ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A Maryland workgroup on medical marijuana will be working on an application process for academic centers that could one day make marijuana available for sick patients.

The workgroup met Wednesday in Annapolis to discuss three different groups within the panel.

One team will focus on scientific aspects of an application, such as defining medical conditions to be treated. Another team will work on preventing illegal marijuana diversion. A third team will focus on defining application specifications for securing grants to pay for the programs.

The workgroup was created by legislation earlier this year. The panel will develop recommendations for legislation in the 2012 legislative session to develop a state-supervised medical marijuana program.

The panel includes lawmakers, law enforcement representatives, physicians, experts on addiction and former patients.

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Comments (6)

    This industry pulled in over 2 Billion dollars in revenue in the state of California last year and the state took in a cool 100 million in taxes.

    Of course Maryland will be one of the last states to cash in on this money maker so the thugs in Baltimore can stay in business a little longer.

    I’m waiting for the jacka$$ who always makes the bong water comment who must of watched reefer madness one too many times to chime in……………… I can’t hear you?

  2. The Mask says:

    How about we don’t just get mad at Maryland.. but force the federal government to take marijuana out as a “schedule one drug.” Schedule one, meaning the drug has no medicinal purposes..putting it in the same category as heroine and MDMA. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The war against drugs is a joke.. marijuana being in this category is a joke.. arresting people for small marijuana possession is a joke. This is such a simple way to make money, and farrrr less people will be hooked on prescription drugs – the epidemic destroying our country.

    1. DOCSRUS says:

      Street Survival Course Order Form for SWAT and other police personel:

      1 – How many times have you attended our Street Survival Course – Choose 1-25 Times. (I guess it takes 25 trips to Lake Tahoe at the taxpayers expense for some of these guys to learn the program).

      2 – Will your Spouse be accompanying you this time? Please add $75.00

      3 – Choose the Street Survival Course location that you would like to attend: Your choices include luxury resort areas such as Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Orlando and more.

      The above is for real. There are 45,000 SWAT raids in America each year. The last time I checked there wasnt 45,000 terrorist attacks in the USA. So these are private homes being invaded enmasse all across our country. These are everyday people from main street USA waking up at 4 in the morning to stun grenades being thrown through there windows and entire squads of police officers dressed up like army men breaking down there doors and killing anything that dares to reach for a light switch in the commotion. Peaceful non violent people having been dieing for 80 years now over this and all of our elected officials seem to think its ok.

      You cant terrorize an entire nation for 90 years and expect something positive to come out of it. Other than free taxpayer trips to disneyland at the expense of someones life.


      ABC American Private Prison systems is offering a referral program. Send us 3 harmless non violent offenders and receive 1 share of our common stock. Send us 10 harmless non violent offenders and receive 5 shares of common stock. (but be careful or you’ll wind up in prison like that judge in PA that was selling kids to the local private prison system in his area).

      1. Izzy says:

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  3. DOCSRUS says:

    All of these monsters need to be voted out during the next election. Pay attention people. Do you research, its easy now with the internet. Get onvolved, educate your friends and family about the voting process and take them by hand if neccessary. Otherwise nothing will ever change and our great country will continue into downward spiral into some sort of Orwellian nightmare.

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