BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Cut phone lines in Baltimore put Verizon customers out of service.

Monique Griego has more on a recent spike in sabotage that’s upsetting customers.

Verizon is in the middle of a strike. No one is blaming those workers but the number of cut lines has jumped from a handful to hundreds and Verizon believes the first incident of cut phone lines in this area happened Wednesday night.

Cut lines left hundreds of Verizon customers in Baltimore dangling.

“All of our phones, no fax, no Internet,” said Quinton Reid, a Verizon customer. “None of my three lines work.”

When Reid’s bail bonds office lost phone line service, business came to a standstill, but he didn’t know who to blame.

“I never could think that it would actually be sabotage,” he said.

Verizon believes someone cut wires in an alley near Pennsylvania and West North Avenue. Verizon says someone took an axe and chopped the line right at its base.

It’s the latest case in a string of sabotage incidents that began after 45,000 Verizon workers went on strike two weeks ago. Since then, in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, 210 cases have been reported. Thirty of those happened in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

“What would somebody get out of cutting the lines just to make me and the rest of the consumers miserable?” Reid said.

We contacted the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Union which represents Verizon’s workers. The union said it doesn’t condone violence or sabotage to Verizon’s plant and in some instances, would question whether it wasn’t due to lines that Verizon had let deteriorate.

Technicians in Baltimore are still trying to restore power to several businesses within a few blocks. Reid can only hope phones in his office are up and running soon.

“I don’t know the calls that I’m not receiving. That’s what I’m really worried about,” he said.

Technicians told us it could take until Friday to restore service to that area. Verizon is asking anyone who sees someone sabotage a phone line to call police.

Comments (64)
  1. Debbie Belair says:

    Typical union tactics. If they don’t get what they want, this is the results. Union are pampered by politicians and their cronies. Look at Obama and the SEIU. Corruption is part of their past. Fire all of them and start over with people that want a job.

    1. Ms Happy Union Worker says:

      u need to get the facts b4 u open ur big mouth… typical uneducated person… react b4 getting the facts.. if u have not found a job by now, it must be u… since the strike i have gotten 5 offers. u sit there and continue to collect government funding on my union dime..

      1. Tom says:

        You union baby. It isn’t a matter of education. It’s a matter of seeing reality. You union babies are pathetic. All of you.

    2. 16 year Union Man says:

      How about you just go back to the cotton field days and work for whatever master gives you while he makes Millions off your back. Don’t get mad at us Unionized workers for thinking better of ourselves and wanting to get paid based on how we made this company and grow. It is the mindset of you and others who allowed this country to end up the way it is now. Unions keep jobs here, period. Greedy corporate CEO’s would rather pocket millions of dollars in a year, which takes the highest paid employer and his offspring, decades to make. If Americans would have stood up and demanded more for themselves instead of taking less, we would be much better off. Additionally, Large companies were given money from our Government to create jobs, which they did, overseas and laid U.S. workers off (money shifts between different lines of business). They pocket the remainder of the money by giving themselves million dollar bonuses. Everyone that don’t like or understand Unions, ask yourself why shouldn’t you get a million dollar bonus, after all you do more work every year? We work in extreme heat, rain, sleet, snow and I personally risk my life every single I work for verizon. In addition, forced to work 12 hour days while executives enjoy country clubs,free personal trips using company planes and golden parachutes. Do your homework and get all the facts. It’s one thing to look ignorant, but another to open your mouth and remove all the doubt. SOLIDARITY, stay strong my Union Brothers and Sisters.

      1. aj says:

        Sounds like sour grapes that you couldn’t get a management position. My husband was in a Union and had to get out because the work was not available, But the one thing neither of us believed/believes is that a company that pays employees to do a job has to feel like they have to expose themselves to employees. Get real – how would you feel if you were a owner and someone said I work hard for you and you owe me. – I’d be telling them be greatful they have work or look elsewhere – no one forced to you to the hazardess job you chose it. They get the Country Club life because they foot the bill for Union Free Loaders!!!!

