REISTERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — He was a member of the Ravens’ Super Bowl winning team and police say it took a Taser to arrest him for a hit-and-run accident.

Derek Valcourt has more on the arrest and why police had to use force to bring him in.

Police say the former football player was driving recklessly on a suspended and revoked license.  It took a Taser to tackle him.

As a Raven, Jermaine Lewis was known for weaving in and out of defenders, but police say Monday night, he was weaving in and out of traffic.  Callers to 911 reported Lewis’ car driving erratically along Reisterstown Road near Glyndon Drive.  He headed north on Hanover Pike where police say his car crashed into a sign which pointed to a volunteer fire department and Mason Dixon Bingo.  After the crash, he continued driving home. 

When officers went to his house, they found him lying on the couch with his shorts halfway down to his knees, reportedly smelling of alcohol.  According to court documents, he told the officer, “I hit a sign; I ain’t hurt no one.  I’m in my house.”

“As officers placed Mr. Lewis under arrest, he did not comply with the officer’s commands to stand up and allow the officer to place him under arrest.  A Taser was deployed,” said Det. Cathy Batton, Baltimore County Police.

The 36-year-old now faces a slew of criminal charges, including resisting arrest.

The damaged sign is a minor inconvenience to the folks at the volunteer fire company, who say Lewis has helped support their fundraisers in the past.  Managers of Mason Dixon Bingo are surprised a former Raven is to blame for ruining the sign that helped bingo customers find their way to the fire hall.

Even though he reportedly smelled of alcohol, Lewis was not charged with drunk driving.  Since he was arrested in his house, police say they wouldn’t be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was drunk behind the wheel. 

In a phone call Tuesday night, Lewis’ wife said she wants the public and media to respect the family’s privacy.

Bail for Jermaine Lewis was set at $50,000.

Comments (59)
  1. What a crock says:

    Doesn’t it take at lease 2 cars to make an accident? If all he hit was a sign, then it would be destruction or damaged property. Do we really need to arrest citizens for damaging a sign? Way to go Baltimore County

    1. finally says:

      these alleged celebrities need to be held responsible for their actions, no matter what. a law was broken by not reporting it so he is getting what he deserves.

      1. What a crock says:

        Who do you report this incident to, the sign? So you utilize this type of force because someone won’t get up off the couch? He admitted to hitting the sign, send him a bill and write him a citation. Why the use of force? Sounds like this BALTIMORE COUNTY COP had an authority problem! or was a Steelers fan!

      2. keith says:

        I agree but he was in his home.

    2. your a buffoon says:

      your an idiot! it takes ONE vehicle to make an accident……your statement made absolutely no sense, you obviously spoke out of your a** … if someone runs over your family member with their car… that not an accident? or say mr lewis drove his car into your house? is that not an accident? the answer to these questions is YES THEY ARE ALL CONSIDERED MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS!!!! destruction to property….umm NO! There has to be malicious intent for it to be destruction to property, was Mr Lewis made at the bingo sign and took his anger out on it…i highly doubt it! the only crock is your comments!

    3. Steve says:

      Because you are without a clue, I will enlighten you. The officer was investigating a property damage. The owners of the property are the folks who get the accident report and are listed as the victim. The officer tracks down the suspect, the suspect shows signs of being under the influence. At this point, the officer has the right to detain him for investigative reasons. When Mr. Lewis resisted the officers attempt to detain him, that becomes the crime and grounds for an arrest. No, you don’t need two cars for an “accident”, what is actually referred to as a vehicle collision, when your vehicle collides with something that does not belong to you and you leave the scene of that collision, that action is a criminal offense. So, to review, leaving the scene of an accident-criminal offense, ignoring a lawful order from an officer conducting an investigation-criminal offense, resisting detainment/arrest-criminal offense.

      1. crock is a buffoon says:

        Steve, I agree with almost everything you said except for one thing, leaving the scene of an accident also known as a hit and run is still considered a “TRAFFIC” violation, not a criminal violation and covered under the Maryland traffic laws (maryland annotated code)….it still carries jail time but isnt considered a “criminal violation” but he was still breaking traffic laws, just for your own reference!

    4. FRED says:

      maybe you should read the report a little closer he shouldn’t have been driving to begin with.

