I was invited to do a fantasy draft against 9 other radio station hosts across the country.  The winner of our fantasy league will have a party thrown for some of our listeners by yahoo sports.  I wanted to show everyone how my draft went.

I ended up with the seventh pick, which I absolutely hated.  I feel like there are 5 legit players to draft at the top end.  Those players are A.P., Foster, Charles, Rice and Chris Johnson.  Not to say I don’t like any of the other players, but I would’ve loved to get one of those guys.  I don’t draft QBs in the first round and in this league you only get 4pts for a passing touchdown.  I like my team, I don’t love it, but I feel like I have good depth and I also feel like the draft went in some weird directions.  Defenses went really early, and someone took Baltimore’s defense really, really early.  I wanted to have at least one spot to represent Baltimore on my team, that player ended up being Billy Cundiff.

I would love to hear what you think about the team… Please let me know.

(7) Andre Johnson WR
2. (14) Maurice Jones-Drew RB
3. (27) Peyton Hillis RB
4. (34) Tony Romo QB
5. (47) Knowshon Moreno RB
6. (54) Jason Witten TE
7. (67) Chad Ochocinco WR
8. (74) Kenny Britt WR
9. (87) Joseph Addai RB
10. (94) Plaxico Burress WR
11. (107) Sam Bradford QB
12. (114) New England DEF
13. (127) Danny Amendola WR
14. (134) Billy Cundiff K
15. (147) Danny Woodhead RB

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