      2. Tom says:

        Union baby.

      3. jay says:

        I agree.

      4. Still working says:

        Get over yourself dude, I work for Verizon now for 11 years, non-union…I still have a job, make good money, great benefits and don’t say you made the company, that’s BS…union doesn’t make the company, ALL employees do and don’t say you risk your life, you’re forced to work 12 hours a day- no one is forcing you to do anything, if you don’t like it then quit and find another job period! Verizon isn’t holding you hostage

  2. Bob A Bowie says:

    Typical union thugs.

    1. C . A. Paul says:

      We live in the information age, all those union bashers should at least try to find info about UNIONS and what they have done for the common man, and how it has also helped non unionised workers in this country and any where in the world where there are unions. Be informed about a topic before making assinine comments and giving proof of your ignorance and showing the world that you are’nt even GED qualified.

      1. Tom says:

        C.A. Paul – It isn’t 1920 anymore. The age of unions is gone. Join us here in 2011. In this case, unions are hurting the common man. Look what this has gotten us, 45,000 repair men and women on strike because of an extra few bucks of health insurance or some dumb b/s. We’re showing our ignorance? Try looking in the mirror.

  3. Sean says:

    Yet another reason why I will never switch to Verizon.

  4. Sister of Ms Happy Union Worker says:

    It kills me when I see people that clearly don’t have a clue about unity comment on meer hear say!!! People save your judgments for AFTER you get all of the facts. Unions don’t condone sabotage but VZ would do ANYTHING to take the negative light off of them even sabotaging their own and playing the blame game!!!!

    1. UnionThis says:

      The Union legally does not condone sabotage. However, from a roster of 45K employees on strike, they know very well that at least hundreds of them are stupid and willing to sabotage. Therefore, the Union Bosses implicitly encourage sabotage by not STRONGLY OPPOSING it. Whereas Verizon replacement workers are STRICTLY INSTRUCTED to not mess with the strikers nor anything related, else they will be fired on the spot.

  5. Ms Happy Union Worker says:

    That is not the reason… u must not have been able to get into the company…. the reading and math examples where too hard…… LMFBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is fundamental……

    1. Tom says:

      School is fundamental huh, you obviously failed English. You can’t spell.

  6. SEEN IT says:

    Again people speaking and reporting without facts, more likely an attempted break in, probably a bank or pawn shop nearby. Seen it dozens of times and getting worse with the economy. Yes it is sabotage but not union related and honestly if you wanted to sabotage something would you pick North Ave. Just sayin

  7. Kyle L Clayton says:

    For Debbie, Bob and Sean you can all eat sh** and die. Better yet you can esat sh** and live. Last time I checked we were in America and thus innocent until proven guilty. All of you are making an ass of yourselves and are gonna look very stupid when the party found is not a CWA member. During our regular tours we got sabotages many times by Comcast techs and random thugs. How do you know its not just another chance to do more knowing that there is not a workforce to repair it. You call us thugs and yet you are all behaving like a lynch mob……JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER!!!!! YOU all make me SICK!!!

    1. common says:

      Republican party made there members hate Unions ,while corporations band together to fight Americans.If they are forming unions to roll back your wages,than why can,t you be apart of a union?

    2. whatnow says:

      You are as guilty as those you acuse. Its ironic you blast someone for being judge jury and executioner yet that is what you are doing to them. Think about it!

  8. Savage RIp says:

    LMAO it’s funny to watch y’all argue. Let me point something a lil Irrelevant out though. “How about you just go back to the cotton field days and work for whatever master givesyou while he makes Millions off your back”
    Umm why every time somebody disagrees the race card is played? And yes that is a racial statement being as though Caucasians weren’t working in fields for masters so who are you referring too?

  9. Jo Remmy says:

    All of the striking idiots should be FIRED! I am sure there are MANY willing people ready to take over their jobs for less than what they were paying before.

    1. Laughing all the way says:

      I’m with you! I work for verizon and we have to go on strike duty because those stupid people are on strike so we are doing there jobs and they have no leverage now!

