ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Dunkin’ Donuts proposed for the historic district of Annapolis is getting mixed reviews.


The Capital of Annapolis reports that chain businesses already have a presence in the area, but some residents say adding the store could tarnish the local feel of the street.


The location at 38 West Street was previously a Thai restaurant.


Now it is under contract with Todd Lalumiere, the operator of three Dunkin’ Donuts stores. Lalumiere wants to open the store before Christmas and is looking for the city to grant him a special exception to do business in an area with mixed-use zoning.


City planning administrator Jacquelyn Rouse says the staff will recommend the business for approval and notes the store was home to a McDonald’s less than a decade ago.

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  1. Marystateemployee says:

    I am a state employee and I do welcome the new Dunkin Donuts on West Street. I really think that this will boost the economy in the city.. Many state employees complain that there are not many affordable places to eat while on break. The pretentious residents of Annapolis usually look down on those who are not like them. Oh it will kill the character of Annapolis if Dunkin Donuts opens. Please, how many overpriced shops are still in business not too many. Today was the first time I visited Dunkin Donuts West Street on my lunch break. It was welcomed treat. Now I can go somewhere before I have to clock in. The cafe in our building is nothing to write home about. Dunkin donuts are wicked

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