COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ)—Residents in College Park say they’re being ripped off by the city and its speed cameras.

Monique Griego was there as angry drivers and AAA called for the cameras to be taken out.

These cameras can cost you.

“These cameras steal from the public. They falsely accuse people of speeding,” said Will Foreman.

Foreman and several other drivers claim speed cameras in College Park don’t work properly. On Wednesday, they joined AAA in a call to have them removed.

“The whole process of the program is to intimidate people to pay that $40,” said Richard Landieu, of College Park.

Foreman says drivers at his local auto supply store have been ticketed 60 times since the cameras went up last October.  He used the pictures sent in the citation to calculate their speed.

“The camera doesn’t lie. They weren’t speeding,” Foreman said.

AAA says College Park speed cameras have given out more than 100,000 tickets. At $40 a pop, they say the city’s taken in around $2.4 million in revenue.

“When you strip it all away, it’s clear that this camera is all about making money,” said Lon Anderson, AAA.

AAA also claims the camera on Metzerott Road isn’t located properly according to the speed limits and other zoning guidelines.

But not everyone wants these cameras pulled from the road.

“Oh my gosh! People were constantly speeding. You didn’t see it calm like this,” said Mary King, of College Park.

The city of College Park denies the cameras are inaccurate, saying in a statement that before any ticket is approved, a Prince George’s County police officer verifies the daily camera self calibration to ensure the system parameters are functioning properly.

Still, drivers like Foreman feel drivers need a better way to fight the citation.

“In this system, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” he said.

Foreman has fought several of his tickets and won. He’s developed this Facebook page to show other drivers how to calculate their speed.

College Park says speed cameras have cut speeding in the city by 83 percent.

Comments (26)
  1. amandy says:

    If you do not like the speed cameras then do not speed. The cameras are there so cops will not get out the car & give us a ticket & void getting in a accident on a shoulder. I more like haveing the cops going after the real bad guys like
    (drug dealers, criminals, & crime) then stoping us on the street gitting a ticket.

    1. JackDaniels says:



      1. amandy says:

        We are the ones that are wasting gas & others that have big gas eating cars. Do you want to save gas then do not speed or rush to your job or where ever you are going & also car pool someone. How many times do we watch tv shows that have more cops chase that the one there are chaseing go & hit a car at a intersections. If a car ran a red light & hit the other car at a intersections the red light cameras can help who’s right & who’s wrong.

      2. Sean says:

        Wasn’t aware that officers aren’t allowed to talk on their phones. So glad you are hear to provide us incite as to what officers can and can’t do. Especially that talking to each other thing! How dare they talk to each other!

      3. jackoncrack! says:


        im confused….are they driving around wasting gas or parked in a park? Which is it because you say one thing and then in the same sentence you contradict yourself….so when yourself or one of your family members calls the police to report something, are they wasting gas as they drive to your house….or is that ok because it involves you and you need something….i.e. a report for your insurance company so you report a false insurance claim for a theft that probably never occurred……how do you know that they didnt just get a call from their sergeant who told them they have to stay over 4 hours because the incoming shift is short?? And then Officer Smith has to call his wife and let her know he wont be home at 11pm but instead around 330am…..

        Oh and let me guess you response is going to be that they shouldnt be driving and talking on their cellphone in the first place….hate to tell ya but wrong again jacko, the cell phone law that every other driving in MD violates and ignores actually doesnt even apply to first responders such as police, fire or medical personnel…..

        OMG two officers are sitting parked side by side in a park talking to each other???? NO WAY, they cant do that, maybe their eating their lunch or dinner because unlike yourlself and most americans they dont get a designated “lunch break” so they eat when they have time if they get time…..maybe their keeping an eye on the park while your kids are there playing so that a child predator doesnt come by and kidnap them……just some things to think about ol jacko before you open up that mouth of yours and start to embarass yourself and show your intelligent level……

    2. Leah says:

      WOW…your comprehension skills are severely lacking! The article clearly states that the cameras are not accurate and that people are being issued tickets when they are NOT speeding. I’m not even going to touch grammar and spelling.

      1. Leah says:

        Just to clarify, my previous comment was directed at Amandy.

      2. corky says:

        DO WHAT????? you just confused the hell out of me……sounds like a 10 year old typed up that garbage!

      3. Robert Long says:

        Wow im really confused. What an idiot amandy. Im just wondering. Are you special? Or just a drop out or like 10 or something. Because to me. You really have no idea what your even saying. Its just like you threw tother a bunch of trash and called it a comment. What i want to know is. What does using gas have to do with speeding? You use less gas speeding then you do park and go. Read a book about car’s and fuel injection and maybe you will find that out. And then you are attacking people that drive SUV’s and trucks. What gives? I think every one on here having read your comment’s lost 15 IQ points. I would recommend that you get help and fast. Or go to school or back to school or something. Or maybe next time not open your fingers on here. And i would also like to say. Please dont have any kid’s. Its people like you that pop kid’s out that 15 years later they are robbing people and cant figure out how to get a job. K Thanks.

