Md. Residents Deal With Power Problems In Irene’s Aftermath

BALTIMORE (WJZ)  — More than 400,000 BGE customers are in the dark for a third night and while crews are working quickly, tempers are quickly rising.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

You can see how scattered some of these outages are. One block is pitch black but just up the street, the lights are on. BGE says it could take days to get everyone back online.

Storefronts are dark for the third day in a row as frustrations grow.

“It’s driving me crazy. I can’t understand why the power’s not on,” said Bob Bush.

“We’ve been calling and calling and they’re not coming out to do anything about it,” said Bush.

Bob Bush and dozens of neighbors in Linthicum Heights have been trapped in their community since the storm.

“We couldn’t get out that way and we couldn’t get out this way so we’re totally landlocked,” Bush said.

On one end of twin Oaks Road is a downed power pole. At the other end is a massive tree over power lines.

Until Monday, neighbors had no way out and emergency crews had no way in but on foot.

“My mother-in-law lives with us and she has medical problems so at any given time, we could have needed an ambulance or medical people for her,” Bush said.

The Bushes have relied on family to walk supplies to their house.

“I’ve got dry ice, bags of dry ice in there,” Bush said.

While they’ve got candles and flashlights, Nancy Bush is worried about how long power will be out.

“To think that this is going to last six or seven days, that’s what’s kind of scary,” she said.

But with massive trees down all over the area, it could take until the end of the week for power to be fully restored.

“We expect to have the vast majority of our customers back in service by late Friday night, but there will be some scattered outages that will roll into Saturday,” said Rob Gould, BGE.

The waiting for some is the most difficult part of weathering this storm.

It looks like the Bushes and their neighborhood could be waiting for a while. BGE will have to replace about six or seven power poles to get those homes back in service.

BGE has restored power to 60 percent of homes that lost power during the storm. Crews will continue working around the clock.

Click here for a full list of BGE power outages.

Never use a generator inside homes, garages, crawl spaces, sheds or similar areas. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in those areas.

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  • YumTaxes

    “Irene out of tax money, time to raise the tolls!” Gov. OMalley

  • Michelle

    Is there any assistance avaliable yet for those with freezers of spoiled food due to the outage?

  • adraine


  • Be Prepared

    Suggestion – Invest in a small generator if possible. The cost of one is comparable to the cost of a refrigerator/freezer full of food and it will keep paying for itself in the future.

  • Gayle Johnson

    I have a generator but can not afford to run the whole house on it for a week. I have no power, no food, no money. I live pay check to pay check which has gotten so small that I am getting a bucket and will start begging on the street corner. I

    • Bonnie Dalzell

      We were out of power from Sat the 27th PM until Fri the 2nd midday. We are on a well which is wired separately from the house and we only have one generator so it was a choice of powering the house or the well, We did the well.

      Generators are not a complete solution because of cost of running them.

      A generator that can run a whole house such as mine uses a gallon of gasoline an hour or so – that means if it was run for 10 hours a day you are paying $36 for that gasoline and you have to be able to safely haul in the 10 gallons used for those 10 hours.You can get away with running it for less than a whole day because the fridge and freezers will hold their cold if you do not open them. If you had to run it for 24 hours a day then the gasoline is going to cost $87 per day and you will need 5 5 gallon gas cans to fuel the thing. In addition there is the cost and risk associated with ferrying that much gasoline to the house.

  • Pat Smallwood

    Been out since 1030 pm Sat….Called a thousand times because my husband is on oxygen… They told me to take him to hospital…Tired of waiting in Sykesville.

    Pat S

    • Betty

      I’ve been out since about that same time too. I called BGE earlier today and the recorded message said they expect power to be back by Friday. That is entirely too long to wait. This is getting ridiculous

      • smyrk

        they have crews working 16 hours a day, do you think they WANT to have power outages, what else do you want them to do.

  • Harold Nicoll

    According to the Baltimore Gas & Electric web site, 29,301 customers in Harford County Md., lost power, but they have already restored the power to 55,212 in that same county. But before you congratulate them on being such overachievers, note that my neighborhood was not included in the overage.

    A new ad slogan for BG&E: “Bad service; terrible at math; worse on reporting accurately.”

  • Heida

    Havent seen any crews in Harford co. Got a tree on powerline in front of house , being held up by branches of another tree. Just a matter of time before it comes down and kills someone….

  • Stacy

    BGE is a joke!! The news has been telling us for a good week before the storm hit that we should be prepared. Why didn’t BGE get that message too?? They knew a storm was coming too, so I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to restore power. Maybe its me, but I think they should have been thinking of fast ways to work on the power lines before it got to this point *shrug*

    But please excuse me; I have a hot, dark, food-less apt to go to.

