, or unexplained animal deaths in his residential vicinity, he’s the likely culprit. If anyone knows him, report him to the police for suspicion of those unexplained actions in his neighborhood — let him attempt to explain them away.

      3. elainehawk says:

        William…you are just an idiot! Never lived by a barking dog have you? Crawl back under you rock

      4. Johnstuarmill says:

        These dopes will probably just get another dog which they will allow to bark incessantly and drive their neighbors crazy. These types of rude and thoughtless people are also part of the overall problem. You can easily train your dog not to bark constantly. It will still bark if and when there is a real intruder. The dog suffered because of it’s stupid owners.

      5. RT says:

        Yep. had to deal with that problem myself. The animal control people DID NOTHING about a dog that barked so much it would be hoarse by the morning! It literally barked ALL NIGHT LONg and the owners did nothing.

        Doggy got loose one day and he and I took a ride in the country.

        Problem solved.

      6. Steven F says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Scott. I’m an animal lover, but living next to a barking dog’s home is HELL. Dog owners often expect everyone around them to conform to their dog’s behaviors. If indeed this dog was killed because it barked too much and someone finally lost their cool, ultimately it’s the owner’s fault for not training it properly. And I don’t go for the excuse of “doggie is protecting the property” – let the dog protect the property when someone is actually ON their property, and not just merely walking by.

      7. Rex says:

        Sad but true.

      8. Flipper says:

        My neighbor has three barking dogs……..should be a law if your going to own a dog the owner should be more intelligent than the dog!

      9. Scott H says:

        I am an animal lover and my resolve to do the right thing has been tested in trial by fire. I KNOW how I react to a barking dog. And it does not involve any kind of direct action. I did report to animal control a couple of times and I did call the cops the time the dog escaped and threatened my family in my own yard, but I did not harm the animal. I’m simply saying that I can certainly understand the FEELINGs that can push someone over the edge. As I said, I don’t condone it.

        I also don’t condone self-centered people abusing their neighbors simply because they are too lazy to train and/or take care of their pet.

      10. natb1 says:

        I have one of those neighbors who refuse to domesticate their animal.
        They think you just throw a dog in the back yard and then toss it food and water.
        BTW…I Live at 4874 South……….

      11. natb1 says:

        ahhh….speling and punktuation nazis on a noosepaper blog….cleaver

      12. Rob Duke says:

        So many people leave their dogs out to bark all day long and wonder why there are upset people, some of those people are mentally unstable, sick people and this happens as a result. If you truly love your pet, take care of it! Don’t leave it outside barking and wanting in be with it’s pack.

      13. Susan says:

        Thanks Scott, I totally agree. The sound of a constantly barking dog is torture. Owners can have the dog de-barked. I’m sick of the noise pollution caused by barking dogs in my street.

      14. swissik says:

        Leaving a dog that is a pet outdoors alone is animal cruelty or at least animal neglect. I have three mini dogs that I leave inside the house when I am unable to take them with me. They make a loud racket when someone who has no business approaches the house. Then they calm down and sleep. I am sorry this dog had to die because its owners left it to fend for itself in the yard.

      15. James says:

        @William you are inciting crime against a poster? You’re also breaking the law.

      16. FedUp Florida says:

        William, you are an idiot. You disagree with someone and now you want the cops to go after him? Stand up, wipe your vag and get over it.

      17. Shar says:

        Cannot disagree. It’s really the owners that should have, well not been stabbed, but maybe a few phone calls to the local police. Nuisance barking has driven me from my backyard these past four years. In fact, I have my house up for sale but living in obanaworld now, there have been very few lookers. Sign.

      18. FedUp Florida says:

        Complete agree. I have one neighbor who owns two pits who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. All day those things make noise and never shut up. Fortunately, here in Florida, if one of those things gets out and into my yard, I can legally shoot it. And so I play the waiting game. If the owner can’t show more respect for others and no respect for his animals, he reaps what he sows. Simple as that. I am tired of suffering from his incompetence and ignorance.

      19. peacemaker says:

        hey, RT. When doggy and I get to our destination, after letting him out, I sing “Born Free” at the top of my lungs. Makes me feel great! Did you sing “Born Free”?

      20. Perspective says:

        Agree 100% Scott. Owners MUST respect their neighbors. We get driven insane by uncontrolled barking. I don’t condone killing them…but I can understand the desperation.

      21. Mr. Nabokov says:

        Amen! Keep your damned barking dog inside instead of making it the whole neighborhood’s problem and it probably won’t get injured or killed by your frustrated neighbors! I’m a dog owner, and unlike my idiot neighbors, I bring my dog indoors if he starts barking and becomes an annoyance. Simply following the “do unto others” rule would prevent so much senseless violence such as road rage and, yes, having your annoying lap dog skewered. Having said that, what happened to this dog is awful and I hope the person responsible is punished.

      22. al says:

        Chronic barking and the inconsiderate owners leave some no choice but to whack the mutt. If it was a chronic barker (day or night) it had it coming.

      23. elainehawk says:

        I totally agree! A lot of people that own dogs, don’t care if their dog is barking all day and night! I lived in a couple of neighborhoods that had dogs that barked all the time! It drove me insane! And calling animal control and talking to the neighbors did NO GOOD! I don’t blame the person who had enough of the BARKING DOG!

      24. Stevo says:

        Thanks Scott, for saying what the rest of us feel but didn’t have the guts for! The animal rights activists will be all over you, especially emotionally displaced people like William, but I totally support your statements!

      25. lois says:

        I lived next door to barking dogs who bark to alert that someone is in the neighborhood. I was real grateful that this dog barked–while inside his condo. I awoke and heard the disturbance and it was MY CAR the thiefs were breaking into. I called police immediately and they eventually caught the perps breaking into my car. So don’t take for granted a dog’s bark, It is ingrained into their brains to bark and they bark to alert not just to constantly bark and annoy others. Dogs also can sense by their smell apparatus when someone is too close to the units we live in. I am very regretful that Princess was stabbed to death. I hope you walk the neighbor hood and just say thanks to everyone for killing my dog. Someone will turn away from you in possible disgust but that will be the perp who killed Princess.

      26. GRRRRRRRRRRRR says:


      27. George E says:

        Amen…I love dogs myself. But, a barking dog can make a person do crazy things. My neighbor has several dogs and they bark 24-7. Scott, I couldn’t have said it better.

      28. Ciara500 says:

        I believe the person responsible for that dog’s death is pretty close by. Whenever I hear my dogs barking, I go to check to see what is going on, and bring them in. I will not leave my dogs out to disturb the neighbors. But you know there are time when dogs alerts us of intruders, or kids teasing the dogs.

    6. Bill L says:

      As someone who has LIVED NEXT to someone like you, with a BARKING DOG ALL OF THE TIME, you reap what you sow. Your dog paid the price for your ignorance.

      Some people should not own a pet.

      1. William says:

        Same goes for these other idiots pushing for taking the dog down. Trash, all of them.

    7. William says:

      The perpetrator(s) should be put down like a rabid animal.

      1. al says:

        Put down like a chronic barker?

      2. Stevo says:

        Why a rabid animal, William, can’t you swoop in the save it?

    8. Jane says:

      I hope so too unfortunately whatever punishment is given won’t be servere enough and the laws need to be changed to punish these people by jail time and fines for the ASPCA or soem other organization.
      God bless Princess and your family!

      1. FedUp Florida says:

        Hey Jane, how about we put a non stop barking dog next to your house for a month or so and see if your position changes. Cops don’t so anything except tell you they need two separate complaints from two different people, and then they’ll give the owner a warning. Good luck with that.

    9. Shara says:

      It’s so sad that she was stabbed, and it was absolutely NOT right of anyone to do that.
      However, if the family knew that the dog barked at strangers, they really should have done something about it before it came to that. I can understand why people might get frustrated with the constant noise of a barking dog. Just because the owners can block it out doesn’t mean that everyone else can.
      Again, it doesn’t justify stabbing the dog though.

    10. independent says:

      People, if you have a barking dog next door, get a Bark Off device for 10 bucks.

      And who says this dog was barking at all? What type of sick person can get close to an animal and do what this person did? That is a sick person.

      1. FedUp Florida says:

        It’s probably a few up person who had the balls to do what everyone else, including law enforcement would not…put an end to the annoyance that are barking dogs with ignorant owners. Especially this fat white trash owner. I can see Essex has not change in 20 years.

    11. Bluemeanie says:

      I’ll bet anything the dog was left outside barking night and day. You want to lay blame, blame the owners. People like this should not be allowed to keep pets and anyone who has been through this knows how truly awful it is for a neighbour and their dog to infringe on your right to peaceful enjoyment of your home.

      1. DD vonHH says:

        agreed. Owners’ fault. Neglecting to bring noisy dog indoors and thus,,,putting dogs’s life in danger.
        Barking dogs eventually end up not barking…one way or another.

    12. Rude Hicks says:

      Robin YOU are responsible for the death of your dog. Your inconsiderate actions leaving your dog outside barking all day long created a nuisance which somebody finally chose to end. The death of your dog represents justice for everybody on your street. It is a shame that the dog had to die because of your selfish and insensitive behavior and your refusal to take care of your dog, keep it indoors and show consideration for your neighbors, but this is YOUR fault. Read the comments of people below.

      1. lois says:

        what did U do? Call all your anti social friends and have them put their visciousness on the net ?

    13. James McKinnon says:

      I’m NOT sorry your barking mad dog was finally put down. Its about time that the animals the horribly harass all other humans who get near them be wiped out! Thanks to the killer.

      1. Linda says:

        Obviously you are the one who needs to be put down James..

    14. susan says:

      Why did you leave your dog outside to bark all day and disturb the peace?

    15. Robin Needs To Accept Responsibility says:

      @Robin Lynn Mills O: Would love to hear you admit you have ANY responsibility in this, but won’t be holding my breath for it. That’s how “dog people” operate. Their little princess is just as important as everyone else… NOT

    16. thepalinexpress says:

      I feel so sorry, and I am afraid this might happen to us! In the summer teenagers break into several homes in the neighborhood but mine hasn’t been touched. I agree it’s someone close by-I have a couple nearby that does NOT like her-their home got broken into, even with the alarm system. Mine wasn’t.

      We have a Great Pyrenees which is really a loving dog and a marshmallow to family and friends, but she does bark a lot. She guards and watches as far as her eyes can see. It is up to the owner’s responsibility to do the proper research and origins of the breed of the type of dog they wish to have, and the Great Pyrenees is a giant breed guard dog which suits our family needs.

      Folks must be very sensitive towards other owners’ pets because it is a great loss no matter what animal it is. Respect their feelings, they’re hurt-don’t criticize because it may happen to you!

      1. thepalinexpress says:

        I wanted to add that I DO bring my dog inside constantly, and especially when we go out. If we’re out of town she stays inside; if it’s a trip then the pet sitter knows what to do.

        There’s no reason for her to be barking at meaningless things unless there’s a stranger roaming or crossing in between my house and the next ones, side and back to cut walking time. Folks it’s private property and I bet you don’t want strangers using your driveway as a walk-through. Especially when your car is parked THERE.

    17. Burton Sullivan says:

      You killed your pet by not stopping the outrageous, annoying barking.. We call the Sheriff here in Riverside County when they bark at night and we usually never hear a bark again.

    18. meadowlands says:

      Our dog is like family so I fully understand your devastation. Having said that, I can’t understand how anyone could do that to an animal. I hope the creep that did this gets found. I agree that whoever did this is very close by to hear the dog bark.

    19. Sarah says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet dog. This is unjust, unfair, and cruel. My prayers that however did this is served justice.

    20. Greg says:

      I am so sorry for your loss! As a dog owner I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a member of the family. I’ve also been on the other side and have been driven crazy by a neighbor’s constantly barking dogs. In my case I at least had the intestinal fortitude to call the police to complain after talking to the neighbors got no results (they thought it was funny). They didn’t think the $350 fine was quite so funny later. Whoever did this was a pure D___ COWARD. I hope the gutless perp reads my post so and gets hit by a truck..

    21. elbone says:

      It was stabbed in the neck!

    22. deRuiter says:

      Dear Robin, I am sorry for the loss of your pet. But if your dog was left outdoors for long periods of time and barked constantly, the reason the dog was killed was that a nieghbor couldn’t stand the constant barking and acted violently to stop it. Next time, do not leave dog out for hours to bark and bark, or get anti barking device which shocks dog so he won’t bark constantly. Your allowing the dog to bark for hours was inconsiderate of your neighbors. The neighbor stopped the dog from barking which you refused to do.. The victims here were the neighbors, and the dog who was not properly trained or cared for correctly by you. “They say once someone walked by and spit on their dog because she was barking.” This was a hint to you to correct the barking. The next hint was killing the dog because you would not take the first hint.

    23. reggiechalupa says:

      Hell awaits this maggot. May he be reincarnated as a canine that is chained to a stake in a front yard and left there indefinitely.

    24. artemis133 says:

      My condolences on the loss of your precious pet. Anyone that would kill an innocent animal is nothing but a savage.

    25. Tom Richardson says:

      Dogs left outside yapping all day denying others their right to peaceful enjoyment of their property should be eliminated. It would be a much nicer environment to kill all the dogs.

    26. Robert Vaitkevicius says:

      Sorry, you already got justice. It’s about time that owners of barking dogs get punished, with actual jail time for disturbing the peace, but this method works as well. I say we give the killer a medal for restoring civic harmony.

    27. Jim says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Princess looked just like a princess. I love dogs and this story brings up mixed emotions for me. Deep sadness for your loss and pure anger at a society that could harbor such heartless, inhumane, ruthless, killers. I have a dog that is getting up in age and when he is gone, I just don’t know how I will cope. Praying for you and your family.

    28. Jacob says:

      RIP Princess! She’s in heaven with other abused animals!