      1. finally says:

        thank you to all of the above for spelling this out for “what a crock”…he obviously just doesn’t get it.

    5. Laura says:

      Driving erratically down a street where others drivers could be injured, killed or put in a situation where they caused another accident is enough of a reason to arrest someone even if they can’t prove he was drunk or impaired. So, yes, way to go Baltimore County.

  2. uve got to be kidding says:

    I wasn’t aware that sitting on a couch warranted the use of a stun gun.

    1. Mike Bailey says:

      If you don’t respect or obey police orders thats what happens…. once a thug always a thug

      1. Becky G says:

        The story clearly states this man has done a lot for his community so I am not sure where the “once a thug always a thug” analogy comes in. We have no idea what is going on in this man ‘s life personally and he clearly had a bad day. Haven’t we all? This a basic non-story put out for a slow news day. Had it been your normal everyday person we wouldn’t even be reading this.

      2. Seriously? says:

        I’ve had bad days, and — wonder of wonders — I didn’t get drunk, get behind the wheel, hit a sign and resist arrest. Given your comment, I have to wonder, is this typically how you deal with your bad days? Do you think you could give us all a heads up when you have one and let us know where you’ll be driving so we can keep our families safe?

    2. Steve says:

      Yes, simply because he was sitting on the couch. Thank you for not reproducing.

  3. Ravens88 says:

    He was told to do something and Didn’t People need to learn !

  4. Jim says:

    I guarantee there is a lot more to this than what ‘JZ is reporting. Not known for their thoroughness…..

  5. this guy says:

    this man make tons of money but cant keep a valid drivers license? Love it!

    1. repeat offender says:

      tons of money? he hasnt played in over 10 years, he prob blew it all and is now broke, this aint his first run in with the law…..he got caught drinking and driving in anne arundel county about 6-7 years ago….

  6. JoeFromAACounty says:


  7. chris says:

    Not that it justifies the act but didn’t he have a child die when he played for the Ravens. He might be battling some other demons.

    1. No excuse for it... says:

      I can’t imagine what that does to a person, but putting other people’s children at risk is possibly the absolute worst way to cope with that…if he knows he is making bad decisions (check his record, he’s made a few), then he needs to get help.

  8. SPORTS WRITER says:

    This is what i like about Baltimore . How fast we forget he was a friend, like Broooks Robsion, Cal Ripken, we all have our battles,,,,again we all have our battles and your quick to judge.

    1. CD in Ho Co says:

      To put him in the same breath as Brooks & Cal is a grave error. Check out their police records and then his- ’nuff said. People here are not judging him,, his many court appearances prior to this arrest have already judged him. Lewis has had run ins w/ the law for years, Drunk driving, damaging other people’s property and taking off, driving so dangerously people call the police and then getting violent w/ the cops are serious. His prior good deeds do not factor into this, he is a criminal endangering other people & cops just doing their job. He may do some good stuff, but he has SERIOUS proiblems that need to be dealt with.

    2. JQP says:

      We all have our battles, but we do not all fill our bodies with alcohol or drugs and then get behind the wheel. We do not all take the lives of every other person on the road into our clearly incapable hands because we are dealing with personal issues. No. I’m sorry, I think you are giving him an excuse for the next time this “friend” to Baltimore gets drunk and decides to drive…maybe next time it won’t be a sign. I don’t care who he is (and he, sir, is no Cal Ripkin), he is just another drunk guy on the road causing damage and possibly killing someone.

      I hope this is the thing that wakes him up and forces him to fight his battles without causing anymore collateral damage.

  9. Steve says:

    Well “what a crock”, the guy committed a crime, and they obviously had enough probable cause to make an arrest. He brought the tasing on himself by not complying. Why should these officers risk their own health and safety fighting a former football player?? The taser was designed for exactly that reason, so they don’t have to get hurt fighting some drunk ignorant fool. Why does nobody seem to understand that if you fight a resist the police, you bring their use of force upon yourself. The time to resist and question their authority is in court, not at the scene.

    1. WHAT A CROCK says:

      Police FORCE should ONLY counteract a citizens use of force. I don’t see anywhere in this article where Mr. Lewis used FORCE!

