By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was more than just a stupid prank; it was a push that ended in death in the waters of the Inner Harbor.  Now the man who took that life is going to prison.

Alex DeMetrick reports the victim’s family is not calling it justice.

It was almost three years ago to the day that a visit to the Inner Harbor was the last day for a 22-year-old college student. Ankush Gupta couldn’t swim when he was pushed into the harbor by Wayne Black, who walked away while Gupta thrashed and struggled to save himself.

His drowning crushed his parents and now, three years later, they still weep.

“We wake up so many times and I think he’s sleeping but he’s gone,” said his father, Anoop Gupta.

“He was a great human being, very kind,” said his friend, Saneel Masih.

Black, who was originally charged with murder, took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. In return, a maximum sentence of 10 years was reduced to just four years in prison, leaving family and friends of the victim outraged.

“Injustice has been served,” Masih said.

Because of the sentence, his family is bringing a civil wrongful death suit against Black.

“When you lose a child, it’s not about recovering money, it’s about having justice for your family and for your son,” said the family’s lawyer Steven Silverman.

What was lost with a senseless push was more than one life, it was the future of a family.

“He killed somebody,” Masih said.

“I lost everything,” Gupta said.

Gupta’s family spoke of their loss in court while Black bowed his head and said he was sorry.

Although the maximum penalty for involuntary manslaughter is 10 years, under state sentencing guidelines, most convictions result in sentences between four months and four years.

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  1. GODseesALL says:

    We want this to be seen by the family, who might want to come back and look at the comments. But we wanted to put it out there that we have first hand information about this case. First of all, Ankush’s drowning was closed as an accidental death. It took 6, 7, even 8 different times contacting the police and trying to tell them the real facts surrounding his death; even being hung up on and talked down to is what was endured to make known what really happened to Ankush. The cops had everything they needed for a good period of time and still waited until after officer Sylvester was fired for man-handling a skateboarder at the harbor to arrest Wayne. It seemed like they were trying to make an excuse for that vicious officer by using Ankush’s death to prove a point.

    As for Wayne Black, he absolutely KNEW he killed that boy that night. No question about it, Wayne knew exactly what happenend to Ankush from shortly after the incident happened. Wayne said that he heard the boy screaming for help but that it sounded weird to him, because he was taking on water drowning. As for his friends, he was too worried about what they would think about him, he was “too cool” to jump in and save Ankush, He made the decision to run away and leave Ankush drowning in the harbor.

    Since the inident, he’s been known to make comments among chosen few that made no sense up until now, such as, “I hve reasons why I don’t cut my hair,” but when asked why by an outsider of his chosen few, would never answer the question. That was inside bragging.

    One of the guys, probably one of the skaters who was asked at the inner harbor if they had seen anything and lied, his girlfriend saw on the news that Ankush had drowned and notified everybody that was there that night what had happenend to Ankush, including Wayne. So he had known since day 1 what had happened to Ankush.

    Up until a certain point, Wayne was ready to have all his little skater friends lie for him at court. The story was going to be, he didn’t say what boy had been pushed into the water at the inner harbor and that he hadn’t pushed Ankush, it was someone else. That was until he recieved his discovery and “discovered” that that lie would not work.

    I hope that this has brought peace to you, and the untire Gupta family. The word of a Christian.

  2. Marsha R. says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE he only got 4 YRS! what a shame!!!!!

  3. Ms. Mary says:

    OMG! I know Wayne’s family! What a dirty family. They live at 7712 Stoney Creek dr. in Pasadena. I live one street over from them on Duvall hwy. I have heard some HORROR stories about that house. I hear they have rats the size of cats over there, and roaches too. It’s because there are SO MANY OF THEM! Living in a 2 b/r house. It’s like 18 people living there, it’s a shame, no wonder the boy turned out the way he did. I see lots of drug traffic over there too. It’s a real sad story.

  4. common says:

    boy i tell you this is ridiculous, he kills someone and get 4 years. let me guess he is sorry and he didnt mean to do it. we need to start killing these people the way they kill other people. put him in some water and let him drown as well

    1. Letitia says:

      I agree totally what a horrible way to die, his parents have to mentally relive knowing how he died for the rest of their lives. Four years is an insult to the victim.

  5. donato says:

    Perhaps we need more policemen like the one who yelled at the skateboarder and lost his job. Last time I walked home from Camden Yards to South Bmore, there was not one policeman in sight at the Inner Harbor

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