ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Natural Resources police say a man has died after being knocked off a personal watercraft in the Chesapeake Bay.

It happened Thursday about 3:40 p.m. south of the fishing pier at North Beach in Calvert County. Police say William Thomas Cole, 42, of North Beach was riding the 10-foot personal watercraft and jumping waves when he was knocked off his vessel.

Officers say Cole, who was wearing a lifejacket, called for help but was covered by breaking waves and then was seen unconscious on the water. Volunteer firefighters picked Cole up and took him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The accident is under investigation.

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Comments (2)
  1. Bite Me says:

    “Knocked off” of his personal watercraft? How? Did someone have a baseball bat?
    Maybe he just “fell off”. When they finish the investigation, i.e. autopsy, what are the chances that they will find that he had a high blood-alcohol level at the time of the accident?
    Now that we have the media stirred up, lets move forward with our plan to increase our level of control over Maryland boaters. We will need to be “more involved” in their activities, and conduct more “spot checks” of their vessels, safety equipment, and sobriety checks. Sadly. this will require more money, as we step-up our presence on the Bay, but, no worries…we will just increase the cost of boat registration to cover the cost of regulating them more closely.
    Give us a break you Nazi officials. If some @$$ decides to get drunk and drowns in the Bay, it doesn’t mean that we need 20 more DNR officers on round-the-clock patrol to help us with our weekend outings.

  2. Francie Rose says:

    Excuse me…whether or not this man was drunk does not give you the right to call him names and demean him…his family is distraught and could come across this atrocious comment. The young daughter he left behind could see this one day…How dare you. You could have gotten your point across just fine without attacking the dead. Shame on you. If you have a problem with the boating laws, why don’t you take it up with the proper authority instead of putting such meanness where loved ones can see it. I hardly think that your complaint will get into the proper hands.

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