BALTIMORE (WJZ)– In a few weeks, President Barack Obama will lay out a new plan to jump-start the economy.

He’s not only trying to create jobs, he’s also trying to shore up support for his re-election. Sunday, two Maryland politicians offered him some advice.

Adam May has more.

One year until the next election, and President Obama’s approval rating hits a record low.

“I’m the President of the United States, and when people aren’t happy with what’s happening in Washington, I’m going to be impacted just like Congress is. And you know, I completely understand that,” he said.

Speaking to CBS News, the President says he does not think the country is in danger of a second recession. Obama plans to unveil a new jobs and economic growth plan after Labor Day.

“We’ve got a very, very sharp debate here,” said David Axelrod, political advisor to the President. “And the question is, are we going to take steps in the short run to help stimulate this economy, to help create jobs, to help create growth?”

On CNN, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings said the president needs to re-engage his base.

“Forty miles from here in Baltimore, we’ve probably got black male unemployment up 40 percent,” Cummings said. “He needs to hear that. When he came in, he talked about hope, about jobs, about fairness and about addressing Wall Street becoming effective and efficient,” he said. “He’s got to go back to those basic points.”

“I think what he has to do is have that adult conversation with all of us Americans,” Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said. “We’re all smart enough to know there are big changes happening in our economy.”

Also on CNN, Gov. O’Malley said he hopes the President’s new plan includes investments in infrastructure and education.

“For a modern economy to create jobs, a modern economy requires investments,” he said.

Obama will also push for extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits.

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  1. RT says:

    Need to have an adult conversation with us? I’m sorry O’Malley, have you and Obama been treating us like children all these years? I’m insulted. I’m also insulted by all the lies, acting like everything is OK as if we’re out of the recession. News Flash, we’re still in the same recession, we never got out of it. How about some honesty for once. Something like, High taxation and regulation from the federal and maryland gov’ts have both help the slowing of the economy in the last 10 years. Only lower taxes, balanced budgets, and restructuring of the Gov’t and it’s agencies will help get us out of this mess. Stop acting like things are working out because they are not.

  2. charles jerrell says:

    this country is shot, going down hill faster than the speed of light, and so is this state, [ maryland ] who is the blame, the democrats and the people who keep electing them, really people you dont put back in the same people who got this state in the mess it is in and expect things to get better, we need men to run this country, not the people that we have now, what has the democrats done even when they had control ? pass same sex nmarriages and repealed the dont ask and dont tell law, while this country is on the brink of being destroyed that is all they have done, there is ur sign !! wake up people

  3. T J says:

    Martin BLOW ON THIS

  4. T J says:

    The Goverment is a system that takes your money your hard earned cash, not gives you cash, when you figure this out you figure out politicans spend millions of dollars for a $1000,000 job

  5. William says:

    Martin you can’t run your own state, and they look at you for advice, Martin you need to be investigated, you are crooked as a dirty double crsosing RAT that was just smashed by a trash truck

  6. ANGIE says:

    Class 101 how to train BALTIMORE CITY POLICE to commit crime

  7. Lewis says:

    martin giving advice is like the B.C.P.D. catching a drug dealer,,, hardy -har-har

  8. Fred Auffarth says:

    Obama already has a bad rating the polls, if he lets MD.politicians help him this country is in worse shape than i thought.

  9. OBoiledUp says:

    O’Malley puts tax increases on the table for 2012 legislature
    Governor says moves are unlikely before federal budget decisions

    By Nicole Fuller, The Baltimore Sun

    3:17 PM EDT, August 20, 2011


    Gov. Martin O’Malley signaled that tax increases could be in the cards during next year’s legislative session, though he said any state action would depend on congressional budget-cutting decisions this winter.

    In a speech to local government leaders Saturday, the Democratic governor trumpeted Maryland as a leader in job creation among the states and highlighted leaner government spending in the last five years. But he said the state’s economic well-being remains threatened by uncertainty about the federal budget.

    “Any further help from Washington is doubtful, and more serious hurt to all state economics from the narrow-minded faction of jobs-obstructionists in Congress is very likely,” O’Malley said. “We must be willing to adapt. … We will have to make more cuts, and at the same time — to protect our children’s future — we must be open to new revenues.”

    Speaking to reporters after delivering the keynote address at the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference, O’Malley declined to go into detail. He said conversations about new revenues should wait until after the congressional “super committee” tasked with cutting the federal budget deficit makes its recommendations in December. He said because of that timetable, it’s unlikely that taxes would come up in the General Assembly’s special legislative session this October.

    “I think we have to be ready for what damage might be to the state economy by a very unpredictable balance in Congress,” said O’Malley, a Democrat. He would not describe what could be on the table for tax increases, saying, “I’m not talking about those today.”

