BALTIMORE (WJZ)– It seems the man known as the “Golden Voice” may be letting his fame go to his head.

Ted Williams was scheduled to be the announcer for this weekend’s Baltimore Fashion Week.

He made national headlines when he was discovered living on the streets in Ohio.

According to WJZ’s media partner The Baltimore Sun, Fashion Week organizers say Williams made a series of last-minute contract demands. Those demands were apparently too steep. So you won’t be hearing that famous voice in Charm City this weekend.

Comments (10)
  1. deltasweetiepi says:

    He is inevitably still on the pipe. He is not ALL THAT!

  2. my2cents says:

    OK now if you had a Star Annoucer Ted Williams wouldn’t you make Hotel accmmodations for the Bodyguard,Mansger and a Guest? I do think Teds Manager could have paid for an extra room. A good Manger would have thought about that BEFORE signing the contract. REMEMBER folks there’s always two sides to every story

  3. Essex says:

    Who cares? Homeless one week, making demands the next. So typical.

    1. my2cents says:

      If you don’t care then why you commentin’? It is YOU who doesn’t care so WHY comment if you don’t care

  4. Essex says:

    Because of idiots like you. Mind your own business, jerk. Get a life and a job.

    1. my2cents says:

      Ok I have a job and I am not an idiot and how am i in your business? I have the RIGHT to voice my opinion just like everyone else who is commenting on this article! It is called freedom of speech. You have no right to call me names or ASSME I don’t work. We are both off topic anyway. From what I hear Baltimore Fshion Week was a HOT MESS anyway there are to sides to every story

  5. stationnorth says:

    “Williams made a series of last-minute contract demands. Those demands were apparently too steep”

    I wonder what the demands were. just remember, once a crack head always a crack head. People need to give up on this man.

  6. Imacommentin says:

    Yes I to wonder what other demands Mr Williams made but I think he does deserve a second chance but he needs to stay hummble. I agree with my2cent his Manger could have paid for an extra Hotel room. Well this takes the stress off Mr Williams he can relax until his next gig!!! God bless you Mr Williams!!

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