BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A botched robbery ends in a homeowner with multiple stab wounds and police searching for the suspect. It happened earlier this week in Charles Village.

And as Gigi Barnett explains, neighbors are on edge.

A cool summer night caused one neighbor on a Charles Village street to open his kitchen window for air Tuesday night. A little while later, the man and his wife heard a noise downstairs. Police say he went to investigate.

“Found an armed individual rummaging through his property,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesman. “A brief scuffle ensued. Our victim was stabbed multiple times in the face.”

The burglar ran off.

It’s a crime that’s cause for concern on this tree-lined street in the 3100-block of Guilford Avenue, not far from Johns Hopkins University.

“It’s a little scary, makes you a little uneasy,” said Erin Maloney, a neighbor.

“I’m nervous and shocked, but I don’t actually fear for myself,” Rachel Greene, another neighbor said.

Greene just moved into the neighborhood, and Tuesday night is still fresh in her mind.

“Something made me go into my kitchen and close my window,” she said.

Minutes later…

“I heard a murderous scream,” Greene said. “It was terrible. But I just moved from a neighborhood where those were common.”

Police say the next step now is to comb this neighborhood and search for a suspect, and to pass out booklets on burglary. It tells neighbors what to do if the same thing happens to them.

“Oftentimes, you see cases where doors are left unlocked and windows are left opened,” Guglielmi said. “We get it. It’s hot outside and it’s good for ventilation. But simple things can be done to protect your home.”

One of those things, Guglielmi said, is to make sure your windows and doors are locked at night. Meanwhile, detectives said there was some physical evidence left at the scene and there have been other attempted burglaries in that neighborhood recently, so detectives are optimistic that they will find a suspect.

Police say the victim is also cooperating with the investigation.

Comments (5)
  1. Ex-Baltimore says:

    The heck with Baltimore City. I’m done! I’ll never move back there again. This city is so blighted because it has an enormous population of underclass career criminals who out number honest working people. The city is thug nation and a serious threat to public safety.

  2. Larry says:

    This story should have read. -A botched robbery ends with the suspect dead from multiple gun shot wounds and police thanking the homeowner.

    1. silvermaxima says:

      @Larry….I agree with you 100%

      1. Seriously? says:

        @Larry and silvermaxima… The victim is a friend of mine. What happened to him is horrific and disturbing; wishing that he had shot someone to death is also horrific and disturbing. I think I’ll settle for how bad it actually was.

  3. CDM says:

    I understand the need to be vigilant. I know there are people that will take what does not belong to them. But, I’m really, really, tired of being told I should close my windows, lock my doors and stay away from enjoying my property. I am not the one that needs to correct my behavior or take responsibility for the act. I want the fresh air; I want the ventilation; I want to be able to benefit from my things that I have acquired through long hours and hard work. It is time that we put the onus where it belongs. It is time to tell those that chose to take other people’s belongings that they are in the wrong. It is not appropriate. It is unacceptable behavior and we will not tolerate it. Please speak to the inappropriateness of the act and the ramifications of personal invasion.

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