By Mike Hellgren

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (WJZ) — A massive new search is underway for Robyn Gardner in Aruba, and an eyewitness account could shed light on her disappearance.

Mike Hellgren investigates the latest developments.

That eyewitness is a fisherman who puts the prime suspect’s alibi in serious doubt.

WJZ obtained new video from Aruba of the sweeping new search for Gardner. Police also put up new missing posters, hoping someone saw something that can help solve her disappearance.

Gardner–who’s from Maryland–vanished on the island. She was traveling with Gary Giordano–who’s also from Maryland and is being held in jail in Aruba while the prosecutor builds a case against him.

“They could’ve talked to anybody who’s had contact with them on the island. They searched his home to see what kind of preparations he made. Did he premeditate this? If indeed, it’s a murder,” said Beth Karas, criminal analyst.

Just as the latest search for evidence started, a new witness has come forward, saying he saw the couple a short time before she vanished.

According to published reports, he’s a fisherman who says around 4 in the afternoon, he saw Gardner and Giordano walking along the beach and then watched them drive away.

The next time anyone heard from Giordano was at 6:02 p.m. He entered a bar and reportedly asked the manager to call police, saying Gardner may have drowned.

Aruban authorities believe Gardner is dead, but they still have no physical evidence of foul play.

They’re searching the entire island—even through the underbrush– trying to get evidence for what may have happened during that two-hour timeframe.

Giordano’s account of Gardner’s disappearance goes this way:  The two went snorkeling and rough currents pushed her out to sea.

“I just don’t feel like she was snorkeling,” said Richard Forester, Gardner’s boyfriend. “I feel in my heart that something happened at this person’s hand.”

It’s also been reportedly hard to track Giordano on surveillance tape because he keeps changing his toupee.

Also new, according to a published report, Giordano told police Gardner had taken sleeping pills and was tipsy from drinking vodka in the hours before she disappeared.      

He was detained at the airport while trying to leave a few days later. And reportedly–and strangely–told customs that Gardner was “taking another flight.”

Giordano denies doing anything to harm Gardner.

Comments (11)
  1. mark says:

    She was apparently looking for some excitement. She found it to her downfall.

  2. KottaMan says:

    A case of “Looking for Mr. Goodbar?” She most likely found him, unfortunately.

  3. d says:

    The FBI and DEA are using very long term harassment (aka torture) to create their own terrorists and criminals.

    1. jp says:

      Your comment is nearly incomprehensible and does not realate to this story.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Maybe she really isn’t dead. Maybe this was a plan so they could both collect on the money when he’s found innocent. Just a thought.

    1. hmmmm says:

      my thoughts exactly

  5. amanda says:

    if robyn drown then how would she take a different flight?

    1. chessie says:

      @ Amanda–
      She flew on “angels’ wings”.

  6. Amanda says:

    I kind of think either he killed her OR they are trying to collect this money..I mean she did just lose her job and then suddenly wanted to go to Aruba and agree to a 1.5 million $ insurance policy? Hmmmm fishy to me!

  7. Derita A Clingan-Hutson says:

    Now tell me something??? why in the world would she take sleeping pills in the middle of the day , with Vodka, and then decide to go snorkeling??? does not make any sense!!! He killed her!! And not to mention the insurance policy….but did she even know about the policy??? I don’t think so??? He has been planning this….he figured that since Van Der Sloot got away with it there, so could he!! They need to find her body and then punish his butt!!!

  8. Balldancer says:

    Maybe she did not sign insurance policy. Maybe he forged her signature. I don’t think they should allow him to watch TV so he could develop responses to challenges to his story. He should be hit with these challenges to his account so he is unprepared to rebuff any criticism of his account of what happened.

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