2 Drunken Driving Arrests For Md. Mom In 3 Hours

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — A Salisbury woman has been arrested twice in three hours on drunken driving charges, and police say she had her 4-year-old daughter with her the second time.

An officer stopped Ann Marie Abdullin on Route 50 in Salisbury early Tuesday for traffic violations, and police say she was impaired by alcohol.

Authorities say they learned Abdullin, 23, had been arrested just three hours earlier on a drunken driving charge and released to a sober driver.

Abdullin is charged with driving while impaired, driving under the influence, operating a motor vehicle within 12 hours of being arrested for DUI and other traffic offenses.

Police say charges also are pending against the driver who took Abdullin back to her car and let her drive away after her first arrest.

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  • Matt

    1st offense for DUI/DWI should be suspended license for at least 3 months

    • Gordon Campbell

      In Canada it is not a misdemeanor but a criminal offense.First offence ONE YEAR suspension with a MEGA $$$ fine.It is estimated that ONE drunk driving offense will cost the drunk approximately $40,000 in fines,insurance costs and inconvenience.Get Draconian with drunks-seize their cars and make them watch it go to the crusher.People caught speeding on the highway 30 miles an hour over the limit LOSE their cars.They are seized and disposed of and it doesn’t matter how many more payments they have to make.People STILL drink and drive AND race and freak out when they are caught.You can’t fix stupid.

      • Hal McCombs

        $40,000? Why not $100,000? Or a million? We can not only stop drunk driving, we can destroy them!

        Or is that really what you meant to imply?

      • JJ

        Luckily here in America we have laws against excessive punishments and fines. Must suck to live in Canada where the government steals your stuff for breaking some dumb law. I love how you point out at the end that none of it even works to curb the behavior because people STILL do it. Idiot.

      • Nomoreozone

        That’s why Canada SUCKS!

      • Bob G.

        Canada. Why just you don’t execute them and take their estate?

      • Randall

        To JJ, when members of your family are murdered by a drunk driver, you will think differently. To me DUI should be elevated to the level of Attempted Murder. If you walked into a mall or city park with a gun and started shooting, you might hit someone, you might not, you might kill someone, you might not. For doing this, you would be charged with serious crimes and get jail time. Drunk driving is the same and should be treated the same.

      • Yirmin Snipe

        Something tells me this is a load of BS. Do you honestly think that the Canadian banks would allow a law to be passed that would say Mr. Bill is driving a new Mercedes that the bank has loaned money on and still needs to collect 75,000 to pay off the loan… now Mr. Bill speeds so the government seizes and disposes of the car? Really, do you think any place would be that stupid?

        If what you say is true, I as Mr. Bill will speed let the government take the car and when the bank wants another payment I will simply say sorry I’m not paying feel free to go reposes the car, its crushed down at the local junk yard…. yeah that sounds plausible.

        The problem with drunk drivers is not that the person has an issue with driving, the person has an issue with alcohol. The most sensible approach is to require everyone that buys a drink or bottle to show a license to consume alcohol…. and if you ever get busted for DUI you lose the license to consume alcohol forever because you proved you couldn’t handle it. But in a society where a car is pretty much a necessity you can’t take someone with a drinking problem and take away the car because of their inability to deal with alcohol… it makes as much sense as seeing a parent that abuses his kid with a coat hanger, and instead of taking the kid from the home you take the coat hanger… the coat hanger and the car aren’t the problem they are the symptom

      • Tom Classtu III

        You sound like a real fun guy. I bet you’re a hit at every party you attend, if you’re even invited. Jerk.

      • 2XS

        You gotta love how someone like JJ calls someone else an idiot while speaking out of his arse. “Must suck to live in Canada where the government steals your stuff for breaking some dumb law”. There are more than a few cities/states that have vehicle forfeiture for DUI. As well as selling/smuggling drugs, racketeering, tax evasion, illegal gambling, parole violation, soliciting prostitution etc that result in property seizuer. Like so many others, guess JJ feels that certain laws should be ignored. Especially if it gets in the way of having a good time smashing into sober people on the roads. Excessive punishements and fines are subjective and are always challenged by someone who feels they are unjust not matter what they are.

