BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore police are investigating a triple stabbing.

It happened Friday night in the 200-block of W. Baltimore Street.

Police say officers found three men who had been stabbed.  One victim refused treatment and the other two (a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old) were taken to a local hospital.

Police believe the three victims were arguing with another group of men when the argument turned physical.  Two persons of interest are being interviewed.

If you have information, please call police.

Comments (6)
  1. T J says:

    crime is down so the B.C P.D dead speak of,

  2. OH RIGHT says:

    our Baltimore city police chief doesn’t call this crime, he calls it safe behavior

  3. CITY GIRL says:

    other then the media making money reporting news off drugs, murders, etc, does anyone care about the city of baltimore

  4. TALK ABOUT IT says:

    baltimore city police can’t even tie there own shoe strings

  5. JIM DECK says:

    you are to hard on the young black men in america, give a hancec

  6. Raven X says:

    Typical night in Baltimore City, but crime is coming down. I assume they juggle the numbers for the press and we are expected to believe it. The vast majority of crime is committed by a very small percentage of idiots. These are the people that should be punished and put away. Don’t let upbringing and poverty be a defense. We all have struggled at one time or another.

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