    29. CleanFun says:

      The younger crowd absolutely hates my dog because they like to sneak around and he’ll have none of it. The people that hate him the most are exactly the type of people he raises the alarm on the most.

      Bad guys hate 3 things; lights, dogs, and security cameras. So I added a cheap security camera that points right at his area of control (The Red Zone), which is the driveway. So I’ve been able to remotely view thousands of encounters.

      I’ve seen old men swing their walking sticks at him, little boys like to walk their dogs by for the reaction, and girls actually start swearing and arguing with him. But it’s the young men who I’ve seen flick cigarette butts in his face and try to kick him. I’m convinced that it’s a testosterone thing.

      So I would say it’s someone nearby or who visits someone, a male about 18-30. Shouldn’t be hard to spot. You’re not looking for someone in a business suit. It’s street trash who’s almost definitely seen the inside of a cell before. The mentality needed to actually stab and kill a dog is only carried by a very small demographic. It lacks all discerning & wisdom so that (kind of) rules out the mid-30’s to 60’s range. And it’s too cruel for most women.

      The perp will look at your home, and maybe even you, with a litlle sneer or smirk for now on. It wont just be the average everyday glance. Something about it will feel off, and that’s your guy. You can prove it to yourself by tricking him. Like, give him a wide-eyed surprised look, and then pretend to start using your cell phone real quick. The guilty individual will respond differently than everyone else. Or put up a big memorial with a cross and a ribbons and flowers and a big picture of the dog. While just about everyone else will be curious and view it compassionately, the guilty person will either turn their face away in shame and disgust or smirk arrogantly. It shouldn’t be terribly hard to outsmart him.

      The hardest part is getting the police to do anything beyond giving you lip service, at least it’s that way in my neighborhood.

      I wouldn’t give that tool the satisfaction of quiet, I’d replace her with 2 more ASAP. And noisy ones too. And get a security camera. Once you have video evidence the cops have to help.

      Best of luck to you. And truly sorry about your dog.

  2. Cruel says:

    This story is very sad, you can’t even leave your beloved family pet outside with out some jerk taking it’s life. I am sure it was some low life city trash that murdered this dog.

    Sorry for your sadness.

    1. Chris I says:

      Yes…it’s time to bring your barking dogs inside.

      1. Alan Biggs says:

        Dogs are there for security. A barking collar would have done the trick, but condoning such actiojn by implying that the dog should have been put inside to keep it quiet?!
        I hope your kids are stabbed when they talk out of turn.

      2. InFlorida100 says:

        It is time to bring the “baby” inside. If it is security you want, get an alarm system! Homes are too close to each other to put up with barking dogs that just bark because someone is walking down on the sidewalks. People own the sidewalks, not your barking dogs.

    2. Stevo says:

      You can’t murder an animal, it’s truly a human crime, look it up. Wow, you PETA people….ignorant to the bone!

  3. Feed up with our state weak law system says:

    The punschment needs to fit the crime. You take a life for pleassure, you should be killed the same way. I don’t care if it was a animal or a human. These are sick people, it may start with a animal but then it moves on to a person after there is no more plessure in doing it to animals. People take life for granted, we are all gods creatures. Isn’t there enough useless killing in this world already, and then some idiot does something like this to apart of someones family. I treat my dog just like family and would want that criminals punishment to be the same as if he had just taken any other member of my family. Laws in this state have become to lacks with the current body of leadership in this state, capital punishment needs to be brought back and enforced. Look at the states and other countries that actually use capital punishment, the have way less crimes than the rest of the U.S. and world. Our jails have become a honor to goto with criminals, like a badge. They are not rehabilated to reenter society, the are a waste tax payers money. Prisoners have more rights then we do and get alot better care then we do. Its time to fix our laws and prison system, then maybe people would think before they do something like this to a dog or a person.

    1. Jim says:

      People like you, who think pet life equals human life, are the whole entire problem here.

      1. kerry says:

        JIm you are an idiot too, someone that can do this wouid have no problem killing you or your children, it starts with things like this, you need to educate yourself beyond your third grade education you clearly have.

      2. Kimberly says:

        I wish there was a like button for this!!!!

      3. Melvin says:

        The reason that many humans chose pets over fellow humans is that many humans are dirty rotten low down scoundrels who aren’t fit for living.

      4. KEnt says:

        Some pets are worth more than people. Your one of them,

      5. Shootem/Stabem/Buryem says:

        Humans lives are wroth more…I would shoot the perp 2 times in the head for killing a baby and only 1 time for killing a dog.

      6. 'suzie says:

        ALL life is sacred. For some reason human beings think they are superior when they have ruined the planet they live on; fight and kill other human beings; have no thought to anyone but themselves and their own small world. And most of cannot recognize any form of life that is not identical to their own as valuable. I do not like and will never understand anyone who would harm an animal. I have to tell myself they are mentally ill and cannot help themselves to be able to deal with what some people do to animals.

      7. Feste Ainoriba says:

        perhaps you should get a little of that education yourself. “if a then b” does not imply “if b then a”. To wit: all serial killers ate ice cream during their formative years, therefore anybody who eats ice cream before puberty will become a serial killer. Sounds ludicrous, right? But the fact a large number of serial killers abused animals in their youth DOES NOT MEAN that people who are cruel to animals are prone to be serial killers.

        There is world of difference between being willing to kill a dumb animal and being willing to murder a human being – unless of course you are one of those miscreants who doesn’t appreciate the difference – and if you are one of these, please don’t project your pathology onto the rest of us.

        The stark reality is that people who murder other humans suffer from the same pathology: they too can’t appreciate the value of a human life and see other people as just dumb animals.

        Jim is right: it is your pathological mindset that is the real threat.

      8. Deb says:

        A pet’s life is worth more than a human’s!

      9. meadowlands says:

        HeyJim do you live in the neighborhood?

      10. JA says:

        How would you know, Jim? You are not human yourself, and you are certainly far below my dog.

      1. Tim says:

        You’re the idiot Mr. Spelling.

    2. JDoe says:

      After staying SO many sleepless nights listening to TWO barking dogs, I can see where Scott H is coming from. I too, have VERY inconsiderate neighbors who feel that their dogs are letting their “voices” be heard and no amount of complaining helps.
      I LOVE animals, but the constant barking and lack of sleep CAN indeed cause one to consider what one never thought they would consider. It’s like some sort of TORTURE to be sleep deprived and then listen to the constant barking all day…and torture makes people do strange things….

      Could I cut an innocent dog? NO….but have I thought of a “laced” meatball going over the fence on more than one occasion ..ABSOLUTELY !

      1. James McKinnon says:

        Yeah, get some cheese-flavoured rat-poison, slice open a cheap round-steak, insert the rat-poison and wing it over the fence! Your problem’s gone for good!

      2. Erik says:

        Castor beans work well too. Just cut up a couple and put them in a meatball. I did it to the neighbors nonstop yapping mutts and was happy that it didn’t even kill them, they just became catatonic, so win-win!

      3. sonnyboy says:

        Just report the owner’s of the dog. The police give them a warning and next time it’s a ticket. It isn’t the dogs fault either. It’s the owners’ who don’t train them. If they can’t do that, they should not have a dog.

    3. swissik says:

      Princess’s death was entirely preventable. If the owners were sensible they would leave the dog inside their house when they have to leave. In addition, there are items like muzzles, bark collars and such if the dog cannot be otherwise trained not to bark. These people should not be able to obtain another dog. There is no excuse for stabbing the animal, but sometimes people simply snap in anger.

      1. AmyJ says:

        Agreed – I have two dogs myself, and as soon they start barking at our neighbors, we bring them inside. It’s just plain neighborly courtesy. They are never left outside when we are gone from the house and if we knew of anyone spitting at them or showing animosity towards them because of their barking, they certainly wouldn’t be left alone outside EVER.

        If you live in the country, having a barking dog is a necessity and it hardly bothers anyone. If you live by a busy thoroughfare, a barking dog is a nightmare for everyone involved. Princess’ owners could have saved her life by simply employing common sense. I agree that they should be prevented from ever owning an animal within city limits again, as they’ve proven incapable of protecting and caring for a dog properly.

    4. James McKinnon says:

      You are clearly mentally ill, to suggest the electric chair for someone who kills a dog? You’re insane, get some meds. and stop posting yer mad drivel.

      1. Droffat says:

        Really? And people who give tips on how to kill their neighbours’ pets are stellar individuals? The trouble with most of the mentally ill is that they don’t know they’re mentally ill. You are one of them.

    5. FedUp Florida says:

      tl;dr. Animals are not human. If the thing barked all day and the owner wouldn’t do the right thing by keeping it inside, then oh well. Maybe it’s time to take the peanut butter off your privates, let fluffy off the hook and find a human. Just sayin’.

      1. Deb says:

        People are the dumbest animals of them all, the majority of the comments here prove it.

    6. Stevo says:

      Please tell me you are three or in a foreign country. Spelling, grammar, and liberalism we can fix. Pure stupidity and ignorance? Priceless!

    7. BILL CLAY says:

      you’re a moron – a pet is not a human – i hope your dog is next

  4. susan says:

    So sorry about Princess. I hope they find whoever did it and that something bad happens to him/her. You are so right fed up with our state weak law system, the prisoners even joke about their time when they get out like it was a vacation.

  5. Christine says:

    I am SO SORRY for your loss. My dog is my baby too and I just cannot imagine. I can’t believe that someone could do this to any animal let alone someone’s beloved pet in their own yard! I pray that this individual is found. I’m sure they have told someone. All it takes is one person to come forward so that justice can be served. No animal deserves such a vicious death. RIP Princess.

    1. John Dodge says:

      Kill the killer! It’s ok.

  6. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

    Thank you so much for the condolences, everyone. I am so lost without her and all the “firsts” that I do without her are so heartbreaking. I miss her greeting me when I come home from school, I miss her going outside with me, and I miss her sleeping at the foot of my bed. Others have said that the person will brag about it and I’m hoping someone will hear/overhear the conversation and come forward. The heartless person who did this needs to pay for what he/she did.

    1. Nancy Fisher Pritchett says:

      I just saw this video off my facebook and it so heart breaking.Literally as a dog owner myself could it sadens me of the cruelty aflicted on helpless animals who trust humans.Sympathy goes out to you and yours.May they find the guilty party and punish them!! :*( Maybe someone was trying to rob you and didnt want dog to bark sick people out there!!

    2. rdnkkkgrl says:

      hon no offense how long have u lived in that area the bus route didnt bring the crime in that area down there or that way had always ALWAYS been a really bad nieghborhood….that area is worse than baltimore city n brooklyn put together u said u just got home think someone could of been trying to break in and dog scared him away or ya’ll have some enimies its yall;s pick hey you wanna do that go ahead..and robin other people r exactly right stupid people who think there so cool usually do brag about it wether it b a few days a few months a few hours or watever u just need to hope n pray someone comes forward

      1. Michael says:

        Learn where your shift key is and how to end a sentence with proper punctuation.

    3. SW says:

      Get a cat so you won’t have to worry about it barking all day and night and
      p*ssing off your neighbors.

    4. Fed Up With Inconsiderate Pet Owners says:

      @Robin Lynn Mills, did you ever consider your neighbors did not enjoy a dog that barks constantly?

      Ever considered taking one grain of responsibility for this yourself?

      1. Military Vet says:

        Maybe we should cut off your hands or stab you because we are sick of seeing your dumb arse comments on the web.

    5. James McKinnon says:

      Think about this you fool; if you had done ONE SINGLE THING to mitigate your dog’s endless barking at innocent people this never would have happened! Its YOUR fault, idiota!

      1. Mr. Nabokov says:

        You nailed it! I own a dog, but these people who own pets and think it’s OK to just leave them outside to bark at every single thing that moves and that it won’t drive somebody to drastic measures (i.e. beating the animal to death with a bat while you’re at the casino) are at the root of the problem. Pets are a luxury item in many places in the world….except here. Here, just like kids and huge car payments, any idiot that wants one can have one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed up elaborate ways of ridding the world of my neighbor’s annoying dog…the thing is, this guy followed through. Keep your annoying dog IN THE HOUSE and this won’t happen to you!

      2. TexasJ says:

        Innocent people don’t kill dogs, cats, or any other pet. If you have a problem, take it to the authorities. You are not the judge and jury, and one day you will be called to account for your presumptuousness.

    6. Deb says:

      I am sorry for all the ignorant posts on here. I am very sorry for your loss and hope that the monster that did this is brought to justice.

      1. Dani says:

        Thank you, Deb, for all your kind posts on here. The neighbors weren’t the problem. It was the people that walked through my neighborhood, didn’t own a house, didn’t pay taxes, that were the ones that complained about the dog. My neighbors probably appreciated the fact that my dog barked at these people. All because they couldn’t walk on the other side of the street. The would rather stand there an argue with a dog to stop barking. Insanity is rampant on here. This story was posted on the Drudge Report as “Shock: Barking Dog Stabbed in Backyard” .. that is where a lot of this idioacy is coming from. People can state their opinions without calling people names like fools, idiots, etc. I hope that people have more compassion if/when they experience a tragic loss of their own.

    7. elainehawk says:

      Robin, your dog was probably barking and driving people insane…learn a lesson here. DON’T LEAVE your dog outside when you are gone to bark incessantly… Obviously your dog drove someone insane!!!!! It’s not okay to just let your dog bark! I lived by people like you….you think your dog has as much rights as people……THEY DON’T !!!!!!

  7. barbara says:

    Thiis is a damn shame to hurt ab innoent dog or cat. The person or people who did this crime should have pay. Killing and animal is in front of kiiling people. They are sick individuals. Hell is a perfect place for them.

    1. Children Matter More says:

      And how do you feel about Abortion, barbara? Do you have the same feeling about those who take innocent human life?

