By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Feeling safer? Maryland State Police report some of the lowest crime rates in history for the year 2010.

Pat Warren reports some of the figures may surprise you.

As a rule, crime stories are bad news, but now state police have a good report.

“What it showed is that Maryland’s crime is down to its lowest level since 1975,” said State Police Superintendent Marcus Brown. “This is the first time we started tracking this data on a statewide basis.”

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR), total crime in Maryland is down 5.1 percent to the lowest level in history since the UCR started in 1975. Violent crime dropped six percent last year, and property crime was down by 4.9 percent.

Baltimore, Baltimore County, and Prince George’s County had some of the sharpest declines in the state.

State Police Superintendent Marcus Brown is a former deputy police commissioner in Baltimore.

“From my viewpoint, and I’ve seen it from the city, from another law enforcement agency and now from Maryland State Police, only being here two and a half weeks, what I’ve seen on a statewide basis is a lot of technology improvements, a lot of collaboration,” Brown said.

Since 2006 total crime has dropped 12 percent in the state. Violent crime is down 17 percent. Last year, Maryland says homicides dropped 3.2 percent. That’s 14 fewer people killed. Aggravated assault was down 5.6 percent in 2010.

Brown says police and other agencies are doing a better job of sharing information.

“I believe all these things have contributed to that reduction here in Maryland,” Brown said.

While the 2010 stats are encouraging, the figures are still far from ideal. In 2009, Maryland had the 9th highest violent crime rate in the nation.

It’s not yet clear how Maryland stacked up against other states in 2010.

Comments (8)
  1. B.C.P.D. says:

    Why all the lying? Election year.

  2. William says:

    If it is the safest year since 2010 why are they not laying police off. Instead they complain they don’t have enough. They are so busy in the northeast district, you half to lie and so they have guns so they show up. WHAT GIVES?

  3. JILL says:

    The police are shooting each other, selling drugs in uniform, how worse can it get?

  4. DET FRY says:

    why are the so called authoritys trying to tell us Baltimore city is safer then ever…. What are they smoking?

  5. Detective MORLINE says:

    they keep the drugs off I 95 coming into Baltimore City,,,, How else are the drugs coming in???? You people think everyone is just stupid. Not so, shovel it somewhere else Governor o mally

  6. Maggie says:

    The state police are leting the drugs in from i95 from NEW YORK, And Flordia. The state police are raelly on the ball. how to the drugs get to this state, this city, they ride right by the state police, what a freaking joke

  7. JIM DECK says:

    Police, the mayor, the head of police are right, i did the figures. why is everbody upset

  8. stationnnorth says:

    Crime may have dropped six percent but I hate to inform the state police and Gov. O’Malley that there was still 9,316 violent crimes and 223 people murdered just in Baltimore for 2010. Numbers don’t lie and Baltimore is not as safe as they want us to BELIEVE.

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