OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley says Maryland must be open to raising new revenue to address the state’s budget deficit next year.

O’Malley spoke Saturday at the Maryland Association of Counties conference in Ocean City.

He cited three primary shortfalls. The first is a budget deficit of about $1 billion. He also says action is needed to maintain needed sewage treatment upgrades in the state. The governor also noted shortfalls in funding for transportation infrastructure.

O’Malley, a Democrat, also says he would rather tackle new tax proposals during the General Assembly’s regular 90-day session, which begins in January, instead of the special session on congressional redistricting scheduled for October.

Republican state Sen. E.J. Pipkin says it’s “outrageous” the governor is talking about tax increases during tough times.

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Comments (18)
  1. poor white trash says:

    why cant we leave a comment



    1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

      Don’t you know BIG BROTHER watches and censors comments! FREEDOM OF SPEECH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. George Helm says:

    Who is O’Malley kidding. Isn’t that all his administration and Annapolis do, sit around and think up more taxes. Appears thats his only job! We need the money for The Sanctuary State and in State Tuition for illegals! What a joke!



  5. TJN72 says:

    So a vaction at prime season in OC on the taxpayers dime. They just can’t stop spending our money

  6. jim says:

    Who ever votes for new TAXES we need to vote out!!!! Send this to all of the people,who back MR OTAX, that the working middle class can afford it.

  7. tb21620 says:

    Has the governer ever heard of a balanced budget? Don’t spend what you don’t have I don’t!!!

  8. Shell says:

    How about this O’Malley why don’t you take your paycheck and add it towards the taxes you have already passed. How about you use your own money to go on vacation! how about you lose your job and not have enough money to support your family! This governor and STATE is so corrupt! This does not surprise me on bit. Hey O’Malley do you want my whole paycheck??? because thats what it looking like will evenutally happen!

  9. Rediculous says:

    Who voted this fool into office. OWEEEEEEEEEEEE MALLLLLEEYYY

  10. Mr. Right says:

    That’s what Obamacrats do they suck the life right out of your wallet. They are a pile of ticks.

  11. chalkie says:

    Why doesn’t Mr. O’Malley tackle the biggest problem in the budget, and reform welfare. Welfare is supposse to be a helping hand to people that are down on thier luck. Make Welfare like unemployment, make it so it only last so long, and that if you are not a legal citizen then you don’t qualify for any of it. Oh wait that would cast him votes that will never happen. Its amazing to see generation after generation on welfare and the cycle never ends.Welfare is one of the biggest drains to the state, its broken and really needs a overhaul done to it. He could re do welfare and save atlest a billion dollars in the first year. I just come to face the all these to face politician are out for themselves and not for the people like they are supposse to be. Another be drain on our state is the illegals, round them up and deport them. It is alot cheaper the keep giving them things while the steal jobs and pay no taxes. Its time for them to go. Last I heard the was over 250,000 illegals in our state alone. It cannot be that hard to find them. Just stand out on broadway in the morning hours and you would find half of them. But O’Malley gives funding to Casa De Maryland to help fight to keep them here. Our own tax money working against us. O’Malley should be empeached just for his campaign lies the he has never held true too’ He tells the people what they want to hear while running for office, and once he won he basically takes everyone of us yax payers and tries to bend us over. The golden boy is a joke!!!!

  12. Madman says:

    Illegals are eroding our economy. They put a strain on health care and social services. Maryland is a sanctuary state and every illegal knows this that is why they flock here.
    Maryland must spend $476 million to implement Obamacare. The state and nation cannot afford this.
    The unemployed now can receive benefits up to 99 weeks, where is the incentive to look for work?
    The county, state and feds all want more of our paycheck while 47% does not pay 1 cent in takes.
    Hope and Change?????

  13. LaDasha says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gov. O’Malley is doing a wonderful job and we should all be willing to help. Most inner city folks are poor and don’t have any extra money for vacations, etc.Without extra taxes a lot of poor people will go hungary. I’ll bet most of you had a vacation and went Ocean City.

    1. sick of maryland says:

      Maybe O’Malley will go to Hungary and take the leaches with him…click my heels 3 times and maybe Irene will make it happen

  14. MD Voter says:

    Obama and Biden 2012. O’malley for senator. Lt. Gov. Brown for governor. Enough said.

    1. sick of maryland says:

      LaDasha with her hand out, expecting payment for not contributing.

      MD Voter with his (her?) head in rear end.

      Maryland Democrats will continue to “move forward by punishing working people with crippling regulations (PlanMaryland) and more and more taxes.

      Giving more money to the thief in chief is like giving more money to a crackhead.

      ‘Nuff said

  15. Dan says:

    If you want more taxes try making Maryland more business friendly not everyone can qualify for the many high tech jobs that you are attempting to bring into this State. These jobs attract transplants from other states based on the field and the expected level of experience. Maryland will continue to lose more workers over the next few years to the point of generating more fiscal problems. We can’t continue to create these government seeded entities with nothing to back them up.

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