      1. Deb says:

        Why do you pro-lifers always have to bring your rhetoric to every forum? This is about an animal, take your beliefs to a forum where they belong!

  8. Thea says:

    This is so sad and I am sorry about the lost of your family member. Today, my cat was shot with a BB gun and is now paralyzed. I’m am so distraught over this and understand how you feel. I can’t grasp the reason why someone would hurt an animal in anyway. I am so sorry.

    1. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

      I am so sorry about your cat. People are extremely sick and despicable. The time will come and they will get theirs..

      1. Thea says:

        Thank you and justice will be served. I hope anyone with info about your dog comes forward because they need to go to jail for the moronic and sick hateful thing they did. I’m tired of hearing about these types of stories and those responsible are not found or get a slap on the wrist.

      2. FedUp Florida says:

        Have you owned up to your ignorance yet, white tr*sh f*tty? Your ignorance and inconsideration of others caused this. Too bad. Next time, keep your poop machine in the house or put a muzzle on it. Just because you enjoy incessant dog barking does not mean your neighbors do. This is a victory for them.

        In the mean time, try dropping a hundred pounds, get off food stamps and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

    2. S.Lynn says:

      If your cat was in my yard it would have been shot, too.

      1. Tom says:

        S.Lynn – You’re an arsehole.

    3. Susanna Gordon says:

      These writers who do not seem to understand the ramifications of animal cruelty seem oblivious to the fact that while not all animal abusers end up in prison for violent crimes. most people in prison for violent crimes started out with escalating cruelty to animals.

      The only way to bring this home to cold, insensitive people who do not see anything wrong with crimes against animals, is to remind them that the next step will be cruelty to children.

      While those of us who agonize over crimes to helpless animals get it immediately, the only way you can appeal to the humans who are themselves cruel and indifferent, is to put it in self-centered terms they can understand.

      That said, these people should have paid attention to the fact that they exposed their dog to danger, in a crimes ridden neighborhood.

      1. Rude Hicks says:

        You are an idiot!

        The person who stabbed the dog did so because the dog was always barking. They probably stabbed it to try and disable its voice box. the guilty part here are the rude hick owners who have no inkling of consideration for their neighbors.

        I am 35 and I have never hurt an animal in my life, but if my neighbor had a dog which never stopped barking and this upset the sleep of my baby son I and the neighbor refused to resolve the issue I would not hesitate to fix the dog. That does not in any way mean I am going to become a violent person.

      2. Dogloard says:

        @ Rude Hicks: If you touched a dog, rest assured someone will fix you in much the same way. Perhaps always having to sit when using the bathroom would be fitting karma-wise. Perhaps people will have a problem with your son’s bad manners in public when he turns 2 or 3 and is loud despite your best parenting skills. How would you feel if someone fixed your son in the same way you proposed with the dog?

      3. Feste Ainoriba says:

        @Susanna Gordon:
        Your logic is badly flawed (and you even acknowledge it and then go on anyway to make a false assertion). “if a then b” does not imply “if b then a”. To wit: all serial killers ate ice cream during their formative years, therefore anybody who eats ice cream before puberty will become a serial killer. Sounds ludicrous, right? But the fact a large number of serial killers abused animals in their youth DOES NOT MEAN that people who are cruel to animals are prone to be serial killers.

        There is world of difference between being willing to kill a dumb animal and being willing to murder a human being – unless of course you are one of those miscreants who doesn’t appreciate the difference – and if you are one of these, please don’t project your pathology onto the rest of us.

        The stark reality is that people who murder other humans suffer from the same pathology as those who don’t value human life above that of a dumb animal: they too can’t appreciate the value of a human life and see other people as just dumb animals to be slaughtered.

        Those who try to elevate the value of animal life to be on par with the value of human life will only serve to unwittingly cheapen the value of human life. Rather than stem animal cruelty, the net effect will be an increase in violent crime.

      4. James McKinnon says:

        “…most people in prison for violent crimes started out with escalating cruelty to animals.”

        That is a STUPID LIE…Because you cannot back it up with the numbers…You have zero idea if your foolish statement is true of not; so, in the future, DON’T make similar moronic statements, or you’ll get called on them just like now….

      5. FedUp Florida says:

        @Dogloard – children are not dogs and dogs are not children/human. Apples and oranges, kook. Let’s put a nonstop barking dog next to your house for a month and see if you change your mind.

      6. Stevo says:

        I ate a cat today with some hot sauce and herbs. Tomorrow, I’m going to eat a dog! Then by the weekend, I should have worked up a nice taste for some fine little children. Who knows? By next week, I might become evil and twisted enough to become Susanna!

      7. Jim Nicastro says:


        Nothing wrong with eating these verminous animals, the Asians have fed us them in their restaurants for years and the animal lovers have really loved to munch away on cat and dog.

        Heck, when my dog died, I couldn’t let that good meat go to waste, I sliced, diced and we ate off that sucker for a couple of weeks. The other dog loved it as well.

    4. swissik says:

      Not to be coldhearted but perhaps your cat was digging up someone’s garden. This happens with cats and to prevent it being shot keep it indoors at all times. As it is, it would be kind to put the cat down in order to stop its suffering. Our cats were over 20 years old before they died of old age.

    5. FedUp Florida says:

      OMG! A dime a dozen lady. Feeble minded sheep.

      1. Deb says:

        You are without a doubt one of the most moronic posters on here.

    6. JA says:

      I’m so sorry, Thea. There are some sick and cruel people out there. Thankfully, even if you never find who did this, God has promised to bring to ruin those who are ruining the earth – and that includes people who do such terrible things to his animal creation. (Rev. 11:18; Prov. 12:10)

  9. Bethany Marsh says:

    I am so sorry. This is horrible and I truly hope whatever monster did this gets what’s coming to them! : (

  10. Cathy says:

    I am so so sorry! And yes the bus route or light rail area has a lot to do with it,I live in owings mills whixh I have for yrs,ever since the light rail came by the mall there has been crime,half the mall has been shut down, but it is a shame no matter where you live you cannot have your pet out, how about that god that got shot for walking up the street with its owner,or the dog in the dog park,people are just cruel,just think if they do this to a poor animal,think what they will do to a human,I hope they get this person,they need to trreat these cases like when people do crimes.Mavbe someone can start a petition on line and send to the governor,I do not know how to start it

  11. Ruth Carr says:

    i hope they find the people or person who has done this to this adorable dog,what could this dog do to someone so bad to make them want to stabbed and kill an innocent little dog why cause she was barking,well thats pretty sad are people going around cutting your tongue out when they are tired of listening to you talking and screaming i hope and pray they find out who did this and give them what they deserve,as an animal lover myself,it hurt ready this story,my heart and prayers go out to the family i hope to god they get them soon

  12. c Hope says:

    It isapalling that this could happen to a family pet while in her own yard.
    I hope they find and prosecute, and make this individual do time in an animal shelter as part of their re-hab. They obviously don’t respect life on any level. What kind of monster is this individual, that is still roaming the streets. Lets hope your dog did not die in vein and her bark will be heard even after her untimely death by the law makers , that need to strengthen the laws against animal cruelty.
    Your family is in our prayers.

  13. Cathy says:

    I think there ought to be a partition going around and send it to the gov and mayor making a new law that any animal abusor or killer be treated as if a person,just because they cannot talk they have feelings and hurt like a human.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Uh, the executive doesn’t make the laws. And animals do not equate to humans, except in the minds of you on the far-left who would oppose meat as food, animals for labor, and yes, even oppose animals as pets (it’s unnatural, it’s like slavery, etc etc.)

    2. Cathy Is Insane says:

      @cathy you are apparently a product of our failed public school system. Let me know the next time a dog cures a disease, invents a better medicine, builds a space shuttle, or changes humanity with insightful philosophy.

      Maybe then I’ll assign them the same worth as humans who do those very things.

      1. Deb says:

        Let me know the next time a dog commits murder, lies, steals, loves only under certain conditions, and is consumed by greed. Maybe then I’ll assign them the same worth as humans who do those very things.

  14. Ricardo maxwell says:

    This is so sad and so outrageous I can hardly stand it. I suspect that I know exactly what kind of criminal this was. One of those that we see on the news every day participating in some kind of gang warfare or “flash mob” mugging. I am also suspicious of the timing of the increase in such horrible crimes and incidents.They seem to have increased logarithmically over over the last couple of years. Why?

  15. Mr. H says:

    I am a dog lover also, but you can’t leave your dog outside and let it bark all day long while you go off to work or run errands. Dogs bark for attention, and if they don’t get any, they continue to bark – incessantly. Treat your pets as you would your children, you wouldn’t leave them unattended outside all day long while you were at work, would you? Poor dog, but the owner is the one to blame.

    1. Layla says:

      This is what I was thinking all along. I have a dog. I love her very much and I would NEVER leave her ourside unattended. Every person posting here knows someone or IS someone who lives in a neighborhood with a dog that barks constantly. That is why animals should be left INSIDE your home. Was this a sick act? Most definitely.

      Go and get another dog. There are many needing love and homes. But keep this one inside. Don’t put yourself or your neighbors through this again.

    2. Alex says:

      Bravo! My thoughts exactly!

  16. HMFIC says:

    Perhaps if the stupid rednecks would let the dog into the house instead of leaving it outside, the endless barking wouldn’t set off the neighborhood psycho on the poor animal. Perhaps they should have had some compassion for their dog.

  17. Sara says:

    Why do people leave their pets UNATTENDED in a yard? Someone stole my neighbors pet and they learned she was used as bait in a dog fight. PLEASE, do NOT leave your pets unattended, EVER. There are BAD people everywhere.

  18. garrett says:

    Dog Owners are frequently selfish people inficting their little poochie on everyone else. I can well believe this dog barked its head off all day, from early morning to late at night. Every neighborhood has two or three of these people who just cannot be bothered to pay attention to their dogs. Here is a clue. Walk the dog, pet the dog, don’t just incarcerate it in the back yard.

    1. kpist says:

      Speaking of clues garrett, you should get one

      1. flashman1854 says:

        Here’s one for you kpist:

        Garrett is correct. unattended dogs bark, they bother people.. There is no divine right for a family to have a dog that disrupts the peace of the neighborhood, yet there are some who apparently think this.

        Killing a dog, as was done here, was wrong. The poor dog seemed like a lovable animal. But to leave a dog, unattended for some time, in a back yard (or a house for that matter), where its barking can bother neighbors is also wrong. If a family cannot take proper care of a pet, if they can not give it the attention it needs, if they can’t keep it quiet (so as not to disturb neighbors) then they should not have a pet. Period.

      2. kpist is a clueless moron says:

        kpist, of course you make your little comment without being able to show how garrett is wrong, because you can’t. Funny how it was about getting a clue LOL, I suspect your entire being needs a clue.

    2. bestimmt says:

      Just because you’re annoyed by someone else’s barking dog does not give you the right to kill it. If you do, you’ll go to jail. Plain and simple.

      1. Alex says:

        It’s been proven that if a person is deprived of essential sleep can have tremendous health consequences, like heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Owners of dogs have a responsibility to care for them properly and to avoid them from becoming a problem for the neighbors. If the owners refuse to handle the barking problem, and the local authorities cannot or will not do something, then sadly there is very little alternative. You cannot expect others to be forced to listen to a barking dog without end. While I don’t condone harming any animal, the welfare of human beings must come first! Peace and quiet are essential to health and that has to take prescedence. I don’t think police should spend any time on this case if the dog has had a history of excessive barking.
        I’m sad for the family, but remember, the animal cannot control itself. It is your job to be a responsible pet owner and maintain peace for the community.

    3. dogs says:

      Great post, garrett, and 100% true

  19. jk says:

    i agree with shawn patriot. yeah lets give someone the death penalty for killing a stupid dog but if you kill or molest little kids you just had a hard childhood and need help and you might serve 5 yrs tops. that makes since. PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANIMALS ANIMALS ARE NOT HUMANS

    1. Deb says:

      No animals are not humans, but humans are most certainly animals!

  20. Rollin says:

    Who knows if the dog was the only target. There maybe a lunatic running around with a knife just killing for the sake of killing.

  21. kpist says:

    This is definitely a sociopath in the making. A person that can do this has no value of life. It won’t be long before it’s human life, if not already.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Talk about a stretch. Lib logic: If every sociopath started by killing animals (which isn’t proven fact), then everyone who kills an animal will become a sociopath. Applying that same logic to swans, if every swan is a white bird, then every white bird is a swan. Or, if every NFL quarterback is a man, then every man is an NFL quarterback in the making. How do you panicky libs every get a good night’s sleep?

      1. GRRRRRRRRRRRR says:

        SOF– It isn’t lib logic!!! It has been proven again and again with murderers–they started out with cruelty to animals.

    2. dorae says:

      AMEN!! and don’t pay any attention to the comment under mind. The jerk obviously doesn’t have a psychology degree. Probably never finished high school!!!

  22. john says:

    where is the compassion for the poor neighbors of this inconsiderate dog and inconsiderate owners who let the dog bark incessantly. That type of noise can drive you crazy.

  23. funkonaut says:

    Looks like it’s time to leave crime-ridden areas like Baltimore and most cities on the East Coast. 😦

  24. Freeland Dave says:

    First let me say I do offer my condolences for the loss of the dog. Most certainly this should not have happened and the person committing this heinous act should be held accountable for his or her actions to the fullest extent of the law.

    Now, having said this, while the dog may have been “great” in the eyes of the owners and even perhaps some neighbors, this very well could be an act of desperation against a chronic barking dog. Not saying this was the case but it very well could be the case.

    Had anyone ever complained to the owner or animal control about the barking this dog MAY have been doing? IF so, what was the response?

    I say this because I lived next door to an incessant barker for several years before the authorities, namely animal control and the City, took action to stop it.

