Chincoteague Ponies Safe After Hurricane Irene

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (AP) — The Chincoteague ponies are safe after Hurricane Irene tore past their island.

Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company spokeswoman Denise Bowden said Sunday that the herd of wild horses owned by the fire company since the 1920s made it through the storm without any nicks or scratches.

The company owns more than 100 of the wild ponies that graze on nearby Assateague Island. The ponies made famous by the novel “Misty of Chincoteague” and a subsequent movie are now visited by hundreds of thousands of people a year.

Bowden says pony committee members opened gates to let the ponies reach higher ground on Friday and put out extra hay. She says when committee members returned Sunday morning the ponies “looked fantastic,” as docile and complacent as usual, as if nothing had happened.

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  • baltimore resident

    don’t get me wrong, but who really cares if these ponies are ok, should have been more concerned for the people who were i harms way.

  • Robert

    I care. The people who are in harms way could have evacuated. If they stay, it is there choice and there consequence . The horses cant leave.

  • Ling

    I care….and saying that you don’t care really makes me worry for humanity….We have an obligation to take care of those that can not take care of themselves…..I hope you don’t own any animals…..

  • Shirley VanScoy Parks

    I agree with you Robert and Ling for I also care very much about the horses.

  • carrie

    I care also.
    Ling you took the words right out of my mouth.
    So glad the ponies are okay.

  • ami

    I CARE!!! by that sad statement you assume that cares are to be kept to a limit…. only one care per person?? Of course we all care about the humans in harms way…. and ALSO these wonderful creatures that have held my heart since I first read Misty of Chincoteague. One day I hope to make it to this island…. the wish of my heart since age 8 has been to ride in the round up…… have held that dream for 34 years!

  • sharon truax

    trying to get word out asap, there are 3 chincoteague ponies in pa. killpen this week have till friday to get safe or they ship to slaughter. all are broken to ride, 2 geldings and 1 mare please go to under broker owned on left. page 2 i believe. help them someone!!!!

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