  10. Tom says:

    Cry me a river you union babies. Get back to work you lazy effers.

  11. BGE says:

    BGE a none unionized company and thank god! Makes relations with the supervisor so much better… Useless unions!

    1. Tom says:

      BGE sucks, but that’s one thing they got right.

      1. bge says:

        BGE is a great company… Don’t complain just because the bill is high… Why don’t you check and see how much they pay in Delaware maybe then you will change your mind!

      2. Tom says:

        The bill isn’t high at all, money isn’t an issue for me. Their business practices are stupid.

  12. The voice! says:

    I’m a 29 year old verizon technician out of fairfax VA. I live in the Baltimore area. I have to say that some of you people that say we should be fired or that we are lazy have no touch in reality. I have ALWAYS had some of the best numbers in my garage and I work my A** off for this company. My work ethic is VERY strong!! I support 2 children (8 and 2) with the wages that Verizon is trying to take from me (one of which I pay $600 a month in child support and supply health ins. for). If you stepped into a real mans life, maybe you would understand what we are fighting for! I am forced to work EVERY Saturday only to miss out on my sons little league games and critical father son time. I drive a hundred miles round trip DAILY to support my kids with no option to move back to Maryland. This company makes BILLIONS in profit! What is there reasoning for wanting to take from the hard working middle class people who are the backbone of the company? Without us there IS no profit! For the people who think we’re lazy, I’m sure I work harder in one week then you do in a decade. Keep typing on your keyboard while sitting at your nice air conditioned desk job. Us REAL men and women will keep grinding it out to make sure your connection is up and YOUR job is secure!!!

    1. for real says:

      Your problems are easy to fix. Go find another job

    2. Still working says:

      As I said in previous posts, verizon isn’t holding you hostage and not forcing you to work saturdays and miss your son’s little league, GO FIND ANOTHER JOB

    3. whatnow says:

      Ha! you know nothing about stress, the air conditioned desk jobs you think are so cushy kill you faster then being in a vehicle half the day!

      1. The voice! says:

        You people are missing the point that I laid down. My point wasn’t that I’m being held hostage and I hate my job. I actually love my job as a fios tech. My point is that we aren’t ALL lazy thugs that deserve to be fired. Maybe YOU all would just give up on your job and look for another one at another mcdonalds, burgerking or Wendys, but like I said before, my work ethic is very strong, and I prefer to keep my career. And I prefer to keep all the benefits that help support my children.

      2. Tom says:

        Hey “the voice” I make more than you do, and I’m only 24. I work a stressful IT job, and guess what, I’m not in a union! And I never will be. I don’t need a bunch of whiny brats trying to look out for my best interest. If I have a problem, I deal with it professionally, not whine about it on a strike. Go back to work you lazy idiot.

  13. 68 Hot Strip Mill says:

    I spent over 30 years in a steel mill and I saw the decline because of a combination of management and the union. The once great Bethlehem Steel was my livelihood for a very long time. When things were good the union pushed for more benefits (13 weeks of vacation as an example) and usually got them. The company agreed to the demands, thus started the decline. I’m not bashing either side because both felt they were right. Ultimately, the steel industry as we know it died and the union/management both felt the financial impact.

  14. Point retiree says:

    Hot Strip…. I was also employed at BS. The plant went from 30,000 employees to just a skelton crew. I saw the union give up grievances so a worthless person could keep their job. I saw foreman trade overtime for favors or give it to a friend. I could go on and on forever and so could you, my point is both sides must make concessions so they can survive. Survival is the key. Look at GM, Eastern Stainless Steel, Anchor Fence, Thompson Steel, etc. Today Bethlehem retirees get their reduced pension from the PBGC.

  15. whatnow says:

    I don’t think union workers are lazy. But they can’t blame the companies for sending jobs overseas. They need to blame (1) the highest corporate tax rate in the world and (2) the unions priced their jobs right out of the market. If all the jobs stayed here and paid union wages and benefits, EVERYTHING in the store would cost 10 times more. The cheapest car would be $50,000. Everyone, except the union worker and millionaires, would be living in a shelter.