    While the adult owners were at home things were fairly peaceful. However in the summer, when the parents worked and the kids were home, their beloved pet was locked out of doors and barked continuously. Great when you can’t even open your windows in the summer to catch the cool breeze because of your neighbors dog that incessantly is barking.

    During the weekends, when no one was at home, the dog was left outside and continuously barked until they arrived home. If they were home, and put the dog outside for some reason or another, again the dog barked for hours until they felt like letting him in again.

    I contacted my neighbors about their dog on numerous occasions about their dog and was literally brushed off as if their dog’s barking was my problem. I spent hours with animal control, the police and members of the City over this and they did nothing. Finally, after a couple of years, the City did something about it. They fined the owner and the barking stopped. However their son decided to retaliate on my mailbox and back fence so that didn’t exactly go over too well either.

    Finally peace was restored for about four years until I put my house up for sale and guess what? Yes, the barking problem started all over again.

    OK, the point.

    While I do not blame the dog I do blame the owner. After repeated efforts to solve something that should be easy to quickly resolve, many people, wrongly, take matters into their own hands and either kill the dog in a manner described in the article, or poison the dog, which can lead to serious problems should the poison get ingested by another animal or, worse, another human being.

    The point is that many times the owners of these dogs act like their “good” little dog doesn’t cause problems with anyone else. And if you happen to live next to one of these problems, after putting up with it over a long period of time, and have attempted to deal with the owners and city about it for a long period of time, some people, wrongly, take the matters into their own hands and the results are as we see.

    Now I am not saying this is the case but it could be the case. Yes, it was wrong for who ever did this to act the way he or she did. But many times it’s the owner, not the animal, who is mainly at fault and the other person is just taking care of the problem even though that person did it wrongly.

    So dog owners of the world. Please make sure that your animal is not causing problems for others so that things like this do not take place. I am often amused at the owners of aggressive biters who say, “He never bit anyone before.”

    The other day I was walking in the park with a friend who had her Scotty on a leash. As we were walking down the pathway we encountered a small woman walking a large Rottweiler. Before we got up to the Rotte my friend asked the woman, “Is your dog friendly.” The woman replied, “How should I know, she’s female and has a mind of her own?” At that same time the Rottweiler pulled the leash out of her hand, attacked the Scottie and the three of us literally had to pull the Rottweiler off my friends Scottie and fortunately did not get bit or have the Scottie’s throat ripped out by the Rottweiler.

    My friend was in tears and the other woman, with her dog, literally ran out of the park and we have not seen either of them since.

    Please, if you don’t KNOW how your animal is going to react in a public situation, leave them at home. Also, if you lack the physical ability to completely restrain your animal, leave your animal at home.

    Again, in all of these cases I do not blame the animal. I blame the owner of the animal. Hopefully that is not the case here and I am truly sorry the dog was taken from you in this manner. But please, if you do have an animal and someone tells you your animal is misbehaving, take immediate action so that things like this won’t happen out of misguided desperation.

    1. Scott H says:

      I too had a bad neighbor/barking dog problem. Animal control only made them mad at me. Fortunately for me, they finally moved after a year or so. No one can understand how bad this is until they’ve experienced it.

      People. . . please know. . a barking dog can drive even a good person over the edge given enough time. The person with the knife is no more guilty than the people who allowed the dog to bark.

      1. Rude Hicks says:

        Exactly right, except that I would take matters into my own hands. The guy who took his neighbors dog on a ride to the country sounds like a great resolution. 50 miles = 6 gallons of gas. Yea, I’d pay that to solve the situation.

    2. Gamo Solutions Are Good says:

      google the Gamo Silent Cat

    3. johnbald2 says:

      Very good perspective on the situation, sad that someone can hurt a animal that way but the owner is not without blame. I belong to a group called “Stop the noise” and there are thousands of people that get physically ill because of noise. Yes it is a health hazard and has been recognized as such by the World Health Organization and the Federal Government since 1972

  25. Susanna Gordon says:

    This is heartbreaking. Why was a dog known to bark, left outside? That poor dog.

    I never leave my dogs outside when I am not home, and I pay attention when they bark, to see why they are barking.

    I see dogs left in pick-ups, unattended, where anyone can steal them or harm them. I see them tied to a bike rack while people shop, or left in hot cars to die in the heat, just as people do to their children. These animals are easily killed or stolen and sold to research labs for big money.

    Stupid people.

    I have to say, although I have sympathy for these people, they showed no ability to think of consequences, on a busy street, of letting strangers close to their dog, and depending on how much barking went on, letting unhinged non-dog lovers be annoyed- perhaps constantly.

    If you plan to leave your “beloved family pet” in the back yard, why not just plant a tree instead?

  26. fborgxx says:

    It is a sad fact that many, many, dog owners don’t take care of the animals who they are supposed to take care of. They leave their animals all day long alone sometimes for days. They bark constantly and like a baby crying a dog barking is probably one of the few noises that can drive people to stupid acts. What these people did was criminal and should be prosecuted, however, these dog owners are at least more than 50% at fault for not taking care of these barking issues. A neighbor had a german shepherd tied to an extremely small run for 12 years. This poor dog had no place to run except on this little short run and he barked for 12 years. I asked the owner to fix the problem but they were alcoholics and could care less. I was forced to sleep with ear plugs for years. I understand why these things happen. Its not right but its usually the owners fault period!!!

  27. Tevis Tumulty says:

    Whoever did this needs to be locked up for a long time, but you should NEVER leave your dog outside unless you’re home and monitoring. Loose and even wild animals can get into your yard, a psycopath can harm your pet, or it can be just too hot or cold for a pet to stay out for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Pets belong inside with people.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Seriously? Locked up for a long time? How about a fine? Depriving someone liberty is a pretty serious thing, and there are a lot more egregious crimes that don’t result in incarceration for extended periods. Calm down a bit.

  28. Mike says:

    Seriously. Do you leave the dog outside unattended? Obviously you did because you don’t know what happened. Not everybody thinks your barking dog is cute.The reference in the story that your dog habitually barked at passing pedestrian traffic leads me to believe you were not completely responsible with your pet. I’m sorry for your lost but if you must get another dog, please do some self examination and try to be more considerate. Your neighbors and the new dog will thank you.

  29. DubyaFTW says:

    A bark collar could have saved your dog’s life, and the sanity of your neighbors.

    1. Scott H says:

      The animal cruelty folks can’t grasp that simple concept. They can’t see past the perceived cruelty of the collar itself.

  30. DJ says:

    Could this be in preparation for a burglary? I would be concerned that whoever did this may have been getting a four-footed alarm system out of the way. Just a thought…

  31. Sherri says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your beloved Princess. What a precious, beautiful girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    What is wrong with people? I don’t understand how anyone could do this.

  32. Andy Del Tor says:

    I feel sorry for the dog, but not for you guys! You keep yapping about compassion but I bet you left the dog alone for hours day after day, it kept barking day after day, and someone with frayed nerves finally had enough. You did not care about your dog, you did not care about your neighbors and now you are here seeking sympathy. GET LOST!

  33. Moo says:

    Personally, I don’t think the issue is over whether a human or pets life has more ‘value’ in my opinion it’s the hurt that is inflicted upon the owner that is the issue. Killing someone’s pet is a very cruel act. Very cruel. Blaming the victims because you assume they deserve it because their dog was barking is disgusting. No one deserves to be terrorised like this. Do not continue the abuse by suggesting that they or the dog deserved it. They have suffered enough. Do you think they are ever going to feel safe in their own home again? Do you think they will ever forget this? Troll elsewhere if you feel like being nasty.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      I wouldn’t call this “terrorizing.” Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but you can’t absolve the owners of responsibility when their dog was a known nuisance to the point of inciting someone to spit on the dog. How many people did the dog terrorize? It sounds like it wasn’t trained, and the owner’s treated it more like a trophy than a “beloved family member.” After all, you teach your kids how to behave because you love them, right? You don’t just get cute pictures taken then leave them to their own devices, do you? Sure, my initial reaction was despairing, but reading the article and considering the larger picture I had to interject some reason to mitigate knee-jerk emotion…and your loaded terms indicate you could probably benefit from trying that.

      1. Moo says:

        Terrorizing is the correct term here. This was an EXTREME act designed to induce maximum distress and fright. I am not happy to live in a world where blaming the victim is tolerated. Sure some people hate dogs, sure some dogs behave terribly and some owners are totally irresponsible to the point of criminal but let’s not lose sight of the fact that this dog wasn’t biting people it was barking at strangers which is normal dog behavior. Normal human behavioral response in civillised society is to approach the owner then approach the authorities if nothing is done. Not trespass onto private property with a knife and stab the animal in the throat and leave the animal dying for the owners to find. If you’re keen to make sense of this evil act then fine but don’t try to tell me that anything like this is DESERVED. because it’s not and there’s something wrong with YOU if you’re empathizing with this killer.

  34. Budwize says:

    Princess did not deserve that, however the owners need to realize some responsibility. A dog that barks all the time needs to have training to stop. I love dogs and can’t imagine how someone could do this, but the owners can’t be blame free.

  35. jeff says:

    we have created a generation of violent evil monsters

    1. Scott H says:

      We have also created a generation of inconsiderate people who think the world revolves around them This explains the actions of the person who killed the dog AND the lack of action on the part of the owners.

      A little bark training could have prevented this whole incident.

      1. Grizzleberry Steak says:

        Amen! Common sense isn’t very common, now is it?

  36. jim says:

    People who leave their dogs outside barking for any extended period of time do not deserve to allowed to own a dog; they are inconsiderate morons to the rest of their neighbors.
    I don’t condone the killing of the animal, but I understand it.

  37. Sam H says:

    Did a little investigative work on this myself. The dog BARKED CONSTANTLY and the people did nothing about it! They left the dog OUTSIDE all of the time and when people complained, they didn’t do anything.

    Some people should NOT own pets.

    1. Beth says:

      You know nothing. I know the family and #1 neighbors never complained to the owner about the dog barking #2 this dog was never left outside all the time, especially overnight. #3 the dog barked at people that passed by, not the people in the neighborhood that it knew. #4 this dog spent the majority of the time inside. #5 the owner was not home, she was in school #5 her husband was home when it happened… maybe someone was trying to break into their house and it had nothing to do with barking #6 the husband put the dog outside shortly before the owner was arriving home from school #7 this dog did have very good dog training… I could go on and on.

      Don’t mislead people to think you have a clue about what went on in this situation. The only investigative work you’ve done is in your head. Don’t be so insensitive.

  38. Trent Willard says:

    one less yapper

  39. Chili Boots says:

    Owners’ fault.

    Shut those damn things up.

  40. Cognito Ergo Sum says:

    People who don’t realize that pet lives are worth more than the lives of someone who would do a thing like this are the problem. I think if we had a lot more “frontier” justice the world would soon be a better place.

    1. Scott H says:

      Ummm. this was frontier justice. I don’t condone it any more than I would what you are vaguely suggesting.

    2. Retired SOF guy says:

      You’re an idiot. Scott H is exactly correct. And animals are animals, not people. You godless leftists scare me with how little you value the life of people that you disagree with. Reminds me of those other national socialist workers in Europe.

  41. Robin L says:

    I’m very sorry for the loss of your dog. I am a dog lover and owner. Although you may have thought your pet was the best dog in the world. Allowing him to
    constantly bark at people walking by would amount to be a public nuisance. No one should have to put up with barking dogs. Most towns have a noise law and everyone is entitled to a certain amount of peace and quiet. Hearing a dog bark all day, every day tells me that it was not trained and left alone alot. My dog only barks if someone rings the doorbell or knocks. He would see other dogs go by and i trained him not to bark. Although this is animal cruelty at it’s worse,the fault lies with the owners for not training their pet and leaving him out all day long —barking at people going by. Again, my sympathies. Everyone who has a dog should have to take a training class. They can be taught not to bark at every little thing, so that when they do, you will know it’s something serious.

  42. Chicago Nick says:

    This is brutal indeed. And I’m a former beagle owner for 10 years saying this next thing, there’s nothing more annoying the barking of a neighbor’s dog that you have no control over nor seemingly does the neighbor. I’ve lived in areas in 300,000 homes where they put the dog outside to bark because THEY can’t stand the barking.

    My dog was a peaceful hunting beagle who only barked when he was out in the wild chasing pheasants and fowl but that’s because I had him trained for such. Others today have 4 or 5 dogs and kids who run wild with no supervision and not everyone out there works their tails to the bone to have their life experience ruined by a little 3 foot Mutt who won’t ever shut up.

    That being said, again, you don’t go next door and murder the thing, unless you’re a wealthy ghetto NFL player who just uses em for entertainment watching them maul each others to death. THEN it’s ok I guess at least by our sick celeb worshiping societal standards or lack thereof today.

  43. Bob Dobbs says:

    Sounds like the cause of death is ultimately “owner neglect”.

    IMHO someone should check out that the kids aren’t being treated in the same way the dog was.

    1. natb1 says:

      With the whole “dogs are people too”, “its my baby”, and “worth more than a person” nonsense going around…I wouldnt doubt it.

  44. kerry says:

    OMG! Listen to the CRYBABIES ON THIS THREAD! Boohooooo your poor dog. boohooooo.

    The DOG WAS A NUISANCE! The owner is an idiot who did nothing to STOP the dog barking. Her neighbors ALSO live there and need to do things like study, sleep, etc.

    Get a cat lady and quit whining.

    1. dogsrule says:

      I find many children to be a nuisance and when I tell their parents how wild and misbehaved their children are, I get the cold shoulder. Does that give me the right to end their lives?

  45. Dave says:

    I love animals too, but the constant barking needs to stop. A lot of the blame for this goes to the family.

