ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– A robber targeted a Spanish grocery store in Annapolis, but he got way more than what he bargained for.

Weijia Jiang tells us how the store workers took justice into their own hands.

Police say this could have been a do-or-die situation so the workers did what they had to do, and sent their attacker to Shock Trauma.

Getting beat up and sent to the hospital was not part of 26-year-old Darius Cameron’s plan to rob a food store at gunpoint. On Friday just before 9:30 p.m., investigators say Cameron demanded cash from the clerk at Anita’s Spanish Grocery in Annapolis.

When she said “no,” police say Cameron tried to shoot her and two other employees, but the gun didn’t work.

And then…

“Cameron jumped the counter and when he jumped the counter, he dropped the handgun,” said Det. Amy Miguez of the Annapolis Police Dept. “A struggle ensued.”

Police say the employees threw grocery items at Cameron, chased him around the store and down the aisles, and held him until police arrived.

“Everybody’s got their eye out, the whole community,” said Debbie Brown, a regular customer of Anita’s who was at the store when the attack happened.

Brown said the family that owns and runs the store is well-loved. She’s not surprised they fought back.

“You know, knowing these girls, they’re tough, they’re tough girls,” she said. “They probably took a stand and said, ‘You know what? They’re not gonna shoot me. I’m gonna do what I have to do to protect my family.'”

Police say officers arrived quickly because the clerk also activated the panic alarm button. Still, many shoppers are still shaken.

“In my country, it’s regular,” said Luis Rubios, an Anita’s customer. “But here, all people are scared and (screams), cry and everything.”

The man who police say caused that fear is being held without bail. Cameron faces a slew of charges, including three counts of attempted murder.

One of those store workers had minor injuries but police say it’s really lucky they weren’t more seriously hurt given the gravity of the situation, and they urge others not to copy what they did.

Cameron is also charged with assault, armed robbery and weapons charges.

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  1. Glad says:

    This so funny!!! This supposed thug in his neighborhood i’m sure, should have been killed but for whatever reason his life was spared… Good thing you guys plasterd his picture, AssWhipping and all, for his neighbors and family to see!!

  2. Robert Beaty says:

    Ya got to love this story

  3. seriously? says:

    he got beat up by women. got what he deserved! idiot

  4. SanFordNSon says:

    I just love the way this robbery came to a end but what I really love is the bandage across his forehead hahahahhahahahahahahaha ! ! ! ! ! why cant this happen to everyone of these animals who are in on these so called flash mob robberies????give me a baseball i’ll be glad to split their double skulls,my gosh they look so much like monkeys just look at the picture above lololololololol for real lolololol.




  6. lucky or stupid? says:

    Actually, if it weren’t for this moron not knowing how to keep his gun in working order, all three of these store clerks would be dead or in the hospital dying. The article states that after refusing to give up the money, he tried to shoot all three but his gun didn’t work. They got lucky, give him the money and live another day.

  7. JIM DECK says:

    a recession coming right here to your town, keep your blinders off

  8. RavenLude says:

    cant wait to see this losers criminal record. its a shame the clerks didnt kill him. oh wait, its better they didnt kill him. his family would have probably sued and they would have had to payout since this country is a**backwards

  9. good news says:

    They should have killed him. Now the taxpayers have to pay for his stay in jail. I think all store owners should have a gun to kill stupid people like this.

  10. NRASupporter says:

    More people packing = less idiots like this running around causing problems..

  11. Essex Redneck says:

    Keep in mind when this idiot walked into the store he had the advantage and the people were helpless. But, when the gun malfunctioned the tide changed, they should have killed him.

  12. Mark says:

    Let him come to SC, he’d probably be shot where he stood

  13. Homie the Clown says:

    Beat down by a bunch of women….HOMIE DON’T PLAY DAT….LMAO

  14. Lady Shirley says:

    Forest Gump….I couldn’t agree more. And Jeremiah Jones was right when he said, “Don’t play the game if you don’t want to pay the price”. Some people will fight back and just because you may have a weapon does not mean that everyone is gonna be scared of you. When are criminals going to realize that crime doesn’t pay! And for the record, every criminial should have they photo in the paper and on TV. If you committ a crime, you give up all rights to privacy….and freedom!

  15. Daisy says:

    Decent, hardworking Folk are tired of being victims of these stupid thugs who think they are entitled to take what they want when they want at the point of a gun. The government can talk all the smack they want about stopping crime, but in the end what have they done? Cut the police force for one. I predict we are going to see a lot more shopkeepers and citizens fighting back. Way to go, Girls!

  16. Leonard says:

    AAAAAAHHHHHHH Ha HA HA HA Ha Ha ha ha ha HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mike says:

    The Black population needs to be educated.

    They think (and often post on this site) that everyone is racist because they comment on the behavior of the African American community.
    I am not racist. The problem is that when the AA community continues to put themselves into a bad light, than they should stop yelling racist when other people call them on that behavior.
    If you don’t like the comments than do something to change the way the AA community is portrayed. As long as the news continues to show reports of flash mob robberies, people being shot on the streets, armed robberies where all of the perpetrators of the crime are black, than what can you expect except for the comments you are seeing.
    Change the behavior and than you will see a change in people’s perception and comments.
    Again until then Tom STFU

    1. emily says:

      Mike you have said it well. I personally am sick of the “AA” communities crying foul when people comment on skin color..If you look at the majority of crimes committed you will see who does it. Hmmm, I guess now blacks are crying foul b/c the “Jews” pick on them according to “Get a life’… Will our “AA” friends ever take responsibility for their own behavior and the perceptions folks have of them b/c they act like barbarians in these crimes? I have several good friends who are black and they too comment on the way society perceives their race b/c of the actions of many. Wake up people.. IF you want to change the perception that others have of you, stop getting your faces plastered all over the news for crimes over and over and over again

      1. knucle draggers says:

        This is a refreshing story but right on cue are the racist neanderthals with their narrow minded view of the world

  18. POOR WHITE TRASH says:


  19. TIRED OF THE DRAMA says:

    now guys this particular subject is not the forum for that. but some blacks as well as whites makes thier race look bad not just one.

  20. LaDasha says:

    @Tom… keep on posting bro. There is a lot of truth in what you say.

  21. Tom says:

    You’re taking me for black I see. You’re wrong. I’m German you dense fool.

  22. JIM DECK says:

    you all are always trying to keep the Black man down. Black men do not have a chance or equal rights

  23. ABBOT says:

    you all are always tring to keep the black man down, we’s black men don’t have equal rights like you white folks

    1. jay says:

      “we’s black men”? Get an education and use proper English. “We’s” is not a word in the dictionary. The only thing keeping black men down in this country are black men. If you want to cry racism or inequality, cry to yourself or in you pillow at night, because no-one else is listening to you.

      1. ha ha says:

        abbot is a tro11. don’t let him/her get your dander up. he’s just doing his job.

  24. MD DAD says:

    That boy is DUMB DUMB

  25. MD DAD says:

    That boy is dumb dumb dumb!!! lol

  26. MD DAD says:

    Dumb…dumb…dumb…that boy is. lol

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