      • DOCSRUS

        JJ…are you serious? Here in America peoples HOMES and entire life savings are being seized just for growing a plant. Oklahoma just recently passed a law stating that any of your children that are caught with hashish (another form of mrijuana) will spend there entire lives in prison. So no we dont live in a country that protects people from inhumane punishment or treatment.

        And its about time that some of these drunks are held accountable just like the other 30,000,000 of us. The alcoholics are responsible for 40-60% of all violence according to the WHO, CDC & UN stats. Theyre also responsible for tens of thosuands of drunk driving deaths every year.

        You must live in a cocoon in Poohs forest?

  • devistated

    Why do the police release anyone to anyone until they are sober? That is as dumb as probation officers giving known drug addicts urine tests twice a weak that can be faked instead of swabs that can’t. Or allowing drug dealers to congregate outside the main gate of BBHC on Pratt St. from 7am to 6pm monday thru friday. Law enforcement needs to take responsibility when people refuse to.

    • MJ

      Because most jails will not accept/book DUI’s for lack of room. The cops can’t lock them up at their homes. In the small town I live in there is a legislated mandatory 8 hour hold on anyone booked for DUI. Washington Stated just instituted a mandatory impound on the vehicle driven by the DUI.

      • O's Player LUKE SCOTT WAS RIGHT!

      • NowListenUp

        yeah, full of illegal immigrants that is.

      • MW

        WA did this because some drunk was released went right back to driving and killed someone.

  • raven x

    devis……good post…but you forgot about the ACLU and NAACP or any other liberal group.

  • Alex

    why is the person who dropped her off being charged? i guess the police who let her out while she was still drunk should be charged too.

    • Chesh

      Maybe you should read the article and you could answer your own question.

    • Nikki Elburn

      NO , the person who droped her off siggned a paper that said he would take her home and not alowe her to drive within 12 hours !!!!!!!

  • Albert Schork

    Two DUIs in three hours. 23 yrs old. 4 year old child. All these numbers are sad in themselves. Basically what you have is a moron breeder of Darwinian proportion, whose friend is an equal idiot, and neither love children. While I agree MD. law enforcement was lax for not keeping her until sober, the state of MD is not her problem. The state of denial is her problem!

  • Joan

    My brother-in-law and 4 year old nephew were killed 2 weeks ago by a drunk driver. The woman had been released from jail on bond that morning, went to a bar and at 2 in the afternoon drove into 3 cars stopped at a traffic light on a busy city street. Estimated mph was 60. Oh, and she had been arrested TWELVE times for public intoxication and/or dui. My sister believes criminals have more rights than victims. I guess it doesn’t matter when the victims are dead.

    • john

      I was rear ended by a drunk woman in her early 20’s at an intersection, it totaled both vehicles, glass and metal everywhere. The pain from whiplash took about 2 years to go away. I got paid less than the vehicle was worth, and had to pay thousands more to get another one. The good news was that I wasn’t killed or maimed, but could walk away and count myself somewhat lucky that day.

  • Ryan Mouk

    She is an example of a loving and caring mother. I hope they take her license away for life. Of course with this outstanding citizen she may find her drunk self piloting her neighbors lawn tractor down to the local bar to sell her food stamps for beer money.

  • reactionary

    When the SHTF there isn’t going to be enough rope in the country to deal with all the people who deserve it.

    • DogDontHunt


      But then a box of 550 .22 long rifle shells only costs about $15…

  • GL Lee

    She was arrested for DUI, not DWI. They are different charges, you can alcohol in your system (DUI) but not be intoxicated (DWI). That probably explains the letting go of her by the first cop.

    …not defending anyone, just making a minor point.

    • OC Surfer

      It’s the same thing. In California, drunk driving is a DUI (Driving under Intoxication), other syates c.all it DWI (Driving while Intoxicated). Either way, it’s a bad decision to make, and I’ll will cost you even if you don’t hurt anybody or anything.

      • Eric P Turner

        first offense should be 5 years in jail, loss of license forever nation wide. there’s no possible excuse none its to widely advertized everywhere not to do it. you start throwing theses murderous drivers in jail right off for 5 years and you will see less of it happening enough of the soft touch judicial system,. and if you a cop or a public official double the time and loss of pensions.

