SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell announced a collaborative effort on Thursday to share information about violent or potentially violent offenders.

The partnership will allow parole and probation officials and law enforcement in both states to exchange information on arrests. That way, parole officials will be able to take action if a suspect from one state violates terms of release while in the other state.

Law enforcement and public safety officials in both states will be able to prioritize warrant service. Between January and June, there were 389 people wanted in Delaware with Maryland addresses and just over 1,000 people arrested in Delaware who had Maryland addresses.

The O’Malley administration says these initial steps could lead to other information-sharing opportunities, such as information from license plate readers to track stolen or suspicious vehicles and pawn shop databases to find stolen property.

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Comments (3)
  1. T J says:

    To improve public safety, just hours ago the queen said we have been the safest since 1975. I swear the water omally, commish, city police, mayory is tainted

  2. Beth says:

    If they aren’t on drugs, the mind is not grasping what they are saying or thinking, because in reality the city isn’t safe, and drugs , crime, murders are on the raise

  3. Madman says:

    Anything to keep his name in print.

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