    1. CP says:

      Typical Republican talking points. All the workers are asking for is a livable wage, so they can take care of their families in a decent way. Why does a CEO have to get paid 85mill . that is outrageous, Instead of verizon giving huge donations to Republicans who are trying to break unions, they should use that money towards the EMPLOYEES health care that was already bargained for in previous contracts.

  16. common sense says:

    I love the ad Verizon took out. It says we value our employee’s and the union however we cant continue to give more pay and benefits away.

    They state the average pay for the union worker on strike was 79,000 while they collect approximatley another 40,000 in benifits throughout the year.

    While granted everyone likely doesnt make almost 80,000 a year…that’s the average for the group on strike.

    I would hope that Verizon would let you guys sit and go higher some of these college educated unemployed folks who want to move on with their life.

    Unions in 95% of America are hindering and not helping.

    If your job is worth so much money and worth so many beni’s then you should have no issues with another company wanting to give you your demands. If another company isnt in the wings willing to pay you what you want then you are overpaid and unrational with the economy.

  17. whatnow says:

    To “the Voice”, you need to give it up, every time you open your mouth, you insult someone else, first it was cushy desk workers, now its fast food workers, according to you, only Fios techs have a work ethic. Get real. You are probably half my age and already make double what I make, yet I guarantee you, my “cushy desk” job is much more stressful then yours – attach wire, get in truck, drive, attach wire, yet the average wage for this is $80,000?????? You don’t realize how lucky you have it. And re-read your post. It DOES sound like you hate your job!

      1. TJN72 says:

        What is stressful in a it job?
        The keys sometimes are very hard to push and one time I broke a nail.

  18. The voice! says:

    Of course I’m insulting people when I’m being labeled a lazy thug! And YES there ARE parts of my job that I may dislike. But thats life and you learn to deal with it. My point is that I work VERY hard for every penny of that $80K and I’m not going to read this garbage that people are leaving on this website without firing back.

    1. Tom says:

      You’re a Verizon employee? Eff you. Lazy union baby.

    2. whatnow says:

      I don’t blame you for not liking being called lazy. I wouldn’t either. But what makes you think other people aren’t working hard too? To get respect, you have to give respect.

    3. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      I will keep your union salary in mind the next time I am in combat getting shot at and avoiding IEDs. You are a braggart, and arrogant and your attitude is why average people are not supporting the union and the strike. If you represent Verizon than no thank you Verizon I will take my money and get my services elsewhere. I am sure Verizon is so proud that you have decided to be their voice on this blog. Then again you have the anominity of making up a name.

      1. Once again, the voice.... says:

        First of all, I’m not speaking FOR Verizon. I’m speaking the voice of my union brothers and sisters. And second of all, it was YOUR choice to join the military. If you don’t like being shot at, I suggest you take some of these other peoples advice an find another profession.

    4. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      btw: I have worked harder than you in 24 hours than you do in a week so don’t have the audacity to think you are the only person in the world who has integrity or a work ethic. For that matter, your integity and loyalty to Verizon pretty much stinks or you would not be on here. Those with integrity NEVER have to defend thieir position.

  19. Mike says:

    Do you all realize that this strike is over Verizon wanting assoicates to pay what amounts to $25 a week towards their medical. The lying Union leaders get on television saying their members pay 7% of the cost .. that 7% is for co-pays that has nothing to do with anything because if you don’t get sick and go to the doctor then you are not paying any co-pay. Oh boy a whole 100 dollars a month for medical coverage but I am a retiree from Verizon and pay almost $400 a month for my daughters insurance and I pay for my own insurance. The point of these strikers is what .. I pay over $600 a month as a retiree for this and they are asked to pay $100 but yet are still making anywhere between $75K to well over a $100K because they can get overtime and make that amount of money. You CWA members really need to pull your heads out of your butts and realize that the real world is not feeling sorry for you and your stupid strike. It would be nice to see the Company bring in contractors to do your job and just leave you out on the picket line, walking around and around in circles which what they had to train you for about three months in order to be able to do it right??