  46. Lacy says:

    Barking dogs are irritating I do not think people should be allowed to leave them out to bother their neighbors. I leave my dog in the house when I leave she is well trained. I have an outside dog too if he barks at nothing for more than 5 min. he gets the muzzle. I don.t think it was right to kill the dog but if you are someone that has to sleep during the day and owners don’t take charge I could see how someone might snap. I have had this issue in my life and police won’t help animal control is useless. I love my dog more than some people but We have to take responsibility for our pets as well. would you let your kid go outside with a bullhorn all day?? I think not… But I do feel for your family 😦

  47. Jubal says:

    It is not that hard to train a dog to be judicious in alerting. It just takes a bit of time, consistency, and effort. Failing that, if the animal is truly incorrigible, and the owner cannot bear the thought of putting the animal down, the surgical procedure known as “debarking” a dog (two varieties: one through the mouth and notching the vocal cords, the other, an incision through the throat and removal of the vocal cords) is open. Of the two, the former has less impact on the animal than a tonsillectomy has on a small child. And the dog is sure that it is barking; people just can’t hear it.

    1. lois says:

      I know my county in Ga passed a law that if a dog barks more than 20 minutes then it doesn’t stop the owner can be forced by law to have the dog operated on so that it no longer barks. I think to myself that I want to leave this county. This is plain cruel to a dog. Also the electric stimulus is very cruel. The lady said they have foot traffic all day long. I think the dog barked to alert people that there was someone unknown to the dog in the vicinity. It did not deserve to be put down this way by knife of a stranger tresspassing on the dog’s property. The blood spatters clearly show that the dog was on its porch and came down the steps to who ever tress passed the property and probably wasn’t even barking when the knife went into it’s throat to its heart.. The sound of a barking dog for any length of time does not bother me. I sleep right through it. It’s one of the more pleasant sounds in the neighborhood.

  48. Ann Monis says:

    Stupid NIMBYs. I can’t wait to hear a story, someone killing their neighbour because they are fed up of hearing the neighbours arguments.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      What???? I can tolerate someone in my neighborhood killing a dog. I wouldn’t tolerate someone murdering a person (or arguing couple). Do you really not understand the difference?

  49. Jim says:

    My compassion for the dog is such that I think maybe the wrong beast got put down. Owners of unruly animals are usually the culprit in these situations. Dogs will always be dogs. It’s the master that needs to learn, and dogs are almost always genuinely eager to please them.

  50. Layla says:

    A suggestion here for those of you living next to a barking dog. Attend the City Council meetings in your town and make a request for an animal noise ordinance that has some teeth, no pun intended.

    With the high numbers of families with pets these days we can all live peacfully together. No one should have to listen to a dog barking all day. If you get three complaints, the dog must go. No one should have to step in poop you refuse to pick up. It carries disease. Enjoy your pets responsiblly and others will as well.

    I cannot believe a city like Baltimore does not already have an ordinance like this in place. Even a sweet dog can be a frightening nuisance to others.

    I have known people who had their animals stolen right out our their yards. People, if you love these animanls, DON’T LEAVE THEM OUT.

    1. independent says:

      Or, get a Bark Off device for 10 bucks.

    2. johnbald1 says:

      Layla, outstanding common sense. I feel bad that the family pet was killed, I do wonder about the owners responsibility in this. I had pets for most of my life and we did not let them bark at all. We had respect for our neighbors and did not need a court order to be quiet. We treated our pet as part of the family which meant training it. No one has the right to put their personal noise whether by pet or mechanical device, in others homes. I don’t sing in my neighbors house I don’t want to know he even has a dog and I shouldn’t have to. There are 243 million people in the United States that don’t own dogs, so why is it that the 77 million that do own them are so irresponsible.

  51. BIIL CLAY says:

    ha ha – good.

    eradicate them all

    1. independent says:

      you know, there are only 7 william clay’s in the baltimore area.

      1. FedUp Florida says:

        It’s also the faux name the villain from the movie Die Hard used, ball sack. Chances are, it’s not his real name.

      2. BILL CLAY says:

        a fellow die hard fan – bravo!

        i hope your dog is next independent di*ckhead

  52. Gaga says:

    Unrestrained barking? Sadly it was owner neglect that led to this tragedy.

  53. sd says:

    horrible story. however, i too suffer the brutality of a neglectful neighbors barking and honking dog…day and night….for the last many years. they darn dog will bark repeatedly until completely hoarse yet continue to bark away. it is intensely irritating to listen to…

  54. Smokyjoe says:

    Heres a simple way to stop your neighbors dog from barking with out killing it. Stuff hotdogs with exlax (a laxative) and put in the frig. When the dog starts his noise throw a hotdog over the fence. Do this long enough and the dog learns to keep his/her bark muscle in check to keep his/her sphincter muscles inactive.the only problem with this method is that the owner and the dog in question will likely whine a lot until you have them trained.

    1. independent says:

      You’re as abusive as those you accuse.

      Use a Bark Off device. 10 bucks, no more barking.

      1. Ricky Ricardo says:

        @Independent, can you supply me with a link of where to purchase a Bark Off Device?

  55. anonymous says:

    shut your dog up and it wont get stabbed morons.

    1. independent says:

      you have the capabiilty to stab a living animal? you’re no better than those you accuse, in fact, you’re more barbaric.

      Use a Bark Off device.

      1. Retired SOF guy says:

        Funny how you radicals recoil at the thought of killing an animal, but always seem to imply, if not outright declare, the joy you’d take in seeing the horrific murder of a person who happens to disagree with you.

      2. Grizzleberry Steak says:

        @Retired SOF guy

        So true!

  56. no_euphemisms_4_u says:

    The dog didn’t “pass.” It DIED!

  57. independent says:

    This is sickening. Dogs have a job! They are supposed to bark at strangers, for goodness sake!

    Do we have to relieve our animals of any productivity?

  58. independent says:

    What are you people thinking? Who said the dog was barking at all? And if it were, the penalty is death?! You are nuts if you think that’s justice.

    There are devices for 10 bucks, Bark Off, turn it on and every time the dog barks a shrill sound inaudible to people hurts the dogs ears. They stop.

    Get a grip, it’s pure insanity to think someone who got close enough to stab and actually inserted a knife in a living creature could have any legitimate excuse.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Do they make a device to keep product trolling ball sacks like yourself from being quiet? If so, I’ll take a dozen. Kook.

  59. independent says:

    Good grief nutcases — buy a Bark Off device for 10 bucks if the neighbor has a barking dog!

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      So how many years have you been selling these? You’re like a telemarketer on here.

    2. Erik says:

      They don’t work, or only work until the dog gets used to them. We’ve tried.

  60. Ian says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. best wishes to you and your family.

  61. maryJo says:

    In the heart of the beast that did this is a hole that will never be filled. Till the day he dies, he will forever regret this.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Mmmm, I’m doubtin’ it. Somewhere, he or she is laying back enjoying the silence, for once.

  62. Bubba says:

    Its sick that someone would resort to such tactics and I do not condone it at all, its criminal and should be punished severely. That said, owners need to have some respect for their neighbors and muzzle their dogs at least in the evening and overnight. Dow owners seem to be deaf to the noise however for non owners its extremely irritating and I could easily see someone going a bit crazy and doing something unpredictable because of it. Owners if you don’t muzzle those dogs, then don’t be surprised when someone goes nuts like this.

  63. Cathy says:

    Bubba,which that mane I know who you are,and bettyyea right a nurse!! Why are you and some others so cruel and haeartless,dogs bark that is what they do,I could say this about my neighbors who party every night and smoke dope and drugs,do I have the right to kill them,I wished I did,I would rather live next to a animal sheltor then have neighbors,have a little compassion,I do not know what I would do if it happen to my dog,which by the way is part of my family.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      What elementary school did you drop out of? Or are you another 66’er with no freakin’ clue how to speak and write the English language? Either way, get your head our of your dog’s @$$ and starting acting like a real human. Unless you are a 66’er, in which case that would be impossible.

    2. Bubba says:

      I didn’t say it was right, in fact I clearly stated I believe the culprit should be punished severely. My point is many owners let their dogs bark all day and all night and a good number of people find it irritating to the point it ruins the time they have to spend at home. I think a good compromise would be to have owners muzzle or keep their dogs indoors at night much like there are laws against noise levels past certain hours.

    3. Erik says:

      Which part of your family does your dog occupy? The Home-Schooling teacher?

      1. Jim Nicastro says:

        Probably in some homes from the sounds of it, the part it occupies is the wife’s lover and father of the very hairy children in the family.

  64. Joe says:

    Was the dog sitting out barking all day and night, incessantly for hours? I know lots of dog owners think that other people losing sleep and having their lives disrupted by an incessantly barking dog is no problem.

    Did anyone complain about the dog’s barking before? Did this family ignore the complaints?

    Dog owners have NO RIGHT to force other people to listen to their dogs barking for hours on end. I’m not sure if that’s the case here or not, but people seldom randomly stab animals for no reason. I suspect the dog was a nuisance, and the owners refused to take action to shut their dog up, so the inevitable happened. People are not going to lose dozens of hours of sleep per week because someone refuses to control their nuisance animals.

  65. GhettoHater says:

    Good riddance to a public nuisance. Dogs who are a public nuisance are also often a public menace. What a pity that the ignorant and inconsiderant owners did not meet the same fate as their pet.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Like x3

  66. Joe says:

    Kristin Marie O,

    Was your dog left outside by itself all day, barking all day long? If it did, then you know the reason why this unfortunate event happened.

    If it is the case that the dog was a nuisance, and you failed to correct the problem, you are really responsible for the dog’s death. The owner of a dog is responsible for controlling the animal. All this nonsense about “oh he’s my baby” etc. , guess what honey? IT”S A DOG. IT”S NOT YOUR BABY. OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO SLEEP AND LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT YOUR ANIMAL BARKING ALL DAY LONG.

    If you were a responsible owner (which I doubt), THEN you have my compassion Otherwise, it’s really your own fault what happened to your do.

  67. Disgusted at you says:

    Where does it say the dog barked all of the time?? It said the dog was barking, most likely if the person was close enough to spit, it was too close to where the dog lived. You idiots must have learned how to read the same place you got your morals. Morons, the lot of you. I hope this person you all exalt for killing the dog meets you someday- perhaps it will be a kid next time, you sick pukes!

  68. cathy says:

    RUDE HICKS,,You are an ass one I repeat,NO ONE has the right to go up to a animal and kill about if I saw you and you got on my f—–ing nerves can I kill you

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      You probably bred, didn’t you? Poor kids.

    2. elainehawk says:

      Cathy you are one of the stupidest people…I have ever had the misfortune to encounter on blogging!…please say you don’t have kids!!!! OMG!

  69. NotAnAnimalLover says:

    All dogs and cats should be exterminated, because they are a public nuisance, and often a public menace. Extermination of them – good riddance! This is true, whether the Humane Society and other animal rights whackkos like it or not.

    1. Tom says:

      @NotAnAnimalLover – YOU should be exterminated.

  70. Here's a thought says:

    Haven’t you been listening to the hippies? It’s not dogs in a barking fest any more than it’s kids playing a game. And while the owners, I mean dog-parents, can claim all the pain and indignation, they bear absolutely no responsibility.

  71. Anon56756 says:

    A friend’s dog was shot in their fenced backyard one night by a drunk african-american neighbor. The dog survived, but was never the same afterwards. Nothing happened to the neighbor who shot the dog. This happened in Atlanta.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Atlanta…there’s your problem. The 66’ers can get away with anything in that suckhole city. You should have shot the 66’er. Black man missing? WHo would have cared?

  72. Joe says:

    People here (mostly dumb old white “liberal” females) who equate killing a dog with killing a person or a child, are mentally ill sickos, and it’s a big part of why you’re not married and no man would ever have interest in you. Your priorities are warped.

    1. PETA (people eating tasty animals) says:

      best post today


    2. WagTheDog says:

      Sad but true.

  73. gd says:

    A barking dog stabbed? This is an outrage!! Try a bullet next time.

  74. Tom says:

    Tons of hateful comments in this thread…good Lord. You all act like you’ve done nothing wrong in life.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      Tommy, you are obsessed with “hate.” These comments aren’t hateful, they are just people expressing how they feel about barking dogs. Some of us are tough and some of us are softies, and our comments reflect that. You are obviously an incredible softie or somehow conflicted by “hate.” You might want to see a shrink.

      1. word-schmerd says:

        yes, they feel “hateful”… clearly.

  75. Banderman says:

    This is why I don’t own a gun. If someone killed my pet in this manner, they better hope the police get to them before I do.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      If your pet is on my property because of your ignorance, it’s my lawful right to shoot it.

      And if you come over looking for a fight, once you’ve crossed that border, your fate would be no different.

      Just sayin’.

  76. Joe says:

    Joe AngryJew

    It’s usually animal rights sickos like you who get attacked by wild animals, because wild animals can sense that you are an unstable psychotic who equates human lives with animal lives. You should be put in a mental hospital, sicko. You should be carefully monitored by the people near you, because you are a violent person, and there’s no telling which of your stupid pet causes will trigger a violent outburst from you. Get your priorities straight, sicko, and get off the prozac or whatever else you’re on that has made into a sociopath who equates the life of a dog with the life of a person.

  77. Tom says:

    Such hateful comments. You all should be ashamed. You act like you’ve done nothing wrong in your life.

  78. Bob Dobbs says:

    First off, Facebook is bad for you, kiddies. Mom, too.

    Second, the kid’s Facebook page shows a lot of time wasting activities – Redbox, Playstation, Farm Town, CSI (TV), etc. Not listed: any interest in the dog.

    One has to ask: is the kid neglected and feral too?