      We don’t live in a police state where over zealous BALTIMORE COUNTY THUGS err I mean POLICE can kick down your door and barge into a private home and begin TAZING citizens!

      Bigmouthed bigots like Steve who is probably an abusive cop, husband or parent should stick to burning crosses in their back yards.

      The guy hit a SIGN. There is no justification for this type of harassment and abuse of power by the BALTIMORE COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT! NONE!!

      Baltimore City’s finest don’t even respond to accidents unless there are injuries or road blockage.

      BUT BALTIMORE COUNTY NAZI POLICE MUST HAD A APB out to find, invade private property and assault this lawless criminal who hit a sign!

      1. Sean says:

        Since when does having someone let you in to the house equate to “kicking down the door” which is what actually happened Mr. Crock. Someone sounds like they’ve been on the wrong side of the law a few times in their life and find themselves a bit bitter because of it. How are become so versed in police procedures? Lots of time in the clink?
        So, what was it that got you locked up, drugs, stealing cars, robbery, spousal abuse? Come on, give us a hint? Inquiring minds want to know!

      2. WHAT A CROCK says:

        My only crime is that of compassion for justice. This is such a flagrant abuse of power.

        Assault on a citizen is a crime.

        Trespassing on private property is a crime.

        Breaking and entering is a crime

        Abuse of power is a crime.

        Just because these licensed criminals dress up in police costumes doesn’t make them above the law!

        If you worked in law enforcement you would see first hand how dirty most police are.

        Wacko’s like you enable these NAZI STORM TROOPERS to continue their criminal activity.

        You just showed your lack of character, SEAN.

      3. Dave says:

        Crock- hIs wife let the cops in- no warrant needed, Not harrassment, citizens made complaints, a crime was committed and the police were investigating the complaints & property damage done- that is what cops do.
        If he hed not been driving around drunk like an idiot & hitting stuff & them messing w/ the cops, he would not have been in any trouble. THE COPA WERE AT HIS HOUSE BECAUSE HIS BEHAVIOR CAUSED PEOPLE TO CALL THEM. They did not come to my house that early am cause I was not driving arounf drunk hitting stuff. If a cop tells you to get up and put your hands behind your back, you do it. It is a simple thing.

        “Bigmouthed bigots like Steve who is probably an abusive cop, husband or parent should stick to burning crosses in their back yards.” You might want to check out Lewis’ record for HE is the one w/ domestic violence complaints, dude! What kind of so call “man” hits his wife/girlfriend? He don’t pay his child support either- what kind of “man” does not take care of his kids?

        He resisted arrest- he was drunk and did not listen to the cops & that is what you get. He has done it before and I hope they put him away for this as he is a danger, He was driving drunk, that is a big deal DRUNK DRIVERS KILL PEOPLE!

      4. Sean says:

        Breaking and entering-didn’t happen-was let in to the house.

        Assault on a citizen-didn’t happen-this is called a lawful arrest.

        Abuse of power-didn’t happen-only acted pursuant to training and followed procedure.

        I’m starting to see more of a pattern of you just being a conspiracy theorist and aren’t really paying attention to the details of the cases. You remind me more of a hate monger who pushes your own agenda. Nazi storm troopers?! Really, quite a stretch of even the most disturbed minds.

      5. WHAT A CROCK says:

        There’s no time line in this story. This JZ story changes by the hour.

        Is there a witness that identifies him driving when the car swiped this sign.

        You don’t know for sure he was the one driving the car.

        It’s the over-zealous tazer happy BALTIMORE COUNTY STORM TROPPER’s word against a good community member, that this man said he was driving the car.

        Too many holes in this story, my money is on the defense.

        These cops over stepped their authority, BIG TIME. How many other complaints are there pending against these cowboys?

        All of a sudden BCPD spokes women is making statements? Damage control?

        I smell money!!

      6. What a crock knows....he knowwwws says:

        @What a Crock: sooooooo…. you’re implying that maybe the police randomly went to this particular guy’s house and he just happened to be drunk? wow…that would be a coincidence….or a conspiracy…mmmoooohaaaahahaaaaa!

