BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Thousands of people will be going into day number five without power and they’re finding creative ways to get by.

Meghan McCorkell has the latest.

BGE has sent out phone messages to let people know if their service will be restored in the next 24 hours. For those in the dark, it can’t come soon enough.

The wrath of Irene turned Michele Echo’s Parkville backyard into a war zone.

“Green lights, yellow lights, blue lights were sparking all the way up in the sky. We didn’t even know what was happening at the time,” Echo said.

A massive tree came crashing down, smashing the shed minutes after Echo’s husband walked out.

“He had just walked in the house and it fell, so within five minutes of his life,” she said.

The tree has taken out power lines to all of Willoughby Road. BGE was warning customers not to go near the power lines until crews come to fix them—but that might not happen until Saturday.

Now neighbors are coming together.

“They’re senior citizens. You’ve got to help them out; somebody’s got to do it,” said Rich Parks.

Parks has run cables from his generator to four neighbors’ homes, but missing power is starting to wear thin for some.

“Playing cards at night after dinner, which we usually do every night, and just reading the newspaper and watching television,” said Barbara Adcock.

For light, Jerry Adcock is using the solar lamps from his yard.

“I set them on the mantle and on the table and in the bathroom so we can walk through the house,” he said.

County firehouses are letting people fill buckets of water to take home.

“We’ll have this open and available as long as necessary,” said Baltimore County Fire Captain Robert Murray, Sr.

With another dark night, Echo is staying in good spirits.

“We’re actually having a block party tonight. We’re all cooking and we’re going to share food together,” she said.

That Parkville neighborhood was told it could be Saturday or possibly Sunday before their lights go back on.

BGE has now restored about 80 percent of all power outages.

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  1. J says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have not seen one BGE truck or their contractors since this whole thing started. We have had to same stupid tree, leaning against the same set of wires know for four days. We have no water, I have to go down to a local store to go to the bathroom, and now I’m bathing in a local college. Then, when we call to get an estimate, they say a pole is down…I’ve driven around my area (which is completely inclosed in areas with power, we are the only neighborhood in our area that suffered an outage)…there are no poles down, just one lousy wire, even the tree is just leaning against the power lines, it didn’t even bring them down!
    Then, to make matters worst, I saw twenty of so BGE trucks in a shopping center where I do my business yesterday. Well, considering I was later to school today, I don’t think they did much,

  2. Charlene Maurer says:

    Hawthorne street without power since Saturday and no one gave out Dry Ice or Water. Over $350 worth of food lost.
    What is taking so long. The lights at Martin Blvd and Compass been off too since Saturday..

  3. J G B says:


  4. Josey says:

    I heard Mr. Gould say on WBAL talk radio that he has a generator at his home. Does this mean he questions the amount of time that it will take for BGE to restore power? Perhaps BGE should supply everyone with a generator like he has. This is what happens when a company wants to downsize and hire contractors.

  5. eileen says:

    I’ve been out since Saturday night. The new BGE building is directly across the street from my development. They have electric! All the businesses have electric. My development does not!! BGE could care less about anyone. I pay my bill on time every month but you can bet next month I’m going to let them know that their payment will get to them on or before 2 weeks after its due!!

  6. josie says:


  7. notmoron says:

    Why is it that with all the people with power out, each one expects , by some miracle to be the first one back in service?? Rant about BGE rates and Omally all you want and I agree but PLEASE do not give these guys a hard time when they get to you! This is not a matter of maintenance issues, its storm damage. They do not choose what area they are working and are given the jobs. 20 trucks lined up? Waiting for work orders? Taking a break after listening to some blowhard rant while he is working on his property?

    1. baltimore resident says:

      you sound like you have power so shut up

  8. erin says:

    I find it very odd that this morning the article under this headline was a story about those affected by the outages with quotes from the poor and elderly. Now under the same headline is a propaganda piece obviously fed to WJZ by BGE. Very suspicious, WJZ. How about having two stories and giving both sides of the issue? Or is it that BGE bought some more ad space on the site (as I have noticed on this page and others in the past few days) in exchange for this piece?

  9. hawa says:

    BGE is the worst power company in the US point blank. We did not hit that hard for us to still not have power after four days. They pick and choose who to give power to, my complex has ten building without power. All my food is in the garbage,it’s hot and of course very annoying to be home without power. It’s a very frustrating situation. BGE SUPER SUCKS!!! We should get 50% off our bill for this mess, INCOMPETENT power company!

  10. fran says:

    Was suspicious on Saturday, when BGE rep Mr. Gould predicated 450k outages. Was one of those 450k who listened to him on radio on Sunday bragging he was right on target with his predication. As to patience, got a call from a friend today who is still out of power with 7 plus BGE trucks sitting for over 12 hours just outside of her development in A/C trucks not doing any work. When she asked if they were getting paid to sit over night doing nothing one replied “not much” Her nieghbor called and was told by BGE they didn’t know there where homes there. No problem finding them monthly to send a bill.. .

  11. fraught says:

    Be glad I didn’t apply to BGE for a line job. Yell at me when I’m trying to help and you’ll find the power to your house restored. Right to your front door knob. Knock, knock. Come on Katia!!

    1. notmoron says:

      Exactly my point!! Thank you Fraught!!!

