BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The Baltimore County school system is facing a huge budget shortfall, and some tough choices are on the horizon.

According to our media partner “The Baltimore Sun,” the projected shortfall is between $10 million and $24 million in the 2013 fiscal year. County officials say the deficit will have to be closed with cuts and increasing revenue is not an option.

The county has already slashed nearly 200 teaching positions in an effort to trim the budget.

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  1. tj says:

    we have become a third world country

  2. bmoregyrl says:

    I agree TJ, they are cutting from our kids.

  3. Owings Mills says:

    Where is the Race To The Top money? With the amount of money the county should be getting from that federal grant, there is no way teaching positions should be cut.


      Don’t you get it the feds never gave any money, ….Obama all talk no action, if you have not figured this out yet, YOUR REAL SLOW

      1. vincent vega says:

        “YOU’RE”, not YOUR! I sure hope you aren’t a teacher.

  4. Just Wondering says:

    Where is the money collected from the casino’s going? Oh damn that’s right into the political backers pockets. Silly me for a second I thought they were doing right.

    1. Matt says:

      If people would have read the fine print about the slot money, they would have seen that the casino money was not in addition to what is allocated for education, but to replace what the state wanted to take away from education.

  5. djr says:

    RTTT money averaged $ 17.00 per child. Way to sell out for nothing. But remember Baltimore County Public Schools has a large number of students taking (and not passing) Advanced Placement Courses.

    1. Joey Dundalk says:

      I wounder how many of those not passing are city residence who matriculate to county schools. It’s funny how many “students” hop off the MTA bus to get to nearest county school bus stop.

      1. Josh says:

        So true, I went to lansdowne and there were plenty of students getting off the mta bus and waiting at the mta bus stop to go home.


    where is the money for lotto,, keno going?

    1. Matt says:

      it goes to the Maryland stadium authority,

  7. Josh says:

    Great accounting “the projected shortfall is between $10 million and $24 million” so no one is sure how much of a deficit they’ll have, sounds like we need new accountants also.

  8. ERIC says:

    i think police, narcs, detectives are over paid. crime is worse in maryland then it ever has been. wasn’t like this in the 80’s 90’s why now what about the roads, ,this country is going quick

    1. common sense says:

      Really? Then when Kevin decided to release county employee’s yearly pay how come the police was posted yet Board of Ed. was not? Think there is a reason for that?

      I believe the teachers are likely under paid however the higher ups in the School System make insane money so they just didnt post anyone’s pay from the board of ed.

      To say we want everyone to know our pay and exempt a while entire group is a bit um…lets say no honest?

      What are we hidding…how much are the higher ups in the system making?

      And and lets be honest….if we were educating a large amount of city residents with county tax payers money we’d be better off. They are using their aunts and grand mothers address and are coming into County school while still living in the city.

      Yet police are overpaid? Lets get real.

  9. joe kay says:

    what happened to the 512 mil. from the maryland lottery that is for schools what pocket did this money go in

  10. DD says:

    Why do our children have to suffer. It’s bad enough the parents are. What’s next? Sure isn’t going to create more jobs. Balto.Co. school children have good grades because they have/had good teachers. Why do they always make such stupid decisions?

    Guess they should have never bailed out the banks or the automotive dealers.

  11. DD says:

    We all know who they can cut and what really should be taken away. Just won’t get the popular vote. And in my opinion, it isn’t very popular. Hopefully most of you can read between my lines here.

  12. Bill says:

    Bill, What a bunch of cry babies. We gave up on public schools years ago. Thank God we have great private schools in Maryland. You losers should try working 12 months year without the 2 dozen teacher planning days which are used for Bul sht… I visit various schools on a regular basis and you morons just have not gotten it. We want results not the Dem blame game. The only ones that can fix the system are yourselves but I doubt you have the guts to do it. I feel sorry for the health workers that were forced to join in with you cry babies because of the state mandatory unionization. Oh yeah where’s you Union Rep on this? If it is money you seek get another job. Teachers serve the people and not their pockets.

    1. Matt says:

      Bill, I’m not really sure where you are going with this post. It doesn’t have a point other than calling people names.

  13. O'ldBoy Omalley says:

    my job announced layoffs too. about time the gov’t feels some of the pain of the private sector. welcome to reality.
    it took a few years but the recession has finally come to maryland and you cant raise taxes on the unemployed.
    time to cut this BS kickback system.
    the good ole boy network in liberal MD is done.

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