WASHINGTON (WJZ)– A wealthy 91-year-old Washington D.C. socialite is found dead. Her husband, younger by 44 years, is now charged with murder.

Mike Schuh reveals police have now found forged inheritance documents.

Viola Drath– journalist, author, government advisor, diplomat, hostess– was found dead in the bathroom of her pricey Georgetown home Friday. Initially, police thought it to be natural causes. But following the autopsy, the cause was changed to murder.

Her husband, German Albrecht Muth, 47,  has been arrested and charged with murder.

“Everyone is frightened, and so now, we can breathe a sigh of relief and feel like our beautiful neighborhood is safe again,” said Drath’s neighbor.

Police say their 20-year marriage was rocky with protective orders and an assault conviction. Muth also had a protective order taken out against him by his former gay lover.

D.C. charging documents show: He said their marriage was a “marriage of convenience.” [He] said he did not have a formal job and was financially supported by Drath who provided a monthly allowance that netted him $2,000.

These charging documents indicate that police had left the room where Muth was being questioned, and immediately he started rubbing his face and saying over and over again, “She’s ruled it a murder. She’s ruled it a murder.”

When detectives returned, Muth said: “The next question… Is anything linking me to it in your mind? It doesn’t look good for me.”

Drath’s friends say they begged her not to marry the man. But being a widow, she told them she was lonely and he was good company.

Drath’s family told police that as soon as her body was removed from the house, Muth gave them a letter dated a week earlier. It says Muth should be given $150,000 upon her death. Her family says her signature on the letter was forged.

Police could find no evidence of forced entry into the home. They did find scratches on Muth’s forehead, and when they asked him about them, he became visibly upset.

Because their house was a crime scene and he could not get in, Muth told investigators he was living in a nearby park.

Comments (4)
  1. antoinette shorter says:

    I swear all I can manage to give is a BLANK STARE….



  3. Guest2 says:

    Why would a 47 year old be married to a 91 year old? Apparently, it wasn’t love. Blunt trauma to the lady’s head and face and he hat scratches on his face. That is going to be hard to explain. If it was a set up, someone did a positive job on him. God be with the woman’s soul, and her family.

  4. never do it yourself says:

    what an idiot! anyone with a little bit of common sense knows you dont kill your spouse yourself, you pay someone else to do it, duh! the first person they look at is the wife or husband……moron! $150k …..ok…..$100k for me and 50 for you, make it look like it was a random robbery that went bad…..jeez!

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