Rob Long and I had an outstanding discussion with fans on Baltimore Baseball Tonight regarding the health and future of Orioles’ second baseman Brian Roberts. Roberts, owed $20M over the next two years, has played just 98 games over the last two season (59 last year and 39 this year) and has not been able to recover from what was thought to be a minor concussion.

The Orioles, now a dismal 47-74, certainly have bigger issues than BRob, but you have to question (and I most certainly am), the durability of one of your most prized possessions going forward. This season, Roberts has earned about $254,000 per game played. Not a bad paycheck. It’s no secret what’s remaining on his contract most definitely takes him off the trading block.

So the question is, how do you handle the second base situation heading into 2012 and is it time to look outside the organization for (gasp) Brian Roberts’ replacement?

Your thoughts?

Comments (2)
  1. Kurt N says:

    My thoughts are the Orioles need to find a new 2B. Roberts cant be counted on any longer. Use him in a DH/resrve role when he can play.

  2. d Jensen says:

    Who in their right mind would give him that much in the 1st place WITH A NO TRADE.. Nick is also over paid and NO TRADE. O’s are finished and need to get out of Baltimore. In time it will happen–soon –just like the caps and Bullets.I went to game last night —what a joke– B Roberts needs to be bought out and released. Nick—For sure a roids user needs to be traded or released.Nick and Brian need to wear masks next year if their still here. 22mill for AVERAGE.

    dispointed fan—-I never was a fair wearther fan — O’s and SKINS— forever. But if the O’s leave I don’t think anyone really would care. The Nats are better anyway.


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