Those of us who worked with Mike Flanagan and got to spend time with him are inclined to say what a privilege it was to know him.  But, if you’re an Orioles fan and TV viewer, you knew him, too.  If you laughed at any of Mike’s one-liners or quips, or felt enlightened by his baseball insights, then you got to experience Mike Flanagan.  A standout Major League baseball player, coach, executive and broadcaster– that’s a wide array of ability and success for one man.  Those accomplishments might entitle a man to be excessively proud and maybe even boastful, but not Mike.  I knew him as quiet, reflective and some would say even a stoic person.  He didn’t burst into a room, he moved in quietly and observed.  He would often smile and have little to say until you engaged him.  I was fascinated by Mike’s demeanor and background, so I engaged him whenever I could.  Whether in the media dining room at Oriole Park or on the road with the Orioles traveling with the MASN crew, I always found Mike to be welcoming, interesting and even brilliant.  There was a lot to the man, and much more than baseball.  In fact, he shared his own fascination with human personality traits and enjoyed playing the role of something of an amateur psychologist – asking questions to analyze and interpret personality tendencies.  And when the subject was baseball, his insight could be equal parts scientific and comedic – a rare blend that describes a rare person.  Mike always had time for my questions and I’ll remember some great conversations.  He often answered from an angle I rarely expected, and that’s what left-handed pitchers are known for.  I will remember Mike Flanagan as an ace — on many levels.  May God bless him and his family.


Posted by Mark Viviano


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