  79. Casey Anthony says:

    Maybe the dog fell in the pool… But I can tell you for sure that the body was never in the trunk of my car

  80. PETA (people eating tasty animals) says:

    I love how all you idiot liberal hippy animal rights wackos are so offended by an animals death and yet in most of your posts you point out how you would like to kill or hurt PEOPLE

  81. morgan says:

    People with barking dogs are like people with crying infants, they refuse to do anything about it and just claim “it’s what they do” and if someone asks them to do something about it, then they are heartless and uncaring. How much you wanna bet that this dogs owners have been asked to do something abouth the dogs barking and chose to ignore the requests? Well guess what? That dog ain’t barking now . . .

  82. PETA (people eating tasty animals) says:

    I love how all you left wing, liberal, hippie, animal rights wacos are so offended by a stupid animals death, but in the same post you point out how you would like to kill or hurt actual PEOPLE that dont agree with you.

    Perspective……..get some

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Like x2

    2. PETA is a robot says:

      are you a robot?

  83. meeester says:

    Glad to see I wouldn’t be the only one on a jury that would accept the Temporary Insanity from Incessant Barking defense.

  84. Bob G. says:

    It is bad neighborly behavior to allow the constant barking of a dog at any time of the day. But to take the dog’s life? Really bad. I hope no neighborhood kids are making noise. Wonder what they’ll get from Mr. Vigilante.

    1. FedUp Florida says:

      Dogs are not children and children are not dogs/human. Most intelligent people – not including yourself, clearly – k now the difference.

    2. Linda says:

      The dog should have been taken from the yard and given a good life where it could have lived inside .

  85. PETA (people eating tasty animals) says:

    I can’t wait to see how much you animal people cry when Israel starts animal sacrifices again.

    keep crying your tears taste as sweet as honey

  86. Tara says:

    I don’t believe the dog would have been killed if he had not made a nuisance of himself. Dog owners have to realize that when you live in a neighborhood, you have to take into consideration the peace and quiet of your neighbors. People don’t want to hear a dog barking all of the time, and many cities and towns have ordinances against this very thing. Why was this dog outside while the family was away from the home? This never should have been. When the family leaves, the dog should be placed indoors. In that way, if he begins to disturb the neighbors, the owners can open up the back door and let him in.

    I blame the owners for what happened to the dog. I’m sick and tired of people like them who have no consideration for other people. Maybe if more incidents like this happen, inconsiderate and irresponsible dog owners will start getting the hint.

    Whoever did this was obviously driven to excruciating frustration – a frustration that could have been avoided if the owners had cared about someone other than themselves.

  87. Crazy Uncle Jim says:

    How beloved could this pet have been to be relegated to the back yard like some inanimate possession? It was a living being.

    People in urban areas who love their pets let their pets live with them — INSIDE. Then there are the DBs who leave the dogs outside and seem to be the only ones in the neighborhood who don’t notice when the dog barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and barks. Incessantly.

    I’ve had it happen in three different neighborhoods where I lived. I never did anything beyond calling police or code enforcement but I’d be lying if I said scary thoughts of shutting that f-ing dog up didn’t enter my mind. I’ve no doubt this is what happened here.

    If you live in the city and the dog can’t live in the house then don’t get a dog. Its all about consideration for the animal and other people. The only sympathy I have here is for the dog that had to pay for the behavior of these selfish jackholes.

  88. Rick V says:

    I would never take it this far, however, I can totally relate to the person who “lost it.” Dogs are wonderful companions…I have two. However, pet owners like these show no regard for their neighbors or the safety of their own pets when they allow barking problems to persist. Shame on the owner for allowing the situation to escalate to this fatal conclusion.

  89. James Woods says:

    While i don’t condone the killing of any animal unless for necessary food reasons it appears to me as if the people that owned the dog knew they had a problem with it barking at others as it was kept in a high traffic area of people.

    Where I live we have 2 dogs that disrupt the entire community with their barking and there really should be more done about it. These people with the barking dogs have the it’s “fine it’s my kids” mentality yet I can guarantee you they wouldn’t live here if every house had a barking dog outside and all you heard 24/7 was dogs barking yet when their dogs bark all hours of the day it’s fine.

    I wouldn’t go to the lengths of stabbing one but dogs do bark for a reason and these people knew their dog was barking at others.

    Time to take some responsibility for your own actions.

  90. Scott Martin says:

    Dog probably was protecting from intruder that may have put family at risk. Otherwise, it was someone that probably had complained or threatened before.

  91. Reality Sandwich says:

    So, its OK to destroy something that aggravates you? So, if you’re driving down the street with your radio blasting I can run up with a sledge hammer and smash it? If something is wrong, you notify the authorities. Killing a dog for barking (which they do to protect their home and owners) is ridiculous. I would be more worried about the sick individual who did it. Maybe he/she’ll be walking down the street and someone will do something that annoys him (or her)……..

    1. elainehawk says:

      You should change your name…cause you are not in REALITY SANDWICH!!!! No one should have to put up with a barking dog!!!!! Calling the authorities, hardly does any goo and the owners, think it’s even more funny that their dog is making you crazy!!!! So good riddance !!!!!!

  92. elmer j fudd says:


  93. mdc76082 says:

    Our dogs will bark at any stranger that comes within 20 feet of our property. If they don’t know you, you really don’t want to get to know them. We have the sign posted outside our fence. It reads: I can make it to the gate in 5 seconds…can you? They are Aussies and they don’t care for strangers and cats. They keep the solicitors away. They’re not vicious, but they do growl, bark and really just don’t want strangers around. If they know you, they will come to you wagging their tails. Dogs are dogs. They do what comes natural and barking at strangers walking up and down a street is natural behavior. It beats the hell out of attacking someone and killing or hurting them. If a dog is barking and you hear it through your walls—you need some serious insulation.

    1. elainehawk says:

      mdc76082……people like you are just inconsiderate of others, we can all see that! When people can hear dogs barking and they are in their own house!!!!! Then YOU and your STUPID MUTT are the problem! How dare you say get insulation?! I bet you smoke too and blow smoke in people’s faces and think that it’ s your right to do so!!!!! NUTCASE!!!!!

  94. dogman says:

    I share your pain. I lost two of my dogs last year…one to old age and one was hit by a car in a terrible accident. I hope they find the animal who did this to your Princess.

    “One last word of farewell, dear master and mistress. Whenever you visit my grave, say to yourselves with regret but also happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long happy life with you: “Here lies one who loves us and whom we loved.” No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.”

    Eugene O’Neill

  95. P. Wizzle says:

    “She was my baby” Ummm….no she was your dog…get a new one. teach it not to bark…apparently there is a bark off device that will do that (mentioned above)

  96. EskiePup says:

    Dear Thought Police (for this blog):

    I don’t appreciate have my comment from this AM held from discussion here. There was nothing offensive about it, particularly in comparison to the trash that is currently out here.

    I guess the next step will be mandatory registration and a leftist censor, just like the rest of the blogs on the ‘net.

  97. EskiePup says:

    Feste Ainoriba drooled the following:

    A dog’s life is not as valuable as a human’s life. There, I said it. And you are wrong, I love my two labradors. I just don’t suffer from the absurd belief that animals are people too.

    Anybody who says that a dumb animal’s life is as important as a human’s life is either mentally or emotionally crippled”.

    Well, Chico, when it comes to my pups, I DO – and I’m not mentally or emotionally crippled.

    Which would be the LEAST that you would be if I ever caught you near my pups!

  98. harry p.pickle says:


  99. Tyrell McPimpscoon says:

    broken glass in some raw hamburger will stop an annoying barking dog…lead will stop the inconsiderate owner

  100. jim says:

    So, there’s no excuse for cruelty to animals… ever. However, I do have to say that I can kind of understand how this happens. I have known a few situations where people put their dogs outside and let them bark for hours and hours every day. It wears down your neighbors who may not own a dog of their own simply because they dont want the annoyance of a barking dog. Eventually, it wears people down — especailly if the ower has been asked very politely to keep their dog from barking. Again, no excuse for hurting the dog but I can understand how it could come to this.

  101. Dave says:

    Next time, TAKE the dog outside, don’t PUT the dog outside. This is a sad situation but it was initially caused by the owners creating a scenario where the dog had REASON to bark. Dogs bark FOR or AT, not responding to a chronic situation lays at their feet.

    I’m a pro trainer for over 30 years and have testified in dozens of court cases involving barking dogs over that time. While the violence is also horrific, the owners are responsible for controlling their animals and keeping them safe.

    Does this woman put her human “babies” outside in the yard all night?

  102. Kiba says:

    I hope whoever did this dies a horrible death A.S.A.P.! Anyone who would kill an animal like that I wouldnt trust around a small child. Anyone that would kill a helpless animal would kill a baby! PERIOD.

    1. elainehawk says:

      Kiba… It’s not good for you to think so hard!! You might hurt yourself!!! You are a real idiot!

  103. sparky says:

    I can’t even walk in the back yard without the neighbors dogs FREAKING OUT!
    I can’t water the lawn with out incessant barking.
    I can’t play with my kids without incessant barking.
    I can’t BBQ without incessant barking.
    I can’t sleep at 4 or 5 am with out, you guessed it, INCESSANT BARKING!!!

    And would you like to guess what I’m thinking about, laying there every morning, at 4 am, listening to incessant barking? It’s not I love puppies, trust me.

    And no, I would never harm another persons pet. But I do get it. And I don’t really fault the dog. It’s the owners that really tick me off. I mean honestly, we all hear your stupid dog. Why don’t YOU hear your own stupid dog and do something about it before someone comes along and fixes the problem you failed to recognize? Arrrghhhh, it’s so frustrating. And yes, talk to the owners they say. Sure, now we have confrontation with the neighbors. Yea, people just love being complained to or being told something. Generally you’ll be met with curse words or physical violence for simply pointing out they have a annoying dog.
    And yes, people who personify animals need to get a grip. Talk about mental illness. Pets are NOT human. Awww, he’s a member of the family they say. Sure man, whatever.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      I put up with about six months of this all-night-long-barking-hell some years ago. I thought of every possible way to kill that dog, from poison to flaming arrow, but I couldn’t figure a way that I wouldn’t get caught. So I and others in my cul-de-sac kept calling the police about it. Finally, the culprits moved out, and blissful sleep was ours once again. That was in 1973. Today we have lots more options. If it happened again, I just might launch a tiny R/C helicopter with a night vision camera and a dab of C4 on the nose. That should take care of it.

  104. Kiba says:

    Well the Neandertall could have threw-down on the owner or something but to do that to the dog just proves he would do the same to a crying baby. And nothing on this earth will change my mind either. Just look at what freako’s like Jeffry Dahmer and the rest of those sub-humans like him did to kill time and flush the demons out of theirselves now and then, Kill animals thats what! An animal killer is the same thing as a baby killer.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      You are very sick and should seek help.

  105. sparky says:

    Oh, and you idiots that suggest poison or similar. You do know they test for things like that and people do get arrested for this all the time.

    I’m trying to figure out who’s the biggest idiots on here, the people who suggest poison or the idiots that think animals are human.

    C’mon people….I’m trying hard not to think everyone on this planet is a stupid idiot. You guys aren’t helping.

  106. Sick of Nigeroids says:


    357 for the MORON OWNERS!!!!

  107. Ihatdogowners says:

    why leave your barking dog outside when you know it will bark at pedestrians walking by all day. These people sound like A-HOLES!! People need a competency test before owning an animal!

  108. wrangler911 says:

    Maybe owners should control their pets. Just because pets are “family members” doesn’t give them the right to annoy the public. Would you let your children yell and scream all night or make vicious taunts at passers-by? Stabbing the dog is not the answer but people need to take responsibility of their “family members.”

  109. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

    @ All the insensitive people who have no idea what you’re talking about, this will be my ONLY post directed at your ignorance. in the past six years I have lived here I have put up with dogs in the back alley that bark ALL NIGHT LONG. Are they next?

    MY dog was in EVERY night, she never spent the night outside. And when she went out front, she was only out there for short intervals, long enough to do her business and come back inside.

    However, when she was outside, she would bark.. why? BECAUSE SHE WAS A DOG! That’s what dogs do! When I walk down the sidewalks, if I don’t want to be near a barking dog, get this.. I’m a human with a brain.. and I MOVE.

    I am not surprised there are haters on here. They’re everywhere. And for those that are glad she’s dead, you’re just sick and inhumane. It may be your dog, cat or CHILD next.

    1. elainehawk says:

      Yep Robin, you showed your ignorance! How did your dog get stabbed, if it was inside while you were gone????? It was outside, disturbing people! And your comment, that you hope someone’s child gets stabbed to death cause they responded negatively to your situation? You just prove our point…you think your poor little pooch was only barking like dogs are suppose to! WRONG! You have to control your dog! Just like people are responsible for controlling their own kids! You are very ignorant !!! So accept that your stupidity of not caring about people having to put up with your dog barking, is your own fault why your dog is now dead!

      1. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

        Actually, my husband and son-in-law were inside when it happened. She wasn’t out long. She made no noise that indicated that she was hurt.

        And where did I say I HOPED that someone’s child gets stabbed to death? I said that it MAY be another dog, cat, or child next.. because there is a KILLER out there.

  110. tyler says:

    very hateful & cruel person whoever killed the dog. this type of person is a psychopath that would stab a person as well given the opportunity. just an evil and heartless person. I hope they get locked up they deserve it.
    the dog was in someone’s private backyard & a loved family pet.
    if they had a problem with the dog barking they should have gone to the owners.

