BALTIMORE (AP) — Employees of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore County were told not to report to work after a water main break left their offices without water.

The Baltimore Sun reports about 3,000 workers were told not to come to work Tuesday to give crews time to repair a 16-inch water main break. The main ruptured Monday night. Water service was turned off in the area so that repair work could begin.

A spokesman for the city public works department, Kurt Kocher, said Tuesday afternoon that water service was being restored to about 1,000 customers.

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  1. Inneedofwater says:

    Thank you CBS for giving myself and others the only updated information regarding the water main break in the Woodlawn area. I did not even find out about the break until this morning news. I called throughout the day to get bit of news as we have been without water since 7:30 pm last night. I have even called DPW and have not even been able to get an ET of completion. I appreciate your staying on top of this story.

  2. State employee says:

    Another paid day off for these overpaid federal workers. The taxpayers are footing the bill not only for the repairs but paying these workers for a paid day off. Congress, please cut the staff at CMS…. If you are going to cut the programs (Medicare), than cut the staff, too. We have had our share of cuts, reduction of staff and higher cost in health benefits….so the Federal Gov’t. need to do the same. Get rid of big waste.

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