Here’s my response to a ridiculous email

The Email:

Man you white dudes are crazy! If you think race doesn’t play a role when it comes to playing quarterback especially. When a black man tries to do anything that’s typically done by a white guy, like golf, pitching, QB he has to be three or four time better than a white man. If Flacco was black he would have been replaced by the back up white QB a long time ago. For instance, Kyle Boller Now u guys are saying he wasn’t that good, as if there was any question back than. If Kyle Boller didn’t get hurt he would still be the QB right now. Oh yea he had a black back up who was better than him to, but I guess he was only one or two times better not three or four. Now you have Tony Banks who wasn’t losing alot of games he just wasn’t winning pretty, so since he wasn’t winning pretty that was enough to yank him out. I mean they gave Kyle Boller chance after chance after chance after chance, y’all kept saying he’ll get. Y’all say if Vick was white, no if Boller was black, he woulda been on the bench. I know it’s about who the fans that pay the big money wanna see. Just don’t say race is not an issue cause it always is, especially when money involved. Tyrod Taylor compared to Flacco as a rookie not, even close. Tyrod Taylor Right Now has more than Flacco in everything,poise, agility,presents, leadership, arm strength accuracy, swagger, and the it factor. This dude has only played in three NFL games, and he’s neck and neck if not a step or two further than a dude that’s played every game for three years. If Flacco was black an Tyrod was white trust and believe that Flacco would magically come up with a Throat Infection ha ha that would cause him to miss some games. It’s all good though. We been dealing this for how many years, Hundreds. I mean y’all don’t even have black guys on Y’all staff, you haven’t noticed that, Yes u have.

Here is my response:

This email is absurd. Rob Long works with us… He is black… During football season we have McCrary, Wally Williams and all our player shows, but I don’t have to justify that. If you even think that Tyrod is on the level with Joe, it actually shows how little you know about football. The fact that you think black quarterbacks are being held back isn’t justified. Cam Newton was the number 1 pick this year, right? What team is Troy Smith playing for this year? Would I be justified to ask why there aren’t more white halfbacks, receivers or defensive backs? Could I flip the script on that? If a guy is good enough he will get a chance.

The only color that matters in the NFL is green. That and only that is the reason that guys like Kyle Boller, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell and a multitude of other QBs have been given opportunities, They were all first round picks getting paid. When you have an investment like that, you will ride it till you can’t ride it anymore. There are 7 starting black QBs in the NFL, one Mexican American (Mark Sanchez) and Sam Bradford who is part Cherokee Indian. That’s more than a fourth of the league. It’s such a lazy argument to throw out the race card. Save it for something that does matter, like why aren’t there more minority head coaches in the NFL and College game? I’m tired of stereotypes… Every white guy that can play is a “high energy guy with a motor that doesn’t quit”, and every black guy that’s intelligent gets “Wow, he speaks well!” It’s ridiculous!!!

Check the facts and present a better argument next time you email.

Comments (3)
  1. Faye Berman says:

    well put Jeremy

    1. Kent Elliott Jr. says:

      Oh, burn.

  2. law says:

    Jeremy, I think you responded to someone who didn’t deserve a response. You were too nice to him, but I guess you kind of have to humor these types because of where you sit.

    I do love the show Scott and you do. It’s fun. It’s entertaining. And I learn things as well. Listen every chance I get. Too bad folks like the emailer have such a chip on their shoulder and can’t just relax and enjoy that in this town, Ed and Ray are the leaders of the Ravens and as near as I can tell, they are African American. And it’s their photo that hangs in my office; not some white guy.

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