    1. elainehawk says:

      Robin, read your own words you wrote…you said it may be YOUR dog, cat, child next…the person who killed your dog, did not brake into your house and rob you, or damage your property nor did they attack your kids.! They went AFTER YOUR DOG! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure This out…they hated your dog barking!!!!! You were obviously oblivious to how crazy you were making your neighbors…and it was someone, who saw you leave the house…so it was a disgruntled neighbor for sure…I would bet my last dollar! Someone that could watch your comings and goings…

  111. howard_feinski says:

    A young lady in our neighborhood committed suicide by running the car engine in the garage. Her unconcerned stepparents ho-hummed when they discovered her body, but collapsed in uncontrollable grief when they discovered the bodies of their two chocolate labs in the house who’d died from the same fumes.
    Go figure.

  112. thussaiththewalrus says:

    Dogs are territorial! When you put an animal outside, it reacts to the entire world!

    Dogs BELONG INSIDE where they can protect the home and hearth! They are NOT to be left outside alone!!!!

    A dog needs to be WALKED every day (when the kids come home from school, or when mom or dad come home from work. The dog must be allowed out to “do his business” first thing in the morning, and then just before bed. With these three outings, a dog WILL NOT BARK FOR HOURS AND DRIVE THE NEIGHBORS CRAZY!!!!!

    Sorry, but this is a case of MOM and DAD BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DOG BEING DEAD!!!!!! [He was not being treated like “her baby” so she is a phony attention getter for even suggesting that he was “her baby.”] She treated him as if she didn’t care at alll!!!!

  113. Al Santangelo says:

    Humans are vile creatures prone to disturbing, mindless behavior. Their value is subjective, not intrinsic. Society simply functions better when the flawed ones are taken out of the equation.

  114. thussaiththewalrus says:

    A dog needs to be WALKED every day, and must be allowed out first thing in the morning, and then just before bed. Other than these three occasions, the dog belongs IN THE HOUSE!

    Dogs are territorial; they belong in the house where they can protect the house!

    Pets are NEVER left in the yard to fend for themselves. Poor dog! How awful for him.


  115. Sean Johnston says:

    Well, I don’t know anything about this situation. But, while a stabbing of a dog is cruel and never justified….the news story does state that you were away from home with the dog left outside. The news report also states that the dog tended to bark at strangers. The news report also states that you get LOTS of strangers passing by your house.

    From the above statements – – I am drawing an inference that the dog was probably barking a lot while left outside. This seems like a fair assumption based on the available facts.

    So – the obvious question – totally ignored by our crack news team – do you regularly leave the dog outside for long periods of time barking when you are not home? Is it possible that your neighbors do not take kindly to this? Do you have any neighbors that work nights and/or are homebound and may sleep during day? I know in MY neighborhood in Maryland, if my dog is outside and continuously barking, that this would NOT be looked on kindly by my neighbors. I certainly would have a word with MY neighbors if this was a regular occurrence because I have a home office. 🙂
    Now, it would take a LOT to make me attack an innocent creature. But, it would be INTERESTING to know if the neighbors had tried to discuss this with you nicely on one or more occasions. In no way would this EXCUSE their actions – – but it may explain better.

    I’d certainly like to know if there’s a random teenager walking to a bus stop who decided to kill an animal for fun, or whether it’s a neighbor fed up.

  116. Rich Lehmann says:

    I feel bad for the animal but have no sympathy for the owner. Dog owners who cant stop their dogs from barking should have them taken ways.

  117. WagTheDog says:

    Animal cruelty? If you’ve ever been driven half insane by a neighbor’s dog that barked incessantly, day and and night, you’d call it justice.

  118. Unemployed Joe says:

    Animal Cruelty is a FELONY and punishable with prison time. Don’t come to Arizona because Sheriff Joe will have your a@@ in TENT CITY you low lives!

  119. bronco billy says:

    I hate loud dogs. Pet owners are some dumb mf’ers. And they don’t give a S*** about what anyone thinks about their stupid pets that are disturbing the peace.

  120. DD vonHH says:

    Wow. You must feel terrible about poor Princess.
    You indirectly KILLED YOUR OWN DOG.
    Oh yes you did by leaving it outside to bark incessantly non-stop and drive your neighbors mad.
    You must feel like garbage and so guilty that you failed to protect your dog.

  121. DD vonHH says:

    What i want to know is why did you keep a dog if you didn’t want to look after it? why did you not leave your dog in the house or train it properly so it didn’t bark and disrupt the peace? Why did you leave it outside all hours to bark and disrupt the neighborhood and put it in danger?
    You didn’t really love your dog –not really–because if you did, you never would have let this happen.
    you LET it happen.
    You’re to blame. Shame on you.
    anyone who loves their dog would not let it do that–knowing full well that it is disturbing your neighbors with its incessant barking.
    You must never get another dog.
    You’re not responsible.
    I hope you feel guilty because: YOU ARE.
    The one who stabbed the dog–if not that person, would have been another person who You drove mad by permitting and encouraging your dog to be a Public Nuisance; putting Princess in The Line Of Fire.
    Dog Dead=Your Fault.

  122. Me says:

    Any dog named “princess” probably deserves this.
    People that think an animals life is close to the worth of any human’s are sick.
    Its just a dog, no more worth than a fly.

  123. Snod says:

    The question should be asked if this dog was one who barked all day causing massive noise pollution! If the dog was a nuisance then the owner is at fault. I live in a city and sometimes would like to dispatch dogs who bark day and night. Many pet owners have no clue how offensive a barking dog can be and could care less. Cry me a river after you learn the facts.

  124. Kimberly says:

    First off you idiots…. we did keep Princess inside 99% of the time. She has to use the bathroom and that is when we would let her outside. Dad knew that we all were coming home from school within the next couple of minutes (and as he did everyday) he let her outside to use the potty so that when we came home we could take her inside with us. People need to stop judging my family. You don’t know us. We NEVER have had a neighbor complain to us about Princess (or our other 2 dogs barking) They were never outside long enough to get on people nerves, but they do what dogs are meant to do…..they would bark at people to protect their territory. That gives NO ONE any reason to come onto OUR front porch and KILL OUR FAMILY!! I have many people that I cant stand and that talk to much does that give me the right that when they are sitting outside their house to walk up on their property and stab them to death? NO!! And if I did that I would be put behind bars and that’s exactly where the killer of our dogs belong. My family is going through enough and we DON’T need any of your idiotic comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please stay off this page. This is in Memory of our family member. We would not go to a page in memory of your family and say that it’s because you didn’t take care or them or they deserve it.

    1. crymeariver says:

      Ya, ya ya I bet! First of all I have heard all of this before many pet owners just can’t seem to see others do not find your pet so cute. You did tell me much about you when you called an animal a family member. This is a news page and not a memorial! Get a Facebook page if you want nice nice otherwise go see mommy and shut your pie hole!

  125. Kimberly says:

    First off you idiots…. we did keep Princess inside 99% of the time. She has to use the bathroom and that is when we would let her outside. Dad knew that we all were coming home from school within the next couple of minutes (and as he did everyday) he let her outside to use the potty so that when we came home we could take her inside with us. People need to stop judging my family. You don’t know us. We NEVER have had a neighbor complain to us about Princess (or our other 2 dogs barking) They were never outside long enough to get on people nerves, but they do what dogs are meant to do…..they would bark at people to protect their territory. That gives NO ONE any reason to come onto OUR front porch and KILL OUR FAMILY!! I have many people that I cant stand and that talk to much does that give me the right that when they are sitting outside their house to walk up on their property and stab them to death? NO!! And if I did that I would be put behind bars and that’s exactly where the killer of our dogs belong. My family is going through enough and we DON’T need any of your idiotic comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please stay off this page. This is in Memory of our family member. We would not go to a page in memory of your family and say that it’s because you didn’t take care or them or they deserve it. And to the person that said something about the young child that is losing their pet….there is only one young child in this house and that is my daughter and she is too young to understand.

    To the people that are standing up for my family, we all thank you and are glad that there are still some good people in this world. !

    1. lairdkeir says:

      “My family is going through enough and we DON’T need any of your idiotic comments. ”
      Then don’t read them. The whole point of this section is to read a variety of opinions which involve thinking “aloud’ as it were. I think the threat of preventing free speech is of greater import than the death of an animal, however heinous.

  126. Mich says:

    maybe he should stop barking so much!

  127. OUTRAGED (Kim) says:

    Shows how idiotic people are!!!!!! YOU CANT CONTROL A DOG BARKING YOU IDIOTS!!!!! Come on now… old are you guys??? Talking like a bunch of 13 yr old! Let’s all grow up a little. When Princess would start barking we would tell her to come and we would pet her and love on her. But she was doing what dogs do BARK!!! just as you all are doing what people do…TALK!!!! so if we could stop the dog from barking I would stop you all from talking!!!!

    1. elainehawk says:

      You and your family are the ignorant ones, the ones that need to grow up! I hope you have learned a lesson, that people don’t want to listen to your dog barking! yes, dogs bark! We all know that! And people CAN MAKE YOUR DOG STOP BARKING! Quit being IGNORANT FOOLS! NOW you get it, that people have had It with your dog barking! Grow a brain!!! Learn something from this! If you don’t…then it will be your problem again !!!!!!! Quit making excuses for yourselves! Most of the people on here have had neighbors like you! Almost all of the comments on here are telling YOU to be responsible for your dog! Get the picture?????

  128. Jimmy says:

    The inconsiderate owners are responsible for the dogs death. Letting the dog bark all day long like that. Shame on them.

  129. mk says:

    as a neighbor of a NON STOP BARKING dog, I understand the frustration. However, it’s not really the animal’s fault that the owner is inconsiderate enough to leave the dog barking and barking and barking all hours of the day and night. As satisfying as it would be to have silence, I would never hurt an animal just b/c its owner wasn’t more considerate

  130. ryan says:

    hopefully the person responsible is found and serves a very long sentence in jail(should get the same as killing a person as far as im concerned). i have a lot of low class society walking by my house that upset my dog. ive had to run many off that want to antagonize him. its not the dogs fault just rude americans everywhere we go nowdays.

  131. Mark says:

    If I yelled at everyone that walked past my house I would be arrested.
    Somehow it is ok for dogs to do this, eh?

    Kimberly- Barking is not like talking, it is like yelling.
    Sorry for your loss…

  132. Hollow point says:

    There is way too much “Dog worship” in this country. You are getting the d and g backwards,you idiots.

  133. Sanity says:

    My dog doesn’t bark, because we taught it not to.

    It does bark when anyone enters our house or our shop, to let us know an intruder is about.

    My dog has never been stabbed, probably because we taught it how to be a good dog instead of taking pictures of it and putting it on a magazine. You do not have my condolences.

  134. Barbara says:

    Dog barking is a form of torture. I feel badly for the dog but no one deserves to be constantly assaulted by unwanted noise within their own four walls. Our small town had a meeting about nuisance noise. They assumed most complaints would be about boom boxes but barking dogs won out by a landslide. Having been a victim, I really think there should be better laws in place. Some people sleep through anything or don’t care what happens when they leave… just clueless!

    1. Susan says:

      Well said, Barbara. De-bark the dog and everyone is happy.

  135. Common Sense says:

    I’m tired of people referring to their pets as “their baby”. Anyone who has the proper priorities in life would feel bad their dog was dead, but that should not be the emphasis. The emphasis should be that some piece of sh!t lowlife is out there roaming the streets who could be a real danger to PEOPLE based on their reckless killing of some dog.

  136. Petroglyph says:

    If they find the person who did this they should pin a medal on him. I live next to trash with a barking dog and it’s not pleasant.

  137. JABLEOWMI says:


  138. johnbald1 says:

    This whole situation outraged everyone either in favor of the owner or people that are angry because of the noise. What we have is a generation problem of poor manners, Period. I see it every day the folks between 20-40 yrs old either have their heads buried in a cell phone or other toy, have poor people skills and are for most part rude. Having been around in the 50’s when people cared about their neighbors there were few barking dogs because no one had to tell someone to quiet their pet, they took responsibility and automatically did it, if they didn’t the dog was declared a nuisance. The laws have changed and the pet industry is a 50 billion dollar a year business, so many owners get a free pass by the way the laws are written. Many people today have pets rather than children because they don’t want to take the effort to raise and nurture a child and figure they can do what they want with a dog. A dog gives unconditional love which I find stupid but it is a fact thus most folks love having a dog because the dog will idolize the human if they are and idiot dirt bag.
    I feel sorry that they lost their pet but they certainly did not treat it like a member of the family and they had no consideration for their neighbors as well. It is sad indeed how poor manners can create hostility and pain.

  139. jerrykregle says:

    If you cared about your damn dog you would be a responsible pet owner
    and not leave your “beloved pet” outside for great lengths of time

    I myself have an irresponsible neighbor that leaves their dog outside after 10pm to bark all night long believe me its tough going through the legal process
    to get this to STOP

    1. Robert Jay says:

      Easy solution – crack a can of sardines and leave in the sun for a couple of days. Pitch contents over fence. No more barking dog.

  140. Asgard says:

    Who ever did this needs to be killed outright. They are not fit to breathe the same air as humans or dogs.

  141. Joe says:

    Looks like the dog ‘dissed’ an immature male. It’s not what you think of yourself that matters anymore. It’s what others think of you or what you think others think of you that’s more important. My condolences to the family who lost their baby.

  142. Alice Polarbear says:

    Too many people think they have a god-given right to let their dog stay outside and bark incessantly day and night. They don’t care that the obnoxious unwanted noise is torturing the near neighbors. I suspect that whoever killed that noisy animal was driven to it. People who have dogs need to train them or keep them indoors. Sadly, too many are inconsiderate of others.

  143. Augie Dogie says:

    bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

    get the picture? killing it was a public service – people have to sleep to be able to make an income. bad dog owners deserve what they get.

    1. Dave says:

      Where did you get the crazy notion that the dog was out at night barking? She wasn’t but the neighbors would have LOUD parties till 2a.m. in the morning. Would not keep it down even after asking and informing them that they were waking up the infant child in the house.
      Ignorance is as ignorance does

      1. Dogs Will Stop Barking says:

        Not everyone sleeps at night people do work 2nd and 3rd shifts and the fact that you don’t even consider this option just goes to show how self-absorbed and inconsiderate you can be.

