BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In just a week and a half, the Grand Prix will zoom into town.  The event will shine a national spotlight on Charm City.

Gigi Barnett reports it’s already raised the city’s ranking as one of the best summer destinations.

When the Baltimore Grand Prix rolls into town, it will bring thousands of visitors with it. The numbers are so high that Charm City recently made a top 25 list of best places to visit Labor Day weekend.

“Priceline took a look at where people are booking their vacations and hotel rooms for the Labor Day holiday and they named their top 50 markets for the Labor Day travel and Baltimore was number 21,” said Mike Evitts, Baltimore Downtown Partnership.

It’s a list that will draw millions of dollars that weekend, too.

“That’s not normally what we’d expect to see in downtown Baltimore or Baltimore City during Labor Day so we’re expecting a huge economic impact,” said Evitts.

Priceline’s list places Baltimore on par with other popular places like Las Vegas and New York.

“It’s cool being here.  It’s fun and you always have something different to do,” said Andrea Favarelli.

Evitts says a big plus for Baltimore businesses and hotels is that the Grand Prix’s two-mile course zooms right past some of Baltimore’s hottest spots, like the Inner Harbor and Camden Yards.  He says hotels are already seeing the boost.

“Hotel business has picked up in the last few weeks,” he said.  “A lot, if not most, hotels in the downtown area are booked for Friday and Saturday night.”

The odds that Baltimore will stay on Priceline’s top 50 Labor Day destinations list are probably pretty good, thanks to the five-year contract the Grand Prix has with the city.

The Grand Prix rolls into Charm City on Sept. 2 and ends on Sept. 4.

Comments (14)
  1. jay says:

    Just a remonder to the drivers who take are in this race to stay away from areaa outside the Inner Harbor. Remember, straying a few blocks too far north,east, and west of the Inner Harbor is risky and a safety hazard. The drivers will be pulled from theiir race cars. get attacked, and their race cars stripped of their valuable parts. And always remember, not matter what positive thingsMayorRawlings-Blake and those who run Baltimore City say about Baltimore. There is NOTHING charming about Baltimore City.

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      jay lol i hear ya there that aint no lie either baltimore sucks big time yeah i can see it now the thieves are already planning how to do it to figuring they have a slim chance of getting caught cause there will be too much traffic!!!

  2. chris says:

    Imagine how much smack you can buy by selling a stolen Indy car tire.

  3. Paul tupelo says:

    Now we just need to dodge the Hurricane threats for two weeks lol

  4. Scully says:

    Actually, Non of the hotels are fully booked for this event. You can still get a room anywhere Downtown/Inner Harbor

  5. Herman Glimsher says:



  6. john says:

    clearly you guys are misinformed whimps and quite sheltered.. baltimore is not that bad

    1. whatnow says:

      clearly you don’t watch the news or commute to the city daily. just taking a good whiff with either get you high or sick.

  7. JIM DECK says:

    DID these cars pass Baltimore emissions

  8. Still got rooms says:

    just called 4 big name hotels and all of them have rooms available.

  9. Mike says:

    The city is run by a bunch of a$$holes. The impact to the people that need to commute to work in Baltimore City has been ridiculous and will get even worse next week.
    But city leaders would rather think they are filling hotels and not realizing that with their actions, they will be chasing businees owners out of the city when their employees can not get to their offices to work

  10. whatnow says:

    Most businesses that aren’t hospitality are closing that Friday. Some are giving the employees the day off, some are making you use vacation, and others aren’t paying period. Of course, Thursday is going to be a living nightmare especially if you are coming from the south. And they are going to do this for 5 years? They better be making a TON of money, because if you work downtown, this has been a nightmare for months and is only going to get worse. I just hope nobody gets stabbed or shot like they have the last few 4th of July’s. Wont that look great on national TV.

  11. LaDasha says:

    I hope some of the profits from this race goes to the inner city poor. Remember it is our city and we should get some of the benefits. You people should not say such bad things about the city because people will not come.
    Thanks baby daddy for the computer.

  12. Bill Adams says:

    To make the race more challenging thugs or gangsters will be driving through in Cadillac STSs, mustangs and chargers with 26 inch DUbs and Uzis.

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