BALTIMORE (AP) — Authorities say the body of a Russian woman who disappeared in Maryland seven months ago has been found.

Baltimore County police said Thursday the body of Yulia Pogrebenko, 54, of Irkutsk was found in the Chesapeake Bay on June 19.

Russian officials said they provided DNA samples to help identify the body.

Authorities appealed to the public for help finding Pogrebenko in May, saying the university professor was last heard from on Feb. 23 as she drove from Kennedy International Airport in New York to Catonsville. Russian officials said Pogrebenko’s sister reported her missing on March 23. After county police were notified of her disappearance on May 12, her rental car was found in the Baltimore area.

The death has been classified as an undetermined death, and authorities are investigating the case.

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Comments (3)
  1. WHAT A CROCK says:

    classified as an undetermined death??? This poor woman has been missing since February, her car is found in Baltimore and she in the Bay and all BALTIMORE COUNTY POLICE can come up with is undetermined?

    What a police force!!

  2. BlameBaltimore!!! says:

    Why would this Idiot fly into NY instead of BWI????? And then her sister waits a month to report her missing!!!!! WOW, there sure is a lot of love there…

  3. M Shannon Heffley Bird says:

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