FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The city of Frederick is considering banning smoking in city parks.

The proposal is on the agenda for a Wednesday afternoon meeting of the mayor and Board of Aldermen.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Commission recommended such a ban in 2007.

The University of Maryland Law School says Howard County prohibits smoking in parks. And it says Anne Arundel, Carroll, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties restrict smoking in at least some areas of their parks.

The American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation of Berkeley, Calif., says at least 534 U.S. municipalities have smoke-free park laws.

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Comments (4)
  1. CoreF says:

    Land of the free, baby!

  2. NoSmokersAllowed says:

    CoreF – are you going to pick up your NASTY cig butts??? I am sooo, sooo sick of seeing smokers POLLUTE everything with their nasty cig butts and why should I SMELL your TOXIC smoke as I walk through the park?? If you want to smoke, go do it in your private dwelling and don’t make the rest of us suffer!!

    1. CoreF says:

      Actually yes, yes I would. And like wise for you if you don’t like the smell stay in your private dwelling. Maybe I don’t like the smell of tons of perfume or aftershave, why not ban those as well? I mean there’s “studies” and “facts” to prove they can trigger health issues in certain individuals.

  3. Sammy the Bum says:

    Stay home and out of the parks!!!!!!!!!!!Smokers have rights too, we pay taxes to maintain parks the same as non-smokers. I’m sick of people like you polluting by just being on earth.

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