  10. randy says:

    This story has holes so big you could drive a car through them. Not that he should but I think the man walks on most of this and here’as why. Sure you have eyewitnesses of erratic driving, the smashed sign and damage to his car. But on the other hand you have an officer entering a mans home w/o a warrant. Were they right on his tail when he ran in the house? My work van is 15 years old and has a scratches and a few dents that were there before I bought it. That doesn’t give the police the right to walk right in my front door and lock me up in my underwear. This one’s gonna be interesting to watch.

    1. randy n sandra...pffff says:

      Randy, your also a buffoon! Walk? He’s gonna walk his butt right into that jell cell and do a couple of weekends ,like a good ol BOY! You have no clue what your talkign about or how the laws work……a warrant? They didnt need a warrant first off, they werent giong in there to search his home….how do you know they didnt have an ARREST WARRANT already for him….because if they did….they can go into anyone’s house to take custody of them WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT…..for example, the police have a warrant for your pathetic butt, they coem to your house, and knock on door, you look out , give them the finger like we’d expect ‘ol randy to do and wave, officer smith recognizes you and they have right to come in and get you, no need for a search warrant when they already have an arrest warrant….SECOND, where does it say they entered w/o permission or walked right in the front door, how do u know his wife, his kids, or himself didnt invite them in???? ill answer it for ya , YOU DONT! shut your pie hole and sit back down at the kids table like a good little boy, randy!

      Sandra…pffff….your post is just wasting up precious space on this site…the police tell you to do something, you do it, they tell you to stand up and you say go pound sand, guess what? they’re gonna help you up and when you resist, guess what happens? 50,000 volts in your ignorant butt will make you get up a lot quicker!!!! try it sometime….you might enjoy the “ride”!

  11. Randy says:

    I’m sorry for the grammer mistakes. I didn’t proofread like I normally do.

    1. Chakky says:

      You still didn’t, you spelled GRAMMAR wrong. You also need to check your facts as the police did not need a warrant in this case as his wife (or whatever she is) let them in.. The end is, if he had done as the police lawfully ordered, they would not have had to use any force. The guy has problems w/ alcohol, violence & lack of responsibility, so maybe this time he will get the help he needs. So many pro athletes think they are above the law.

  12. Sandra Durst says:


    1. Steve says:

      Reading and comprehension is apparently not your strong suit.

  13. Peter Smith Jr. says:

    This article is a waste of virtual space.

  14. Chelle says:

    SMH!! Ignorance is bliss and if you know nothing about Crimina Justice or Law Enforcement, SHUT UP!!! There are obviously some educated responses here while others are yet STUPID!! When Jermaine got behind the wheel and drove the car he became a criminal, driving eratically and hitting the sign just drew attention to him. Had he just got his ass up off the damn couch perhaps he may have just gotten a citation but just like an idiot, he resisted thus adding further charges to him. I say he deserved to be tased! Former Raven or Not he was wrong!! I love my team but wrong is wrong!!

  15. Kathryn says:

    Just go to public records at run a seach on Jermaine Edward Lewis and tell me what kind of guy you think he is! His record is more than one page and includes violence and similar previous charges. One of the arresting officers has delt w/ him before when he became violent. The police did the right thing. If he had just stood up and gone peacefully, they would not have had to use force of any kind. Perhaps he thought he had done nothing wrong (we all hit signs in the wee hours & run and have people call 911 to report our erratinc & dangerous driving right? LOL), but you get to explain that when you get your day in court. The guy was in court for not paying child support, that really sucks, so I hope they tazed him in the nards!

  16. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Some of these replys do nothing but give people the right to call some residents of Baltimore complete idiots. His VEHICLE hit something, it’s an accident. Something was damaged as a result of the vehicle hitting it…’s an accident. Some of these people on here don’t have enough ammunition to blow their own noses correctly.

    Lewis has a pretty extensive history with the criminal justice system. Not his first run in with the law….a pretty easy incident to investigate since it appears as if there were a few witnesses to the incident. I’m sure a license tag # was given and MVA records clearly showed it was Lewis car. The Officer wen to his house, found the vehicle with damage consistent with an accident and tried to make contact with Lewis. He was most likely allowed access to the residence where he found Lewis in astate of intoxication. Driving with a suspended License and Leaving the scene of a property damage accident are arrestable offenses and he refuse verbal commands to comply. The esculation of force was warranted and used.