    1. Tom says:

      They’re all whiny little babies. All of them. All union employees are.

    2. whatnow says:

      I pay more than that a week for my health care and make half the salary.

      1. sowhat says:

        IT’s not about healthcare, get all the facts first Sir.

    3. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      You can thank Obamacare for sharing the cost of medical care across the country

  20. Wake up America says:

    First of all please get all the facts before you post comments filled with personal feelings versus the facts. There are hundreds of cases of theft and sabotage that have gone unreported for 50 years at C & P, Bell Atlantic and Verizon. At my work garage, holes have been cut in the fence to steal reels of cable, gas cards and catalytic converters off work trucks. Just last month, we came to work to find 3 individuals in our dumpster stealing wire. So sad people don’t get it. If you are in a union or not, a company can run how they want, lay people off and shift work overseas. The union protects worker rights. Workers make the profits for these companies, so why do executives pocket most of the earnings and make it hard for those hard workers to make enough to support their families. Corporate greed has destroyed America and will continue. Remember Enron?? Anyone who is complaining about individuals who want more of the pie they help create are crazy. Also the people who say the company should hire contractors have no common sense. In your current profession you must feel you’re overpaid because there’s always someone, somewhere who will do your job for less so you keep on underbidding your worth and see how far that gets you. I personally know Comcast and Direct Tv contractors who get paid per job and do horrible work and rush to get to the next call to make money. Not good for customer quality. Either way, don’t hate on others because of their beliefs, name calling is really mature . . . .smh.

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      “I personally know Comcast and Direct Tv contractors who get paid per job and do horrible work and rush to get to the next call to make money. ”

      So what have you done about it besides vent on here?

  21. Jonathan Chiles says:

    Why don’t we stick to the main issue here. Phone lines are being cut, and we need to find out who as it is a PUBLIC SAFETY concern. If residents are unable to contact 911 and a person dies, then the person who committed the sabotage is then contributory to the death.
    I personally don’t believe that this disagreement over benefits is worth someone’s life.

  22. TJN72 says:

    Does your mommy know that you are playing with the computer in the basement?

  23. Tom Smacker says:

    Tom is playing with more than his computer in the basement. Tom is an idiot. Tom is a moron. Tom is dumber than a mouse turd. Tom is a loser who can’t get a date, a girl, or even a gerbil. Tom’s breath smells like an egg-laced beer fart. Tom is a liar. He doesn’t have a job. He is on the welfare and lives in his mom’s basement. He had to live in her basement because he is “special.”

  24. THE VOICE!!!! says:

    Wow, I’m sorry I even entered my 2 cents into this website full of low lifes who don’t value or take pride in their own work. I think I made my point. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be getting F yous from some idiot named “TOM”. All of my fellow technicians will continue to fight for what we work hard for. I was only defending the 45000 good middle class people who are willing to stand up against corporate greed. Good luck with your news site comments and F yous tough guy. Now get back to your online video game that WE connected you to “mommas baby”. Have a nice day wierdos.

  25. wilber taylor says:

    thats verizon is going to ask all emp take a lie detector test those that refuse will be terminated

  26. DemsBoughtUnionVotes says:

    switch to Comcast, easy fix.

  27. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Bottom Line…unions had a purpose years ago, but the last time I checked some of the unions have the biggest budgets around on the backs of the employees. In this economy I would think a job is more important.

    People responsible for the sabotage of these lines should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law AND if they are Verizon employees they should be terminated, no questions asked. A public trust has been violated. Public safety compromised. Elderly people, sick people, latchkey children, families, etc all at risk because of stupidity. As to “The Voice,” if you are representative of the employees at Verizon, I should probably sell any stock I have and cancel all my services. I don’t want your type of service. In today’s economic conditions, you may win the battle but still lose the war when Verizon determines that your demands are too hard on the bottomline and they lay off employees. No union will help you then.

  28. home extensions says:

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