SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (WJZ) — A bloody handprint and racy photos are among the new leads as investigators search for a woman from Maryland who vanished in Aruba.

Andrea Fujii investigates the new clues in a case that has the world watching.

Sources describe the pictures police recovered on Gary Giordano’s digital camera as “beyond pornographic.”

The head of the investigation talked about Giordano– the only suspect being held in connection with the disappearance of his friend Robyn Gardner on the island– in candid and graphic terms.

“He’s a mean bastard,” said Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein. “The way he treats women. It’s all geared toward himself.”

Both Giordano and Gardner are from Maryland. They met online. Aruban police say there are inconsistencies in his story– that she was swept out to sea while snorkeling.

The FBI has agents on the ground in Aruba right now, and they are assisting in the inspection and collection of all that evidence, including those pictures.

“What is exactly on that digital camera. Well, authorities say there are photographs,” said Martin Savidge, CNN correspondent. “But they won’t say what they are and if they will aid their investigation.”

And more new evidence: There are reports police uncovered a bloody handprint on rocks near the beach. It’s unclear if it’s connected to Gardner.

And while Giordano’s getting scrutiny, he has defenders, including one woman who says she went on several wonderful vacations with him.

“We became friends,” she said. “We stayed in contact for a year. I had made plans with family members to go on a cruise and I invited him to join us, and he did.”

WJZ also has new information about a $1.5 million accidental death insurance policy Giordano bought on Gardner. The Associated Press reports Giordano contacted the insurer days after Gardner disappeared to cash out, confirmed he was the beneficiary and asked whether it covered search costs.

Giordano has always maintained he did nothing to harm Gardner.

Giordano has reportedly asked his attorney in Aruba not to comment about the case and threatened to fire him if he does.


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