  144. lairdkeir says:

    “But the O’Steens can’t imagine why anyone would stab their dog.” Maybe because they allowed it to bark incessantly! Having lived next to selfish people whose animals are given free reign to intrude into society, I am sympathetic to whoever had had enough. That doesn’t mean I applaud the viciousness of this criminal act.

  145. Animal Lover says:

    So this dog had been spit on before for barking, they know it’s a heavy crime area, and they STILL leave the dog outside unattended?? Why do people think it’s ok to have outdoor dogs. If you aren’t home put your dog inside! If you aren’t able to look after your dog, keep it inside! Or else just don’t have an animal.

  146. svann says:

    Would have been better to call the police on the barking dog rather than kill it. When the owner gets fined for disturbing the peace he will make sure that barking stops.

  147. falconflight says:

    The dog probably barked and barked and barked. People shut your mutts up, we don’t want to hear it.

  148. ditchdigger2 says:

    Dogs are noble beasts, she did her job, protected her family, could hae been much worse.

  149. jack says:

    When you live next to a dog that barks incessantly- for hours without stopping- and talking to the owners, making an official noise complaint, buying a bark control gadget, etc. does NOTHING- you just want the torture to stop! You become so sleep deprived that you really are’nt yourself anymore. Dog owners- PLEASE- try to be more compassionate or you will create a neighbor that just goes crazy!

  150. Robert Jay says:

    It never fails to amaze me how a barking dog can drive the whole neighborhood crazy – but the owners don’t hear a thing! Certainly not condoning attacking the dog. Maybe the owners should get their behinds smacked for causing the dog’s death by not stopping it’s barking. Cesar Millan would blame the owners for beings weak pack leaders not deserving a dog. There, now shoot me….

  151. Juanito says:

    If it were my dog, I’d have one dead neighbor. Lowlife killers of innocent life deserve the death.

  152. Robert Brooks says:

    It’s easy to train a dog not to bark. Sadly, the more difficult thing to do is to train an owner to not be an ignorant, uncaring, stupid douchbag. We need “PEOPLE WHISPERERS”.

  153. An Offended Neighbor says:

    For much of my sixty years, I have been blessed not to live next to a barking dog. But 4 times, I have been exposed to the horrid experience. Never did talking to the owner or calling the police yield any good — and that seems to be a consistent experience for other sufferers.. I can remember in one situation, I learned that the police had been called whe the dog had been poisoned — but he had also gotten into the trash. The owner showed the police a post card received: “If you cannot keep you dog quiet, we will help you.” I understand that the police reported the garbage to be the source of the poison. Seems like a good decision to me.

  154. FedUp! says:

    Why was the damn dog left outside while homeowners weren’t home???!!! Dog owners for some reason are incredibly ignorant & inconsiderate of their neighbors! Just because they want to own a dog doesn’t mean everyone else has to listen to the GD barking!!! I feel like killing dogs in our neighborhood too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bleeding hearts who say dogs have a right to bark, are people too, people need to be more tolerant, etc… are full of it! Pet owners need to be accountable for their freakin’ animals!!

  155. Brian says:

    You know what?
    Essex is a sh@#thole.
    People from Essex are sh!@#tholes.
    There dogs too. Sometimes it`s hard to tell them apart.
    Why you people are giving a sh!@#t about a dog from Essex is beyond the comprehension of people who live in Jarretsville, Bel Air and Towsen.
    You know, us white people who pay your damn welfare?
    We don`t leave animals outside braying all day. We respect each other`s right to some peace and quiet. Most of all we`re not trying to make the national news because we can`t keep Fido in check.
    Get a friggin clue, ghetto people live ghetto yo….

  156. keith says:

    oh cause you’re on the bus line you get criminal activity. Nice way to generalize there and blame it on the people who ride the bus. What an upity sounding bi*ch….sorry your dog got stabbed to death, but to say the bus line brings criminal activity around….who says it wasn’t one of your neighbors, but I’m sure you’ll say ‘they’re great people they’d never do this’ – dont be so sure ya snob

  157. russ1449 says:

    This is typical Baltimore thug behavior, I’d bet the perp is a transplant from the inner-city.

  158. BARKING IN GUAM says:

    I recently bought a new house with a large chain-linked fence yard. I have a dog that barks at strangers. I used to leave my dog in the yard when I went to work. Then I came home one day and my dog had been shot in the leg with a pellet gun. The pellet was embedded all the way into the bone. My dog had surgery and has now recovered. I learned a valuable lesson and am so thankful that my dog did not get killed. Now when I am at work my dog stays inside. When I am at home, my dog goes in the yard and is monitored closely. If he starts barking too much, he comes right back inside. I haven’t had a problem since. Shooting a dog is certainly evil but I choose to bear some of the responsibility of my dog getting shot. I love my dog so I had to modify the way I cared for him in order to keep him safe. Whoever shot my dog will get what they deserve, they always do…

  159. Steve says:

    First, dog owners should be attentive and responsible for their dogs. Second, if you have an issue with your neighbors dog, confront them about it, then escalate it up via the authorities. Third, anyone that will do this to a dog, will also do it to a human. Most of the predators in our society today, started out as animal abusers. I would beware of the person who did this, they are dangerous (and also cowardly, for not coming to the owner first)

  160. natb1 says:

    A perfect “temporary insanity” defense if I ever saw one. It works when women kill their children in some juristictions.

  161. johnbald1 says:

    Just for general information there are approximately 234, 000,000 people in the United States that don’t own dogs, and approximately 77 million that do. The bottom line the owners are the minority and need to shut their damn dogs up.

  162. Holy Psychopaths, Batman! says:

    Where are all of you getting the information that the puppy was left outside 24 hours a day barking non-stop for no reason at all? I have read and read and read this article and it doesn’t say ANYWHERE that Princess was left outside 24 hours a day and barked constantly. One of the posters in the forum said it….maybe to ease a guilty conscience(?) but it does not say that this 3 year old puppy did what a lot of you seem to be claiming….and frankly, the lot of you are straight up sick. I have a pit bull who is relatively quiet and very well trained. My neighbor’s on both sides are dog owner’s. Inside or outside, both sets of pets bark incessantly, and never ONCE not EVER…not even when I had infants that I was trying to keep asleep….NEVER would I have considered killing a living being…NEVER…. so those of you that think it is OK or understandable to kill someone’s dog just because other seriously touched psychopaths are on board doesn’t mean it really IS ok in civilized society. Cruelty to animals is an indicator of a serious mental defect and most of you should seek help. Honestly..

    Man, the NUTS came out of the woodwork for this one.

    1. Robin Lynn Mills O says:

      Thank you so much for this post. You have no responses because these people don’t want to argue “facts” … they want to do a hit-and-run -post their opinion, get everyone stirred up, then go post under a new nickname. As a former message board moderator, I’ve seen all of this before, and there are people that live to post ‘smack’ on message boards. In addition, a lot of these people were linked here from the “Drudge Report” where they posted this story as, “Shock: Barking Dog Stabbed in Backyard.” People can assume what they want and make their nasty cruel comments, because I know the truth.

  163. cathy says:

    god please give strenth and fotgive those that are cold.heartless and cruel,it is obvious they have no compassion,if they feel this way about an animal I am glad I am not related or know these people

  164. Bob Dobbs says:

    To the dog owner:

    If your dog is KNOWN for barking, you are a failure of a dog owner. Full stop, no excuses. And clearly you know that your dog is known for barking.

    I’m a pet owner myself. I would never put my pets in a position where they could be a nuisance to another human being. That is the responsibility of a pet owner. A pet is a possession, not a human being. Human beings on public property (e.g. the sidewalk) should not have been being accosted or threatened by your property.

    It’s extremely rare that something like this would happen at random. The most likely scenario is that your dog was barking at people SO often that one of them was willing to kill the dog to make it stop. I would bet the rest of the people in the neighborhood are secretly relieved, if not cheering.

    I’ve lived near people who let their dogs bark at passerby. It adds a hostile and unfriendly character to the neighborhood.

    The most remarkable thing here is that you keep digging the hole. Sure it was a rotten thing for someone to stab your dog. But it was also a rotten thing to let the dog be an ongoing nuisance to the neighborhood. Until you accept your responsibility for the latter and come to some sort of understanding that you are at least partially (and not a small part) responsible for the dog slaying, you will be deservedly pummeled for your incredible cries of innocence.

    Most everybody else here can sympathize with the guy who stabbed the dog. Why do you suppose that is? Few if any of these people know you, so obviously it’s not personal. Have you never had to live near an insensitive dog owner?

    Do some self-introspection and quit your crying for sympathy. There’s a lot more people out there who have lived through some sort of neighbor-dog-related hell than there are those who have had their pets killed, and pretty much every last one of those people suspects this was a justifiable canicide.

    1. JQP says:

      Let’s just start with your first sentence…”If your dog was known for barking…”, her dog wasn’t known for barking. The only thing that is mentioned so far as barking is concerned is that she barked at strangers. Dogs do that. It is one reason why people have dogs, to warn them when psychopaths with knives get too close to your house. Maybe that’s the story…maybe someone famed to rob the house but the dog got in the way….maybe she was a hero! ….but I’m just speculating….like everyone else in this forum.

  165. johnbald1 says:

    There are about 15 dogs in my neighborhood and how would I know that? By the incessant barking, and this is in what is supposed to be a upper middle class area.
    So it does not matter where you live there now exists a generation of idiots that are clueless and don’t care about their neighbors only their stupid useless pet that is not trained and barks because it needs attention as all pack animals do..
    I feel angry at the owner who could have avoided this sad situation but as is with the majority of owners thinks everyone should love their furball and the majority do not. You are stupid lazy or both and did not care for that animal properly, did not train it and than are dumbfounded that someone would do such a heinous thing. People have a fine line and can only take so much that is why temporary insanity is a defense in court. If your neighbor had enough of the barking and it was ignored by the owner, you can expect a problem. Why is this such a surprise. I don’t condone it but i understand it.

  166. Dave says:

    I have remained silent until this point because I recognize that there are several uneducated, classless, and people with varying opinions. However, at this time I do wish to interject a few of the facts that I am allowed. We have received condolences from many neighbors. Princess was not allowed to stay outside and bark continuously. One ignorant individual actually spat on her for jumping up and barking. He said, “She got in my face first.” Well, duh, she’s a dog. Furthermore, anyone with any type reasoning ability and commonsense would know this. As such, taunting the dog and responding that way stoops to the dogs level.
    There are people in the community that have been convicted of various crimes. Maryland’s relaxed judicial system has allowed these criminals to get out of prison sooner than they should have, if at all. Educated people with any psychology, sociology, or such like training would be aware of the fact that most violent crimes begin with animals. It works the same as drugs, the need for more becomes stronger till taking human life is needed for the fix.
    Now, have your different opinion, great . However, personal attacks just shows your lack or good moral character.

  167. Gill Bentry says:

    Yes, I am not going to leave you alone! I want you to get MAD! First, you have to get MAD! Stand up and say, I’m a human being Goddammit! My life has value! I want you to get up now, I want all of you to get out of your chairs, I want you to get up right now, go to the window, open it stick your head out and YELL: “I’m as mad as hell and I’m NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

  168. Dogs Will Stop Barking (one way or another) says:

    I don’t condone the killing of the dog either but people who lock their dogs outside in urban and suburban areas and then go off to work or whatever leaving the dog to bark all day long are in my opinion selfish bad neighbors. It’s totally disrespectful to one’s neighbors for example what if a neighbor is on a 2nd or 3rd shift schedule and your unattended dog is barking all throughout what is essentially there sleeping time.
    In the past I’ve lost so much sleep to the cacophony of all the dogs in a block trying to out bark each other. Even one damn dog is enough to keep someone up. When I hear a dog barking it’s near impossible to sleep it just instills anxiety and alertness in me. I think this is due to something primal going way back to when we were hunter-gatherers and dogs were like an alarm system and the body responds as if something is wrong. Also most barking is right at mid range where the human ear is most sensitive due to human speech being at those frequencies so it doesn’t take much amplitude to be detected by the ear.
    I’m a total vegan animal lover and I’ve wanted to feed the dogs that ruined my sleep a steak laced with anti-freeze due to the stress and sleep deprivation their owners caused me vis a vis their dogs but of course I did not since it’s not the dogs fault. I researched my legal options hoping that I could just report it to the appropriate authorities and they would take care of it. But according to the laws where I lived at the time I would have to file a noise ordinance complaint against each dog owner and take them all to court which we be a ridiculous hassle so I moved my bedroom which helped enough that I could sleep but in order to do that I had to rent a business rental downstairs for my home office.

  169. JohnT says:

    The dog barking situation whether it is ten minutes or ten hours that the dog barks has to be addressed sooner or later. People are fed up with the dog owners attitude that and animal has more rights than humans do. I have owned animals all my life and dogs do not bark when properly trained. The excuses are inexcusable and not being a PETA or humane society follower I could care less about animal rights. I am concerned with human beings from ill children to seniors that cannot afford medications or to eat. The 50 billion dollar industry of furballs to me is disgusting. Keep in mind 234 million Americans don’t own dogs so the owners are the minority, but you would not know it by the idiot noise laws that don’t protect people from barking.

  170. Ann says:

    What a horrible crime made even more horrible by the trolls that think causing physical harm to another living thing is ok because it annoyed you. Let me try that one the next time there is a screaming kid behind me in a restaurant, or some teen on a cell phone in the movies. “but they annoyed me” is not a justifiable defense then and should not be in this case. Grow up, behave like a human being and have some compassion. You are what is wrong in this world.

    My condolences to the family.

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