    Pretty cut and dry…..even for some of these morons on here.

    1. WHAT A CROCK says:

      He wasn’t caught driving! So no driving w/suspended license, no drunk driving, no leaving the scene and to the best of my knowledge no law against being drunk in your own house or having your pants down.

      So, you vote to convict because of his past history?? Interesting justice you advocate.

      Cop dealt with him before so probably knocked on his door with a big time chip on his shoulder, but I can’t say b/c I wasn’t there and JZ will probably change this story again!.

      Nothing cut and dry about this one sweetie!

  17. mkjo says:

    “In a phone call Tuesday night, Lewis’ wife said she wants the public and media to respect the family’s privacy.”
    Respect my public safety, don’t drive drunk in public.

  18. just a though says:

    Well, reading the comments you guys are writing is truly a sense of jealousy for those that do not have any athletic ability. As I read the article, it states that when they entered the house, the guy was sitting on the sofa with his pants halfway down and he smelled of alcohol. My question is, do you honestly think he could stand if he tried? I’ve known several folks to get drunk and can barely walk or stand or crawl for that matter.

    Another thing, if he wasn’t going to be arrested for DUI/DWI, what’s the purpose of having him stand to begin with? HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    1. Kathryn says:

      He walked into to house from his car, didn;t he? Obviously he could walk and stand! He was being arrested for the property damage and several other charges, which were LATER dropped. He had to stand so the police could cuff him and take him to jail, where he belongs. That is standard procedure & he was being treated like any other criminal.

      The fact he was once a pro football player means nothing, only that it was news. It has nothing to do with jealousy LOL. If he had been a celebrity because he was a singer or writer or whatever, it would have been the same.

  19. finally says:

    @ what a crock: are you just playing devils advocate here or are you really that stupid?? hit and run and reckless driving are also crimes. not to mention he was drunk and could have killed someone. refusing to cooperate with the police is also a crime and good reason to taze his sorry @$$. again, he got what he deserved and hopefully they will make an example out of him.

    1. WHAT A CROCK says:

      @ finally.Let me say this slowly so you understand.

      He wasn’t caught behind the wheel of a car, so NO hit and run, NO reckless driving, NO drunk driving. The possibility exist that someone else was driving the car.

      He DIDN’T kill anyone, HUH?

      Failure to comply is a fluff charge and I wasn’t there and don’t know what happened. I have to take JZ’s reporting at its worth which isn’t much.

      Police can’t taze someone for not complying, unless that is how they forced him to admit to something he may not of done. Sounds 3rd world to me, but that is BALTIMORE COUNTY for you.

      So I guess FINALLY appointed herself judge and jury. FINALLY, likes her justice served vigilante style.

      You are the one who is @#%H&*

      1. finally says:

        people were calling the cops reporting seeing him behind the wheel and driving recklessly! they have released the calls into 911! what, was it his ghost driving the car?? he hit a sign and proceeded to run=hit and run. then he failed to comply with the police=tazing. and then tested positive for alcohol=drunk. and what makes you think i’m female?? you’re the only one that doesn’t seem to get that he commited a crime and deserves what he got. you need to move on.

  20. Why So Angry??? says:

    WOOOW….calm down it’s not that serious…..sheesh I know those sticks up yall butts are painful……

  21. JIM DECK says:

    they should give him 15 years he will do 7 and community service,, that is fair, we need to make a example out of this nfl player,,,,,

  22. JIM DECK says:

    this should be resolved with out people Knowing about it, he is a great man and a star and i think he should have special rights. different rights for him, and rights for regular people should pay a higher price. really he is a football star, he deserves to do what ever he wants, he is a great man, stop putting the black man down

  23. JIM DECK says:

    Why do people insist on keeping the black man done …this should be resolved with out people Knowing about it, he is a great man and a star and i think he should have special rights. different rights for him, and rights for regular people should pay a higher price. really he is a football star, he deserves to do what ever he wants, he is a great man, stop putting the black man down

  24. JIM DECK says:

    Kathyrn i think you hate black people, just admit it, this is a graet star he shouldn’t half to follow the same laws we do

  25. JIM DECK says:

    you all hate black people , give them a chance

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