  12. Mary says:

    I understand people are losing tolerance re. the power issues and the amount of time it is taking to get the power back on. But, the devastation in Vermont is much worse and if I were to pick whether to be w/o power or to live in Vermont with the extreme devastation, I would choose to live w/o power.

  13. work at night says:

    BGE and Stephanie are more worried about getting the electricity hooked up for the 29 jumbo tv’s for the grand prix than getting the power on in neighborhoods. We still have a huge tree laying across the alley on the power line since Saturday. A BGE car sits there all day and night just looking at it. They can use flood lights and work at night.

  14. Kathy Delawder says:

    My biggest problem isn’t that I’ve been without power since 5:20 A.M. Sunday but that ii is once again the result of a tree taking down lines that put me and my neighbors in the dark. The tree or trees belong to people on the next street and over the 40 years I’ve lived here they have been the cause of most of our outages.
    Believe me there have been many and we have tried to bring this issue to BGE who pays us lip service and doe nothing . The people who own the tress seldom lose power by the way. It seems it would be better for all concerned if this issue were addressed, cheaper as well. Fix the problem and everyone would be happier.

  15. Another BGE Wife says:

    Comments to Nancy Jacob:

    I was fortunate, or rather unfortunate enough to hear your interview earlier this evening (8/31) on WJZTV. I must say, I was quite embarrassed for you!!! How dare you!!! How dare you!!! My husband happens to be one of those BGE “workers” whom you have so decidedly insulted.

    Since last Friday, I, as well as other wives and families of these BGE employees have seen our husbands, sons and fathers for approximately one hour a day! There have been statements made that these linemen are working 12 hour shifts. I can assure you that may be what is scheduled, but definitely not what they are working. Most are working 16 to 18 hours out of 24 hours and have approximately six to eight hours off. My husband happens to be on a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. shift until further notice. I have not seen him before 10 or so every night since this started. That leaves him, and others on similar shifts, approximately eight hours in which they need to drive home, eat a meal, shower (if they have power at home to do so) and sleep, and still allow enough time to wake up, eat breakfast and be at work on time yet again.

    I ask you, how many hours have you slept since this started……… These men are working under extremely dangerous conditions. I understand that this is what they are trained to do. However, safety becomes an issue when working these hours without proper rest.

    You stated, they should think of the businesses and restore power there first. Well, how long was your power out….do you have health issues….do you have elderly people living with you… you have young children or infants…. So what is the answer here? Who do you think deserves restored power first?

    You should have taken the time to research the method of restoring power prior to making unfounded accusations. They start out restoring the largest outages on the power grid first and working down, whether there are businesses or homes involved in the outage. How dare you make assumptions that they do not care!

    Shame on you for belittling these men and the difficult and dangerous job they do. And, how dare you do this on air! You made yourself look very foolish!

    I believe, as you went public with your accusations, you also owe all of these men a public apology.

    1. notmoron says:

      Thank you for posting what I was to mad to type! As a wife I know I should not read these comments and I hope the guys don’t see them! Shame on the news stations for in any way encouraging the Me First mentality.

    2. York says:

      Well said! My father worked for BGE since he was 18 and just recently retired so I know all well what the families go through. When I was little I remember seeing a man pick up my dad in a terrible snow storm b/c my dad had to be at work (while everything else was closed and everyone else was home safe) since he couldn’t get out of the neighborhood. I know my father packed many of bags before snow storms and hurricanes after that as he knew he may be spending a few days at work because of outages. I get so tired of all the BGE bashing…they must all think they work 8 hr shifts and take their good ole time restoring power. Thanks to your husband for his hardwork! Don’t even get me started on the peak rewards idiots who want their discount, but don’t want their power turned off… which hasn’t been impletments that often and when it was this summer if was to avoid black outs…

  16. Diane Threat says:

    Hats off to all those BGE workers – and those from out of state to assist!
    God Bless You all and your families!!
    After almost 4 days without power and good neighbors – we are fine. A way out was opened after about 2 days and power back on before 4 days! Know it is hard work and working with electricity – you have to be extra careful! Know sometimes there is nothing the workers can do, but wait on supplies – now company can have all the tools and employees to be at all the troubled spots after damage we have had here-again thanks!

  17. Niles Simmons says:

    My Power is still out. Howard Park ave. 21207.

  18. Be Grateful says:

    It’s a shame that people can’t be grateful that they still have their life’s and their homes and realize that being without electric is just an inconvenience that will be fixed. This storm was predicted, and people were told to prepare, by stocking up on supplies that would last several days. Isn’t it amazing that people survived in the old days without electric? What a concept! Do the people that are complaining realize that some people in our state, have actually lost their homes, and that Vermont was devastated by this storm? And people have been killed? So please when those BGE guys, show up to restore your power, be grateful they are there, instead of giving them a hard time. They are working long hard hours, they haven’t seen much of their famiilies, they haven’t had 3 decent meals a day. Some of them don’t have electric either, or might have water in their basements. How do I know this? Because my BGE worker is out restoring your power as a write this letter. Mother Nature can destroy things in an instant, it takes time to fix what she has destroyed!
    Thank you to all the BGE guys who have been working so many long hours since the start of the storm! Thank you to the out of town crews who have come to our state to help!

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