    • lineman's wife

      Ask BGE about their horrendous spiderweb on acid electric grid design. It’s insane! If I could post a photo, I would. Visualize a pole with DOZENS of power lines going every which way, one on top of another. Also ask BGE about its completely out of date electric grid.

      • par4ing

        So what is your soution?


    What a bunch of Morons!

    Who do you think supplied BG & E with these outage forecasts?

    Do you think BG & E knew prior to the storm hitting which trees would fall?

    Why do you think BG & E warned Marylanders of possible power outages?

    Certainly not to run out and buy more groceries to spoil!

    I lost power but had coolers and ice on hand to store the food my family didn’t use up from our refrigerator!

    Why would anyone stock up on food for a 6 hour storm?

    Now you expect the liberals to pay for your spoiled food?

    Did anyone ever hear of flash lights, candles and batteries?

    MORONS one and ALL

    • Joe

      Ditto, yes people shopped like they were ecpecting to be cutoff from civlization for a month, LOL. Just like when snow storm is coming. One has the audacity to ask for financial relief for groceries that went spoiled? Not that losing power is not an inconvenience but I grew up in Manville, NJ where half of the homes are flood damaged. Many people have LOST there homes. The town is literally under water in most places so think of the others who have it much worse.

    • Josie

      Totally agree – the grocery stores were nuts! I drove past two to and from work on saturday and they were jammed! Did people think they would never get to a store again and why if there was as chance of losing power do you buy perishables!

      • Joe

        Exactly Josie, good point about the perishables and what is the thinking about the extreme shopping? You would swear that people hadn’t been to the grocery for a month the way they shop when a storm is coming. Then people fighting over gasoline lines when you probably don’t need more gassoline because flooding is coming so where do you plan on going?

  • Sfmcguire

    A cooler and some dry ice can help keep things cold for a long time!

  • angry consumer

    Dear “what a crock” you are the only moron I see on this page. Why don’t you ask the morons at BGE why they brought in non-union help only to have their union people kicking them off jobs. That is what the two BGE employees that sat in their truck dringing coffee for five hours by a downed tree told my neighbor and others are hearing thios too. There are people who live week to week and don’t have the money to buy coolers and dry ice. What happened to the days when they brought ice to people in need. I had to drive all ove to refill our coolers.

    • Dave Hanson

      I’m not to be a smart ass or cause more of an argument, but coolers and dry ice are not all that expensive. My only source of income is a disability check each month and I can even afford coolers and dry ice. Don’t get me wrong here, I am in now way backing “what a crock” up nor am I choosing his side.

      • Angry Consumer

        I understand, and I have mine, but the stores ran out of ice. I jacked my freezer and fridge up full blast early Saturday and told everyone to think about what it was they wanted before they opened the door. When the bottom dropped below a level that would keep the milk, etc…, I pulled it and put it in the ice coolers. However, it because increasingly harder to get ice. When I went to the store I purchased boxed, dry and canned and didn’t go shopping for our regular food know it may go bad. However, there are people who have to shop a month at a time, etc. I think there was plenty of time that this could have been handled better.


      Blah blah blah, all you can do is point fingers and complain.

      I’d like to know where those BG & E fellows get their coffee if it last for 5 hours.

      Every store for miles sells ice so try another complaint.

      So keep sitting around complaining and waiting for some Liberal to fix your problems or show up at your door with free ice. Who’s fault is it if you have to live week to week? Not mine!

      You’re the moron who lives above your means! Try budgeting or doing without.

    • Leah

      Just to clarify, the workers sitting in their truck were more than likely sent out to “babysit” a downed or dangerous wire UNTIL BGE could get a crew out to fix the problem. I am definitely not taking BGE’s side, because I had to deal with 2 energized wires…one laying on my front porch and the other on my front lawn for 31 hours, before I took matters into my own hands and drove around until I found a bucket truck and brought the driver and his truck back with me.

      BUT people really should know what they are talking about before they open their mouths. It just makes you look really stupid.

  • harley121

    Boo,, hoo,,hooooo Cry me a river (no pun intended!). Hey Bushes, are you the only ones stuck? Stop the wineing,,, do what you have to do to accomplish what you need to! Find a chain saw, walk in dry ice, call a buddy and get a generator and some gas!!!!!
    Our forfathers dealt with a LOT worst and on top of that they had Indians shooting arrows at them!! Man up and deal with it!

    • Brokeandpowerless

      Lmao. Indians shooting arrows. What does that have to do with a company that rapes us all financially and provides shoddy service at best.

  • lineman's wife

    @ angry consumer: there are enough people without power that it shouldn’t matter if the utility worker is union or non-union. If you are seeing two BGE employees sitting in their truck drinking coffee for five hours by a downed tree, that’s just laziness, it’s not that a non-union worker “kicked them off their job”. Get an ID number off the truck and report them! There are LOTS of qualified workers who would love their jobs. Better yet, take a picture, video, post them online and SHAME them! My husband is working his butt off.