      • CB

        Eric, Perhaps Iran would be a better placefor you to live?

    • Steve French

      Gordon u don’t lose your car for 30 mph over limit. Or 30 km. U do know it’s km right? And it’s not 40k in fines on a DUI . Buy a clue. And there is no difference between DUI and dwi . Some jurisdictions call it different things. Gordon u r a wealth of misinformation .

    • Bob G.

      In Mass, we have only DUI; driving under the influence. For alcohol, the point is .08 and the charge can also include drugs.


      The only differance between the two is the legal definition for law enforcement purposes. Intoxicated is intoxicated.

  • Sam E Moore Jr

    One suspects this women at 23 is not new to DUI.s
    with these two DUI.s within 3 hours .
    I’ll bet She has been charged with several others as well as Drunk in public .

  • henry

    where’s the “smoking gun” picture when you really need it?

  • JC

    Odd….ANYONE that I have ever known to be caught DWI spent the NIGHT in jail. WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Even Otis the town drunk in Mayberry spent a night in jail.

  • Michael P Coleman


  • john

    Alcohol affects people differently: Some are intolerant and pass-out with a mere 1/2 drink; at the other extreme are hard-core alcoholics able to consume 24 or more drinks per day and exhibit no signs of inebriation, they can drive a formula 1 race and win.

    But all cops are punks.

    • DogDontHunt

      Well at least your post was consistent in its stupidity…


      I second that thought DogDontHunt! The above alcoholic is in denial and most likely makes a habit of driving around endangering other peoples lives every day.

  • Solidspine

    I’ll drink to that!

  • Beanzzz

    Can you provide a link to who drank 24+ drinks and then raced and won a Formula One race?

    Yeah, don’t think so.

  • damook

    I live in the hillbilly town, leaving soon…not really surprised. Toss in some benzos and heroin and this is a daily occurrence

  • seaden

    “Authorities say they learned Abdullin, 23, had been arrested just three hours earlier on a drunken driving charge and released to a sober driver.”
    It would appear that the arresting agency seriously needs to revisit their policy to release intoxicated persons to a “sober driver’. Fortunately this women didn’t have an accident and injure or kill someone. The potential lawsuits would be sobering.

  • Eric P Turner

    jail 10 years min there’s is absolutey no freaking excuse to get behind the wheel drunk or mildly buzzed as some are calling it. i lost a 6 month old child to a mildy buzzed murderer behind the wheel he already had 6 previous DUI charges and had been in jail now he will rot for 25 years and better hope im six feet under when he gets out cause he will never breath free fresh air ever.

    • CB

      I understand where your’e coming from but get real…. Parking tickets? public stoning. Speeding? Cut of their arms!

  • dam

    I’m officially forming MAMADD.

  • joaquin

    Does she play football for Oregon?

  • firstpoppa

    Why did they release her to a ‘sober’ driver?

    Because we are a “kinder, gentler nation today”. We don’t want anyone to feel “persecuted”. In my experience, local agencies tend to follow the dictates of the local PC crowd. After all, we don’t want to offend anyone.

    In Kalifornia, an officer finds that a person they’ve stopped has a warrant for failure to appear in court on a prior traffic ticket- guess what. The person needs at least THREE pending failures to appear in order to be arrested. Why? Because some state senator’s son got arrested and met up with Bubba while in county jail awaiting his appearance in court the next day. So Daddy got the law changed.

  • http://wishididntknow.com/2011/08/18/drunk-driving-mom-arrested-twice-in-three-hours-with-4-year-old-daughter-in-car/ DRUNK DRIVING – Mom Arrested TWICE In THREE HOURS – With 4-Year-Old Daughter in Car

    […] Md. (AP)— A Salisbury woman has been arrested twice in three hours on drunken driving charges, and police […]

  • sam

    Sounds like an officer wrote a citiation summons to appear in court. Why for drunken driving usually they go to jail and are not released until they are sober. I will bet the officer will have some explaining to do from the 1st arrest. Thank God she did not hurt anyone.

  • http://politicolonel.com/?p=3362 Maryland mom arrested twice for DUI in 3 hours. The second time her 4-year old daughter was in the backseat » politicolonel.com

    […] Source […]

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