BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Dozens of dogs are barking for a spot on TV. Friday the Maryland SPCA held a casting call for the leading role in a commercial.

Andrea Fujii has the story.

The joy of adopting a dog is the premise of a new Maryland SPCA commercial.  But first they have to find the right pooch for the part.

“We have been trying to look at dogs who are really athletic and well trained,” said Aileen Gabbey, Maryland SPCA.

It’s a dog eat dog world.

There’s a lot of competition, like Paige who’s already been on national TV.

“We’ve been on Letterman.  She actually does a trick where she put a waffle in a toaster and used the toaster and popped it back up,” said Lauren Girard, dog owner.

And then there’s Shilo.

“Shilo’s a five-time world champion in disc dog competition,” said Frank Buckland, dog owner.

Marketing agency IMRE is donating its services to shoot the 30-second ad spreading the word about the SPCA.

“Encourage people to give to this great charity and adopt a friend for the family,” said Gabbey.

The Maryland SPCA will also be promoting its new slogan: feel the warmth of a cold nose.

Though they may be well trained, they’re still dogs at heart. 

The proud parents want nothing more than to have their pups in the spotlight.

“The heart would flutter I’m sure, and I’d be telling all my neighbors,” said Frank Montgomery, dog owner.

The decision on who will be the lucky dog will be made soon.

The commercial will be shot next week and air in the fall.


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