  2. amandyisAnIdiot says:

    Amandy, I guess you don’t own a car or you are one of those stay home Moms that think they know everything. The speed cameras have been proven inaccurate by the people. The police won’t admit it because they would have to return that $2.4 million and lose face. So instead they just say the cameras are accurate. For red light cameras I can tell you if that light is yellow I jam on my brakes and hope the person behind me doesn’t hit me just so I won’t get a red light ticket.

    1. idiots everywhere! says:

      your an idiot too! where does it say the police dept gets all of the money ($2.4 mil) generated from the cameras…ill answer for you, it doesnt say that…it goes to either the state or pg county, not to pg county police…..think before you speak moron!

  3. Robert Long says:

    The speed cam’s are not getting people at the correct speed. I found out from someone who works in the department. They told me that they are trying to redo the hardware and software to fix the issue of giving out tickets to people who are not speeding. It even gave a ticket to a few people who where not even moving. So you can tell its messed up. 90% of the people who are sent the ticket dont even know that they where not speeding. And just pay it. So yea the city is ripping people off hard core. They pretty much stole like 2.4 million + from people already. I know they are looking for ways to get money but jeeze..

    1. Barbara says:

      I think you are absolutely right

  4. amandy says:

    Passenger think & see things different then what the driver dose. Next time when you are a passenger look at things that are different what the drivers can not think of or see they are more think of not get in a car accident am I right. You are right I do not have a car or I am not a mom. I work parttime & sometime spend a day with my dad at work that dose driveing around baltimore & d.c. all day. Being a passenger you are trusting you life to the driver. Passenger can help the driver what they can not see on the passenger side or looking for a ramp exit, road signs or anyother things you want the diver have just one job by watching other cars on the road.

    1. ha ha says:

      wow…you really cleared that up.

  5. Kendra says:

    Yes they are a rip- off! I have gotten a ticket for NOT speeding????? I was doing 25 in a 55mph area and then I recieved the speeding ticket in the mail, wanting me to pay $40. It clearly stated that i was doing 25mph in a 55mph area, but I still recieved a ticket????? GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! They need to take them good for nothing cameras down and find another way to make money!

    1. speed up says:

      you also were breaking the law, its AGAINST THE LAW to go that SLOW UNDER the speed limit….your a traffic hazard and impeding the flow of traffic……if its 55….why would you go 25? that makes no sense, I could see doing 50-54 but 30 under the limit…..your doing residential speed on a highway… deserve a ticket!!!

      1. Robert Long says:

        How are you expected to go 55mph from being stopped at the light in time before you pass the cam 10 feet away lol. 55mph in under 10 feet? yea thats not going to happen so i donno about you but most cars cant fly to 55 in time and also need at least more then 200 feet to do so to be doing the correct speed. So yea…. The cam is not setup to take images for going slow. Its only setup for going fast. Because then it would be an issue. Example. Heavy rain. Snow. Ice. Student drivers. Large Haul trucks. And so on. So dont be stupid like amandy K Thanks 😉

  6. Barbara says:

    If they cameras, red light or speed, are there for safety’s sake, then they would be more aggresive with people who drive intoxicated, whether it be alcohol or drugs. They do it for the money, and I too believe they are not legit.

  7. papa smurf says:

    barb, no one told you to speak, move to the back of the bus and sit yo butt down, you will speak when called upon….now run along like a good little black girl!

  8. Barbara says:

    OK, I originally entered this page to find out how to calculate the speed of my car for a camera ticket I got. I do not believe I was going as fast as they say. I was in a 25 mile zone, and the citation claims I was going at 43. I may have been going at 30, but not 43. The thing is I will have to pay the $40 because my tags are due for renewal next month and I can’t chance not getting them. God forbid I would have to go back to public transportation. Does anyone know if I pay, and figure they tagged me wrong, do I have an option to get my money back?

  9. fraught says:

    I pass various speed cameras several time s each day. I don’t speed. I’ve never been ticketed. I think they are in fine working condition. Which is more than I can say for the drivers I do see speeding and whining about getting caught.

    If you don’t like them, quit trying to change my mind, try changing the law!

  10. Jo Terry says:

    Well DUH! Of course its about making money, what else would it possibly be about??

  11. The Mask says:

    Get rid of the cameras, and all the cops.

  12. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    Speed and red light cameras violate a person’s constitutional right to face and cross examine their accuser. Since no human saw the alledged offense, the ticket is unconstitutional. PERIOD!

  13. BmoreDean says:

    The greater issue is the poor news reporting on these subjects. The AAA representative states how the camera’s don’t meet the state standards but the report does not elaborate. A good report would show the questionable way that the companies that operate these cameras received there contract. And it would also talk about the improper placement of some cameras in Baltimore City and elsewhere. For example the camera on Wilkens Ave near the former Cardinal Gibbons school is outside of the distance to a school parameters that are in the guidelines that allow the cameras. Why is this camera still operating? Follow the money people! Don’t be a sheep!

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