    O’Malley stressed job creation as a way to weather economic uncertainty with the state budget’s looming $1 billion deficit, and said upcoming budget discussions will be affected by several shortfalls: general revenues, “flush tax” money that pays for waste water improvements, and transportation funding. He called for a “balanced approach” between funding decreases and tax increase.

    Sen. E.J. Pipkin, a Republican who represents parts of the Eastern Shore, called O’Malley’s remarks, “way out of balance and way out of touch.”

    “This governor, every opportunity, talks about more taxes and more spending,” said Pipkin. “It’s time to get out of the hole.”

    House Speaker Michael E. Busch, a Democrat, said discussion of possible tax increases would wait till next year unless there is some “catastrophic event.” Busch said possible revenue streams include an increase in the gas tax, which hasn’t been raised since 1992.

    “They’re all going to be discussed,” said Busch.

    But Busch said the state budget should invest in assets such as public education through investments in capital infrastructure. He estimated that there’s a $6 to $8 billion school maintenance backlog statewide. That work could create up to 25,000 jobs if the state could pay for it, he said.

    This year’s state budget includes $9.3 billion in federal money. Congress’ deficit-reduction committee will make its recommendations, which could include cuts to transportation funding and Medicaid, by early December.

    Anne Arundel County Councilman Jerry Walker, a Republican who listened to O’Malley’s speech, said he wasn’t sure what to make of O’Malley’s remarks about new revenues.

    “I hope it’s not tax increases,” he said.

    1. Kim Taylor says:

      It really gets me when our caring officials mention “protecting our children”. We are sending billions of dollars to feed children in other countries while 14.7 million American children starve. That averages to 1 in every 5 child. It’s been a serious problem that has been increasing for years. Google it. Shouldn’t O’Malley suggest something be done about feeding American kids before they starve?

  10. DemoTShirt says:

    got taxes?

  11. Debbie says:

    Until they wake up and realize it isn’t about raising taxes it is about cutting SPENDING, this state is doomed.

  12. markc says:

    Martin, if you get the same sex marraige act passed will you can finally come out of the clo…

  13. HistoryRepeated says:

    Horrible economy, high gas prices, Iran holding US citizens – does this remind you of another disasterous one term president? The name Jimmy Carter comes to mind. History just repeated itself.

  14. Can't Fix Stupid says:

    My advice to Owe’Malley and OweBama is to just leave. Let the LEGAL Americans cut our losses and go forward with Representatives who know what they are doing and have OUR best interests.

    Maybe the two of them can have an adult conversation.

  15. LaDasha says:

    Gov. O’Malley is just trying to help everyone in this country, but some folks want to condemn him for everything. He does his best, especially for inner city poor folks. If everyone tried to help the poor like he does it would be a better world. If new taxes are needed to help the poor why would anyone be against that.
    I hope he runs for a federal office after his term is up.

    1. Can't Fix Stupid says:

      Well, LaDasha if you like him so much maybe he will run for a Mayor again and then you can have him.

      In the meantime, I’m sick of MY taxes going to help the inner city poor folks (especially those driving around in a Lexus, getting their hur and nails did) and the illegals. And YES, I am against my taxes being raised. I don’t work to support anyone who is too lazy to get a job. McDonald’s is always hiring.

      As far as a federal position, we already have one of THOSE and he isn’t doing anything worth while either.

    2. Hand out baby! says:

      Good Lord – are you serious? Please don’t get on the bandwagon about poor, inner city folks. What are you in the eighth grade? How about you pay the taxes and when OweMalley becomes a Senator (God forbid), you can say you helped get him there. Until then, let the poor inner city folks (you know the ones – those with the guns, the bling, the high end tennis shoes, lexus, etc.) figure out how to spend their own money and not worry about spending mine. But until then – keep those entitlements and WIC cards coming!

  16. Ken says:

    WJZ your censoring website sucks. Your webmaster must be a moron. I am going to WBAL.

  17. sick of maryland says:

    Economy killer O’Malley giving job-killing advice to Obama.

    LaDasha still has her hand out, O’Malley will take from a strapped working person to fill it for her.

  18. roger dehaven says:

    untell spending is cut the us is up a creek with out a paddle. obama dont care about americans.we need to get him the hell out of office my dog can do as good as president obama.

  19. ewr says:

    I stand with the comments made here, O’malley has no plan to lead Maryland.If Tax and spend is the only answer then we are doomed. Kind of like we are now. Past programs that only feed contracts for companies and workers from other states,or raising MVA Fees or bridge fees. Attacking businesses, are only handed more tax debt or licensing fee that are past on to consumers, all in the name to pay for debt that the democrats cause year after year. I don’t see any leadership ability in Annapolis from O’malley and I don’t think he has a plan to help the astronomical unemployment rate for inner city youth and residents. Giving Advice Really!

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