    • angry consumer

      You misunderstood. They kicked the non-union workers off the job and believe me people noticed and the crowds are growing on the corners watching them.

      • lineman's wife

        Oh, I apologize! My husband is one of the out of town utility workers (who was IBEW but is currently non-union after being laid off for almost two years). I just get a little defensive for the workers who are out busting their butts. My husband drove a bucket truck 12-1/2 hours, leaving at 6 am right after working a regular 10 hour shift the previous day. He is now working 16+ hours. Thanks for the clarification.

      • lineman's wife

        I still say, take pictures, videos, post them on the internet, and SHAME them!
        I guess I’m more than a little sensitive tonight because husband ALWAYS calls me when he gets back to the hotel and I still haven’t heard from him (going on 12:30 am now).

      • Pat

        Only problem with this is BGE is is a non-union company so it would be impossible for BGE “union” employees to kick anyone off a job since they don’t exist.

      • pat

        Again, check your facts, BGE’s lineman are not union. They may have brought in union lineman to assist but not a single bge employee is part of a union.

      • angry consumer

        I am telling you what the two BGE workers (contractors) told my neighbor when he walked up to talk to them. Just a note, not all trades has unions, and although BGE may not have a BGE union, the linemen are part of a union.

      • Leah

        Lineman’s wife…why are you apologizing to this idiot? Obviously she is lying…she said NON-union workers were kicked off the job. Yet, your husband is a NON-union employee and is working his tail off. This nut job has nothing better to do than make up lies. OH WAIT…maybe your husband was the ONLY NON-union person not chased out of Maryland….once again…stupidity runs rampant!

  • Joe

    Hey I am the first to admit that losing power is a bummer but do you realize how many people in NJ and other states have homes under water? I am not lecturing anyone but to make you feel better think of the people who have lost their lives or homes.

    • Josie

      Seriously – a few days or a week whats the big deal My parents are in NC and they were told no power for 2-3 weeks possibly a month! And they have friends who lost everything – their house, cars etc. No power for a few days quit your whining!

  • wanderingenergy

    And there was a lady complaining that her husband is on oxygen & BG&E said to go to the hospital. Maybe you should’ve prepared and had a plan? That was our biggest concern here since I am on oxygen, too. Also, how hard is it to figure out that you should buy food that doesn’t need refrigeration or cooking? Let’s see…. Fruit, granola bars, peanut butter sandwiches…. Cmon people! If you don’t open the fridge, the cold will stay in longer!

  • sandy

    everyone knew this storm was coming. we were all told to prepare. this storm was an act of nature. bge didnt cause this storm. folks that have health problems and such knew to make arrangements well in advance. if people didnt prepare, how is that bge’s fault? everyone always wants to blame someone else rather than taking responsibility. they had workers from all over the place here in advance. what more could they do? remove every tree in the entire state?

    • nopower3days

      BGE fault is about not updating old inftrastructure, like upgrading above ground to underground etc.

      • nopower3days

        BGE had years to prepare and they just played dumb. Plus, it’s a monopoly in the area, if you know what that means.

  • Zach

    They have crews out there working around the clock! They are moving as fast as they can!! Youll get your power back, try to deal with it until then. There’s nothing you can do. I think its the ppl who are spoiled more than the food!!

  • SaSha

    To the people posting on here who are still outta power, how are you on the web right now???? LMAO

    • smh

      well, me personally, I have a job that has power and a house that doesn’t
      *mystery solved*

    • Angry Consumer

      Charger in my car. That was not rocket science, don’t be so proud of yourself…lmao.

  • TJN72

    Just a spiteful gov. and his side clown no vote no electric

  • hs

    this is the land of the brave or cry babies

    • nopower3days

      I am sure you’re the ‘brave’ one. Are you the one who would get a gun and go through neighborhoods and steal generators? Huh?

  • TJN72

    hs, and higher taxes

  • nopower3days

    I know a guy who is a neighbor of some BGEvil exec and they lost power of about 1 – 2 hours. I would rather have a nuclear reactor running in my backyard that rely on bge. BGEvil monopoly has failed us again. They spend their money on their execs and perks instead of keeping up the infrastructure.

  • Bagwell

    eveyrone are complaining, splied brats ,,,thats that

    • aconcernedteacher

      Your grammar and spelling really upsets me!!!
      “eveyrone are complaining” “splied” “WINE WINE WINE” (from your other comment)

      how about….

      “everyone is complaining” “spoiled” “WHINE WHINE WHINE”
      You should probably work on that before you call people names you can’t even spell



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